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The stage of 12 months for a girl is a beautiful phase, as she stops being a baby and many begin to take their first steps and say their first words. Upon completing the first year of life, the little ones develop more socio-affective skills and although they are more independent, they still need their parents for the new challenges that will strengthen their skills. That is why when choosing a special gift for your little girl you can follow our recommendations, since we have selected several toys that promote the physical, social and emotional development of girls of this age.

Joyjoz Piano Rug

Among the most attractive educational toys for children, we have this piano mat. It is a product with a soft and non-slip surface, where children can play and jump without risk of falling, while learning skills such as motor coordination, balance, auditory and visual development.

It is a musical mat that has 9 keys painted in bright colors and is capable of playing 25 sounds: animals, musical scales and melodies. Likewise, it also has funny images of a dog, frog, bull, horse, duck, chicken and sheep. In addition, it includes 13 cards that favor the learning of musical instruments.


This piano mat could be a great gift as it not only entertains the little ones in the house but also helps them develop cognitive skills, motor skills and balance. It also offers 25 different sounds, bright colors and a smooth, durable, non-slip and easy-to-clean surface.

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Jerryvon Montessori Toys 

There are many interesting gifts that can be purchased for one-year-old girls. One that has pleasantly caught our attention is this versatile toy, which offers three functions in its design. One of its faces is a xylophone, one of the percussion musical instruments that children like the most. Another face is a nice gopher-like bank and finally the third face is one of riddles.

The whole toy is made of wood and with brightly colored drawings. In addition, it has the qualities of a Montessori toy, that is, it promotes knowledge through the cause-effect relationship and enhances autonomy, among other things.


It is a safe toy to use, made with natural materials and paint free of toxic substances, which can be used to learn about music, develop concentration and dexterity, among many other things. In addition, it has a beautiful design and a size of 11 x 25 x 15 cm, easy to handle.

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Color Baby Wooden Maze

We continue with the didactic and ecological games, that is why we recommend this activity center made of natural wood, a toy that contains 3 figures with animal characters. One of its playful activities is the movement of geometric figures that the girls must slide through the maze. It is a Christmas gift that both the baby and the parents will like.

Regarding its dimensions, the toy measures 15 x 15 x 19 cm and has a colorful design that is eye-catching for little ones. This labyrinth encourages the eye-hand relationship, develops imagination and creativity when playing.


It is a strong and durable toy with a delicate texture for the touch of girls. It is also easy to manipulate and is very entertaining for little ones of 1 year and a half who will be able to develop their fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

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Chicco Miss Baby Rodeo

This toy is preferred by parents when choosing an original gift for girls who are taking their first steps, because they are looking for toys that guarantee the safety of their baby. This little pony has a very robust design as it is made of resistant plastic and weighs approximately 1.5 kg, it is safe and fun, so it can be the ideal gift for this 2022.

Its pink and violet design gives it a visual appeal for the little ones in the house. It also includes an electronic mechanism so that the little horse closes its eyes when you stroke its snout and the girls play feeding it.


It has the rocking and walking function that is easily alternated by changing the detachable base quickly. In addition, the hat has a panel of lights and sounds that works as an activity center. This pony can support up to 25 kg of weight.

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Nnjxd Tutu

To make a commemorative photo of your little girl’s first birthday, a tutu like the one we show on this occasion can be a success. It is a beautiful and comfortable dress, with a cotton and polyester body for the upper part and the characteristic lace tutu as a skirt. To complement the set, a pretty headband with a matching bow is also added.

The bodysuit closes at the diaper section with buttons, while the skirt has an elastic waistband for a proper fit. The texture of the skirt has been rated well due to its softness, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting uncomfortable while wearing this dress.


The wide variety of color options to choose from is a highlight, but the main print is also striking, which shows the number 1 in various ways, either accompanied by a unicorn or various decorative elements, so that it does not go unnoticed.

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Hape Crawling Butterfly

Many babies are not walking on their own at this age and need to feel secure before taking several steps without holding on. Push toys can help this walking process, like Hape’s push-along butterfly, which has a delicate design, ideal for one-year-olds. This toy requires assembly by an adult.

The butterfly is made of wood, measures 56.5 x 14.8 x 16.1 cm and has a sturdy and colorful design. In addition, the tires on the wheels prevent rapid slippage that can cause falls.


It is an ecological toy that helps develop the concepts of walking faster, slower, forward and backward. Girls are attracted when they see the butterfly flap its wings during movement, allowing them to reinforce the imagination from an early age. We also mention that this toy does not need batteries for its operation.

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Rainbow Stacked Xiapia

Developing attention span in children is one of the priorities of current educational systems. However, with toys like this, it can be achieved through play, while the children enjoy a good time.

The set offers 19 pieces that can be placed in multiple ways to explore, in this way, the concepts of balance, color organization, shape and size relationship.

In addition, the pieces are made of wood, so they offer a pleasant weight and texture. On the other hand, they are designed in such a way that children can easily manipulate them.


This set allows children to delve into basic mathematical concepts, without realizing it and in a fun way. By interacting with the pieces, they can learn about assemblies, size relationships, shapes, and much more. Similarly, the set encourages creativity by offering the freedom to design your own figure arrangements.

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YGJT Construction Toy

Games that involve movement, color and interaction are the favorites of babies. Therefore, if you are looking for a special gift for your daughter that will help her develop her coordination and attention span at the same time, this tower designed so that the balls travel from top to bottom may be the most recommended.

There are three appearance options that you can choose from, where a nice monkey or a pig are the protagonists for the upper part. However, the greatest attraction, perhaps, is provided by the balls that will go through each level and that the little girl will be able to hold comfortably due to their size.


It is a safe toy that the baby will be able to use for a long time, since when she gains more skill she can assemble the parts as she sees fit and its 40.5 cm height gives the balls a long enough trajectory to entertain the little one.

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Tomy Cheerful octopuses

Bath time has many benefits for babies, in addition to cleaning and fun photos, the toys we choose for girls should be the right ones to stimulate their abilities, like this set of happy octopuses.

It is about a family of octopuses, mom and her 8 little ones that will amuse the little one while she launches jets of water or watches them float. Its varied colors make it a very striking toy, ideal for your little girl to play in the bathtub, since each octopus has holes in the lower part through which trickles of water come out and suction cups to adhere to the tiles or the bathtub.


It is a colorful and harmless toy. The mother octopus becomes a colander that makes her more fun, in addition, all the elements are removable and each octopus has a number to place it in the correct place while the girl becomes familiar with these mathematical concepts.

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Gonex Ride-On Bike

A ride-on is a basic toy for children to develop strength in their limbs, coordinate their movements and have fun. This model stands out, in addition to its good finishes, for adapting to the growth of the baby, since its seat can be raised, to adjust to the size of the girl. In this way, it will be useful for infants from 10 to 36 months of age.

On the other hand, its assembly is a very simple process and its handlebar has a turning angle of 135 degrees, which offers greater safety, preventing the little one from tipping over. Similarly, the separation between wheels also favors the safety and stability of the toy. 


The rubbers of the bearings are made of a very soft material, so, in addition to offering good adherence to surfaces, they are respectful of your delicate coatings. In addition, they do not generate annoying noises while the baby plays.

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