Geek definition

Perhaps you have heard that the word geek is related to strange, extravagant or vague and unsociable people. However, these are all stereotypes that society has placed on this type of person, to refer to them as if what they do is totally bad. This is not entirely true, so here we will explain the true meaning of geek.

geek definition 

According to the RAE, geek or friqui is the person who practices a hobby in an obsessive and colossal way. It should be noted that it is an adaptation of the English word freaky , whose meaning is weird or eccentric. For that reason, the definition of geek was associated with people who had some anomaly, for example, the elephant man, the bearded woman, the giant, among others. 

If you are wondering what geek means, we will clarify that geeks are people with in-depth knowledge about one or several topics and whose interest in them is reflected in their way of dressing, speaking or even their behavior.

Next, we will show you various aspects related to geek people. Maybe you are a geek person and you didn’t know it. 

geek lifestyle

If you are still wondering what a geek is, take this point into account. Geeks are characterized by being individuals with very particular cultural hobbies, they are passionate about science fiction, comics, anime, video games, fantasy literature, role-playing and board games, etc. 

We can say that they are a subculture, they enjoy going to the Expomanga or a comic shop. They communicate in website forums, most of them participate in events related to their hobby.

Unfortunately, the stereotypes that society has given to this type of person include believing that they are lazy, gang members, not very sociable, when in reality many of these people have a stable job and have finished a university degree. Other geek people are entrepreneurs and have achieved a successful life. 

Currently, the geek world has gone from rejection to acceptance and many people want to belong to it because it is fashionable. If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend the book “Inside the Friki Labyrinth” by the sociologist Cristina Martínez García.

geek pride day

In 2006, a blogger of Spanish origin named Germán Martínez, better known as Señor Buebo, organized the celebration through the Internet in Spain for the first time. Given the support of the Spanish newspapers “El Mundo” and “El País”, the news spread quickly. In Madrid the celebration took place in the Plaza del Callao. 

Due to its acceptance, in 2008 the celebration reached Mexico and the United States. Later, in 2009 he arrived in Canada. This event takes place on May 25 as a commemoration of the premiere of “Star Wars” by George Lucas and “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.

Also, we inform you that since 2014 Mr. Buebo organizes FrikiMAD. It is a free, beneficial and annual event where people can enjoy talks, colloquiums and screenings. This event takes place in the Artistic Metropol room, in Madrid.

geek and geek

If you have wondered what a geek is or if a Geek is the same as a geek, here we will clarify your doubts. First of all, you should know that Geek is a word of English origin that is used in Spanish to refer to an individual who is passionate about both computing and technology and has a great knowledge of both sciences.

The geek is characterized by being a person who loves what is new in technology. That is why they are potentially consumers of tablets, desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, etc.

In addition, his vocabulary is full of technical terms referring to the programming area. They have developed various capacities at a technological and technical level, some may even become hackers, that is, people who cheat computer systems.

On the other hand, we mention that in Spain a geek is also considered a freak, for example, “Arturo is a computer freak” is an example of common phrases. However, in Latin America, they refer to a geek as a nerd, bicho or ñoño. 


Nerds are a subgroup of geeks, they have things in common with geeks such as being big fans of technology. The nerd stereotype was a creation of American culture, where his image is that of a man with glasses, shy, poorly dressed and clumsy. However, today a person who identifies with this group does not have to have this kind of image.

They share the geek meaning, since they are also usually fans of video games, comics, role-playing or table games, etc. Likewise, nerds are characterized by not being very athletic and it is difficult for them to socialize with people who do not share their same tastes and interests.


Some geeks like cosplay, that is, dressing up as a fictional character. The main purpose is to represent a character in the most realistic way, which can be from a movie, TV series, anime, video game, comic, manga, etc.

People who are part of this group are known as cosplayers. They use accessories, suits or costumes to make a very faithful representation of the character, delving into the design of makeup, as well as the interpretation of roles. For example, some of the accessories they use are Harry Potter’s wand, glasses, clothes and other accessories of the character. It should be noted that they not only dress up as Harry, but also other famous characters. 

On the other hand, these geek-cosplayers participate in events where they can show off their costumes. Also, many people make a geek meme and post it on forums or websites.


This term was created by the essayist and humorist Nakamori Akio in his speech in 1983 when he published his work in the Manga Burikko magazine. Otaku refers to the person with very deep hobbies towards Japanese culture, music, language, series, anime, games, manga, etc. 

In Tokyo they have a center of attraction especially for Otakus, since this market produces billions of yen a year.   

In Latin America and Spain this term is also used to refer to fans of cosplay.

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