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Writing games are a good learning tool, since they allow children to form words and phrases with which they can later express thoughts and emotions, as well as create stories that are the product of their creativity and imagination. This increases the lexicon and favors intellectual development from an early age.

Children begin learning to write between the ages of 3 and 5, but in reality there is no specific age at which the little ones in the house should learn word games, in fact, it depends a lot on the development of thought and the language of each child.

In this sense, the games to learn the letters do not have the purpose of forcing the child to learn to write faster than normal, but are intended to make a first approach, where the child will become familiar with the shapes of the letters. and its relationship with the sounds that parents emit with their voice when mentioning each one. For example, the wooden cubes with the vowels can be arranged from A to U making fun sounds. Let’s see 5 interesting games to learn to write.

  1. the secret message

A fun way to teach children to form words with letters is to write a secret message. For this you will only need a sheet of white paper, a crayon of the same color, a blue watercolor, a brush and a little water. The first thing is to write the message, but it is important to use a word or phrase adapted to the child’s writing level. The little ones will only write vowels or consonants.

The little one must write with the white wax on the paper, then, in a small container with water, you must place a little blue watercolor and mix well until it is diluted. Finally, you just have to dip the brush in the blue water and apply on the sheet, just above where the child has written. You will see his surprised face when the letters appear before his eyes. 

  1. Guess the word

Don’t worry if you don’t have educational toys to teach your young children to write , because you can build a fun game with few materials. Guess the word is recommended for children 6 years and older and consists of writing down some clues on a piece of paper so that the child guesses the word, for example; it is an animal, its name has three letters, it begins and ends with O. In this way, the child will write BEAR on the page, which generates a double effect, on the one hand the little one practices writing and on the other hand he feels the satisfaction having cracked the riddle.

  1. Alphabet soup

This is one of the letter games for children that provide the most benefits for their learning and cognitive development. The stimulation of the mind, the sense of sight, the development of attention and the ability to concentrate are some of the advantages. There is no exact age to start playing, but it is necessary to understand that there are too complex word searches for a child, so it is advisable to look for one that is adapted to the age. In addition, there are word search puzzles with specific themes , such as natural sciences, English words, school materials, music, animated series, among others.

  1. Win a prize for spelling

It is good that word games for kids are not only fun, but also have some kind of incentive, which is why this game is especially useful when teaching little ones to write. It consists of placing a word on the refrigerator door or any other place near the dining table, in this way, at a certain moment the child can be asked to spell the word, if he does it correctly, he can win his favorite dessert, more time on the video game console, a trip to the park or some other prize. Of course, we must use simple words with younger children and gradually increase the level of difficulty. 

  1. complete the word

Kids love letter word games, and best of all, there’s no need to spend money on a new toy. All we need is to draw some squares on a sheet of paper, where the child will write the letters that make up a word. The number of squares must coincide with the number of letters that the word has, for example, if we choose the word Spain, then we have to place six squares in a row.

As for the difficulty, it can vary depending on the age and level of understanding of each child. One way to start is by filling in most of the squares, letting the child complete the word by placing one or two vowels. In addition, we can support the game with images as clues. In the case of Spain, you can look for the country’s flag on your mobile and show it to the child, which is very useful for learning to associate words with objects. Later, you can change the word Spain to Bandera, which is related but spelled differently and has 7 letters.

Importance of writing in childhood

Writing is one of the most important inventions of the human race. Practically all of man’s accumulated knowledge over the years is based on this ability to communicate through words and record so that some ideas that were very crude at first have matured through many generations of thinkers and writers.

In childhood, learning the alphabet and the use of letters to build words and phrases is also a great discovery. Children begin to communicate their emotions and thoughts through writing, but at the same time they are exercising their memory skills, comprehension and even fine motor skills in the case of handwriting, therefore, a simple game of forming Words in Spanish can be a powerful tool to promote your development in all areas of life. 

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