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Jumping is one of the most important gross motor skills, as it not only provides fun, but also involves the movement of the entire body, involving a large number of muscle groups and joints. In addition, this physical activity allows adrenaline to be released, to reduce nervousness and at the same time facilitate a good rest.

If you want to include fun games in your children’s activities, but you want to include a lot of jumping, then you may be interested in these 10 ideas for jumping games that the little ones in the house will surely love.

1. Watch out for the puddle!

This is one of the most complete jumping games for children, since it allows them to develop their imagination and improve their motor skills. The first thing we must do is recreate the puddle, for this we can place a blanket on the ground, so that the children have to jump over it without stepping on it, otherwise they will get their feet wet and have to leave the game. The last child left without stepping on the puddle wins. Also, it can be played by levels , placing several blankets on the ground for greater difficulty.

For older children, the rules can be more complex, for example, jump on one foot, without taking off, with the feet linked or tied, etc. If there are enough children, a tournament can be organized, where the best of each team will face each other in a grand final. 

2. The frog race

If you are looking for jumping over obstacles games for kids, this can be a good option. To begin, teams are formed in pairs and the space is delimited, which can be about 10 meters from the start to the finish line. To advance, the pairs have to alternate roles, first one crouches down so that the other jumps over. Then the one who just jumped crouches down so that his partner jumps over him . The pair that arrives first wins the game.

3. Jump the barrier!

This is one of the easiest jump and run games as you don’t need a lot of materials. With the help of some plastic bottles filled with water, you can make a line to divide the space. In this way, the participants must run to gain momentum and jump over the barrier. The child who knocks over a bottle must repeat the game. Big kids can try it on roller blades, a skateboard, or a bike, as long as they have the skills to do so. 

4. How far can you jump?

Long jump games are very interesting, as they awaken healthy competition among children. In this case, it is possible to place a series of colored rings on the floor to serve as a track. To make the game more fun, you can use a cloth ball that does not bounce. In this way, the child must throw the ball towards one of the hoops, then he has to jump to that hoop to pick it up and throw it to the next hoop and thus advance in the race. If he steps on any hoop, he must start over . The idea is to progressively increase the distance between the rings to increase the difficulty. The winner will be the one who reaches the finish line first. 

5. Jump higher!

High jump games are very useful as practice for other sports, for example basketball. In this case, the activity consists of jumping in front of a wall and drawing a line on the wall, for this each of the participants must have a different colored chalk. Logically, the one who has placed the highest line wins. It is worth mentioning that in this game it is important to consider the height for a fairer competition. The big ones should not play against the small ones.

6. Bounce!

This is one of the most fun primary physical education games. The objective is to move from one point to another by bouncing, but to make it more difficult, you have to jump while holding a ball between your legs. If the ball falls over, the participant must start the race again. The participant who reaches the finish line first wins.

7. A photo flying

This game is loved by the little ones in the house, since not only do they have fun but they can also share the photo with their friends on social networks afterwards. It consists of jumping as high as possible and making an interesting face. An adult should capture the photo when the child is in the air, so it looks like he is floating. Jumps can also be done as a couple and even in a group to have a memory with your colleagues.

8. Hopscotch

It is the hopscotch of a lifetime, but we cannot ignore it in this list. First you have to draw a series of squares with numbers using colored chalk. The idea is to throw a small object, for example a coin, and then jump around until you find the object and finish the number path to the end. To further complicate things, you can make the squares bigger and set other rules , such as jumping with both feet together or with one foot.

9. Jump rope

This is one of the rope games for physical education that brings the most benefits to children. Not only is it an excellent exercise, but at the same time it stimulates motor skills and improves coordination, since the idea is to move your legs and arms at the same time to jump the rope just as it passes under your feet. In addition, a competition can be held to see who makes the greatest number of consecutive jumps without tripping

10. Jumping Ankle Hoop

If your child is already a little bored with Montessori tabletop toys, you can try this game that became popular in the United States in the 1980s. It is a simple hoop with a rope and a ball, so we can even do it at home. To play, you have to adjust the hoop to one ankle and with that leg push the ball so that it begins to rotate around the leg. To achieve this, it is necessary to jump continuously, so that the rope does not get tangled. 

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