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Summer arrives with all its energy: the little ones are free from school and can have fun to their heart’s content. However, with the arrival of summer, the temperature also increases and that is why water balloon games are always a fun and refreshing alternative to spend an afternoon.


The well-known balloons are small flexible bags made of latex rubber, which can be filled with gases or liquids. In this case, we refer to the balloons filled with water; those that are used to play fun games with friends on summer days.

Its use is quite simple, since it is enough to stretch its elastic nozzle to connect it to the water outlet of a tap and let it fill, then remove it, make a twisted knot and everything is ready. However, in case you prefer to skip this step, there are toys and even tools that will facilitate both the mooring and the filling of the water balloons.

10 games with water balloons

Now and without further ado, we present to you several of the most popular games with water balloons that you can practice with your children this summer both to beat the heat and to have fun and have a different day:


1. Water balloon fight

We will start the selection of the best games with water balloons with one of the classics: war. To enjoy this activity, which can also be carried out with players who have a water pistol, you will only need the little ones to divide into teams with the same number of members.

Then offer each team a large bucket filled with water balloons and, as if they were playing dodgeball, throw the balloons at the body to try to make them burst and soak their opponent. They can decide whether to take turns or just have fun. The team that, at the end of the balloons in their bucket, has wetted the opposing team the most will win.


2. Water tunnel

Among the water games, the water tunnel is one of the favorites of the little ones. It consists of positioning the little ones face to face, leaving space between them to create the corridor of the water tunnel. Each child will be given two full balloons and the “victim” will be chosen, who will have to cross at full speed through the corridor while the others throw the water balloons at him to try to wet him. At the end of each one’s turn, the one who has remained with a greater percentage of their dry clothes will win.


3. In pairs facing each other

Another fun activity if you are looking for a game of balloons for children is to put them in pairs and facing each other. It is a racing game, so there must be more pairs participating.

Once each team is ready, a finish line will be drawn and a balloon filled with water will be placed that they must hold between both participants with their foreheads. The object of the game is to reach the finish line before any other contender without bursting the balloon in order to win.

4. Spoon racing

When talking about water games for children, even those that include water balloons, the spoon race is almost always taken into account: it is fun, simple to do and the little ones have a great time.

For this version of the race with spoons, instead of using the classic egg, water balloons will be used, which will fulfill the same function and the winner will be the one who reaches the finish line without having thrown their balloon.


5. Against the back

To enjoy this game, you will need to equip the children in pairs and put them back to back. If you wish, you can interlock your arms for better balance. Once they are in this position, place the water balloon between their backs and the goal is for them to break it without touching it.

6. Step on the balloon

Another good and fun option is Pisar, if you like the theme of the game of popping balloons. For this you will need some string , since you will have to tie the water balloons to the children’s ankles, so that among themselves they try to step on their opponent’s until they break.


7. Pinata

To prepare the Piñata game you will need several of those medium-sized birthday balloons, which you will fill with enough water until they are the size of a small ball.

Then, hang several of these balloons from the ceiling using hooks, beams, or even tree branches. Select the child who is going to play first and blindfold her. Now give him a stick or thin branch and the idea is that he tries to hit the water balloons blindfolded to break them and get soaked in the process.


8. Towel volleyball

Towel volleyball takes a bit of skill, but it’s a lot of fun even for adults . To carry it out you will obviously need a towel. It can be a swimsuit or even a pareo and a medium-sized water balloon.

The objective of this game is to get in pairs with a towel each, so that they can launch the water balloon through the air and try to catch it without breaking it.  

9. Throw away

In the category of fun games for parties, the distance launch is a fun alternative with water balloons and very simple to do: just throw the balloon from one player to another trying to extend the distance until one of them breaks when catching it.


10. Soap Bomb

To enjoy the classic water balloon bomb game, try soaping the children’s hands before starting the round. 

They will have to stand in a circle, while one of them will turn his back to them and start a count during which the little ones will have to pass the balloon with water. When the counter shouts Bomb!, the player with the balloon must sit in the middle of the circle and so on until there is only one boy left standing or the balloon bursts.

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