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Birthdays are cause for celebration, especially when it comes to children. But, like the theme, snacks and hydration, recreation is an aspect to take care of; Well, it depends on your correct choice that both the honoree and the little guests enjoy the moment to the fullest.

As parents, it is always a challenge to celebrate the lives of our children, and above all to try to leave unforgettable and lasting memories in their memories for a lifetime. Among the details to take into account during the celebration of the children’s birthday is the recreation, so that the guests enjoy a pleasant and fun time. In this sense, the games are the most anticipated by the little ones.

Different options with the same purpose: Have fun

At a birthday celebration there can be children of all ages. Hence, integrating them all into one group can be a challenge. One recommendation is to have additional options on hand to use at the birthday event, such as rocking chairs, storytelling or a toy for 3-year-olds; Thus, the little ones will also have fun guaranteed, since given their fragility and motor skills, it is difficult for them to carry out more complex activities.

When defining the recreational activities to develop at a birthday party, we must not only focus on traditional outdoor children’s games, but also include activities that can be carried out indoors. This in order to have a range of possibilities if bad weather is present. Within the diversity of fun games for birthday parties, we can name the following, since their execution promotes fun and entertainment, as well as the possibility of adapting to different environments.

The game of chairs. This is one of the favorite games to play for children and adults, since it provides fun just by using elements easily found in any home; since depending on the number of participants, one less chair is used. Afterwards, the participants dance around the chairs to the rhythm of the music and as the members run out of their respective furniture they will be eliminated.

Careers. Versatility characterizes this game, since it can be played with bags, tying feet, in pairs or in groups to make relays. In this case, the participants tie a common foot at the ankle level. Agility and coordination will be the premises to achieve the objective, because whoever reaches the goal first will win.

Dancing with balloons. This is a game designed to encourage group activities, since it is played in pairs. To do this, children must hold a balloon with their knees or forehead, forming a sandwich. Next, they must dance to the beat of the music and the goal is to finish without popping or dropping the balloon, so as not to be eliminated. Therefore, the couple that stays the longest dancing with their respective balloon will be the winner.

Game with eggs. A place and a route to follow are delimited, the more obstacles the game will be more entertaining. It consists of placing an egg on a spoon and moving it in the mouth, to the goal or the relay partner, in case of playing in a group, without letting it fall in the shortest possible time.

The gift of a thousand layers. This is one of the most used games for children in original birthday parties, since it allows both adults and children to be involved, regardless of age. For its execution, a gift must be placed between several wrappers and in each layer a candy is left as a prize and whoever uncovers the last layer keeps the main gift.

Pin the tail on the donkey. It is a traditional game that is based on drawing a donkey without a tail on a sheet of paper and placing it on a wall. Then, each child seeks to attach the tail to the animal, with their eyes covered, following the instructions of the other members of the party. Once the queue is fixed, the location is marked. The goal is to put the donkey’s tail in the right spot and whoever gets the closest to the right spot wins.

Like a statue. It is one of the fun games for children that can be played outdoors or indoors. The children move with the music and once it is turned off, surprisingly, they should remain like statues for a few seconds, the one that moves is eliminated. The idea is that the animator makes them spin, so that when the music is turned off they lose their balance and are eliminated quickly and fun.

These games, although they are traditional, always liven up a children’s birthday, since the laughter of the guests is evidence that they are having a good time. In the same way, the good performance of the entertainer will guarantee in a certain way the success of the birthday party.

Activities that complement the fun

In addition to the games, there are other activities that complement the fun, such as breaking the piñata. This recreational element is generally made of cardboard, simulating a favorite thematic character of the birthday boy, so children’s piñatas are suitable for all ages and provide fun, entertainment and awards, since once broken the guests can have the treats and toys contained in it.

Similarly, another expected moment is the afternoon snack, since both adults and children enjoy drinks and snacks together. In addition, it is common for the host to offer those over 18 years of age a soft cocktail or gin, brand drinks and varied prices that can be a good option according to the scope of the host’s budget.

Finally, with these ideas for children’s birthday parties at home, we can give our children a special day in the company of family and friends, without investing more.

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