Gifts for 1 year olds

Our picks for the best gifts for 1-year-olds

There are special occasions that cannot be missed to give a gift that shows the appreciation and affection that you have towards children. But a gift should not be taken lightly, the ideal is to buy something that is useful to the person who receives it, and if it is a child, then let him have fun and become his favorite; That is why we present you 10 ideas to make a good gift.

WinFun ColorBaby 85179

For one-year-olds it is a good idea that the best gifts are those that emit sounds and lights, and if in addition to them they have an attractive design, so much the better.

This bunny plush combines entertainment with learning, as it says several phrases each time children press the button that has the first three letters of the alphabet printed on it, as well as the numbers when they touch the third button with the digits. It incorporates a star-shaped button that will play sweet melodies that are pleasant for the little ones in the house. With this stuffed animal, entertainment and learning go hand in hand.


The design of this toy combines the hard plastic used in the body of the cat figure that has the buttons with the soft polyester used in the legs and head, which also stimulates the development of touch, reasoning and coordination in children.       

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Jerryvon Bench Hammer 

Acquiring a gift for the little ones should not be a difficult task if we consider a multifunctional product that enhances their abilities and combines fun with learning. Such is the case of this 3-in-1 toy that offers a maze, a xylophone and a game of hitting with a practical wooden hammer.

It is a toy that also has 5 cards and a 1-minute hourglass, which encourages competition and attention among children. It also offers bright colors and fun animal figures. In addition, it has no sharp edges and the wood is painted with non-toxic paint.


The security and confidence offered by this multifunctional toy is one of its best attributes. It is made of solid wood with rounded edges, odor free and painted with non-toxic paint. Likewise, it is a didactic model that promotes cognitive development, fine motor coordination and memory.

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VTech Baby 3480-150322

Children who are already able to coordinate their movements to reach for their toys or other objects that catch their attention are very attracted to things that have buttons; An example of this is that they always want to take their caregivers’ mobiles in their hands.

That is why there is no better birthday present for them than a toy whose buttons they can press as they please and that makes fun sounds for them. This talking control incorporates two songs and five melodies that will amuse children and they won’t get tired of making them sound. It also has buttons to adjust the volume of the controller.


The design of this toy is very ergonomic, making it easy for children to grip to play; In addition, its colors make it very attractive, which invites you to have fun pressing each button that has a different function. It is also learned with this toy, since it teaches colors, shapes and vocabulary.     

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Xiapia Bicycle without pedals

The restlessness of children, at the age of one year, only denotes that they are experiencing one of the most important moments in terms of their motor development. Therefore, it is good to put toys at hand that help them continue to increase their skills. 

Bicycles without pedals, in this sense, are a safe alternative, and Xiapia’s proposal is made with light but robust materials, being suitable for children up to 40 kilograms. Its ergonomics is also a highlight and its 135º turning angle prevents the baby from tipping over when playing.


It is a product with good finishes and a beautiful appearance, available in various colors to choose from. On the other hand, the wheels are non-slip and soft, so they do not make too much noise when rolling. Something that parents appreciate when the baby plays inside the house.

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Joyjoz Piano Rug

A fun gift that entertains boys and girls alike could be this piano mat. It is a product manufactured under high quality standards, so it has non-woven fabric, safe, non-slip, soft and sensitive to the touch.

Its attractive design includes 8 musical instruments: piano, flute, violin, trumpet, guitar and more. Thanks to this, it is possible to enjoy up to 90 harmonious and clear sounds.

It also has 13 cards that favor the learning of the instruments. On the other hand, it is an easy model to transport, since it can be folded to take it from one place to another and it works with 3 AA batteries.


It is recommended for children from 1 to 5 years old, so you will have a toy that your child will enjoy as they grow. It is also a reliable product, since it has a non-slip surface and, thanks to its sensitive touch, children will be able to recreate concerts while learning colors and sounds.

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Joyjoz Music Rug

If you are looking for a toy to share fun moments with your child, this may be the best option. It is a carpet that when detecting pressure will reproduce 25 sounds. But this is not all, the kit comes with 13 cards that complement the toy to make it more educational.

It can also be an excellent idea to introduce little ones to the world of music, since it can play musical scales, and the act of moving and walking on it will help the child develop basic motor skills, which are considered essential in this age.


A highlight is the ability to roll up the rug for storage in a small space, allowing parents to keep the home tidy and also to take the toy wherever it is needed, even on a trip. In addition, it is a toy that they can enjoy for several years.

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Quokka Puzzles

Babies, despite their young age, can also develop the ability to concentrate. To this end, a puzzle can be a tool with great potential. On this occasion, we analyze a proposal that consists of 6 colorful puzzles, whose protagonists are a cat, an elephant, a butterfly, a bear, a ladybug and a turtle. 

All the pieces that make up the puzzles are made of plywood, have rounded edges and are soft to the touch, so that the child does not get hurt when handling them. In addition, they are made with non-toxic elements that are resistant to use, so that the baby will be able to enjoy assembling the shapes on many occasions.


This set of puzzles can be used in Montessori methodologies, so they are considered educational and effective to encourage learning in children. The pieces are well finished and their colorful design appeals to little ones.

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Top Bright Sensory Cube

Acquiring precision when using the fingers is a skill that requires constant exercises, where the use of the pincer between the thumb and the opposite fingers have to work together. To acquire such ability, games that involve holding small pieces, as in this toy, are highly recommended.

This is a pretty wooden cube with scenes of cute little animals in bright colours, where each face represents a challenge that will motivate the child to try to solve the challenges, moving the pieces or inserting them in their place over and over again.


It is a very easy to transport educational toy, so you can take it everywhere. In addition, it represents a great opportunity to develop fine motor skills in children, while having fun for hours. On the other hand, it has good finishes and is made of resistant materials.

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Aituitui Activity Cube

Activity cubes, like the one from Aituitui, often become children’s favorite toys, and not only for a short period of time, but throughout several years of their childhood, because each face offers a different sensory experience and fun to explore.

Specifically, this interactive cube includes a face focused on rotating movement, with gears and a clock. Also, 3 sides with puzzles of letters, geometric figures and transport. In addition, a musical one and another for letter recognition are added. In this way, the baby can deepen her knowledge, as she grows.


It is a cube that can not only entertain the little one, but also allows constant work on concentration, auditory and visual stimulation, favors the fine motor skills of babies by proposing activities such as puzzles and, for older children, it can be an aid for learn basic concepts of shapes, colors and letters. 

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VTech Baby 3480-151522

Children need toys that stimulate them to move and take them in their hands to study them, feel them and learn the way they entertain them, that’s why a good gift for them in 2022 is the VTech baby brand Wheel Ball that has designed a toy with features that include textures, sounds and lights to develop motor skills and perception.

What stands out most in this toy is its round design that has buttons that, when pressed, will emit sound effects with 15 fun melodies and three songs. It also has three buttons that say the number pressed for children to learn.


With this ball, children are stimulated to go after it while having fun in a safe way and in an environment full of melodies that are pleasant to them. It also combines bright colors to make them more attractive to them. Its size is ideal to have a good grip.           

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Small Foot Company 5807 Hit The Bird

Precautions: The toy is indicated for children from 18 months, always maintaining the supervision of an adult.

Main features: Made of 100% wood, this Hit the Bird game is highly resistant and has all the elements to amuse the little ones. First of all, the colorful bench attracts children’s attention, as do the brightly painted birds. Second, the see-saw mechanism under the birds which makes the birds constantly go up and down while the little guy hits their heads with the hammer.

It should be noted that this is a compact toy that measures 13 x 12 x 19.5 cm and weighs just over 500 g, so it is easy for parents to transport and even place it in the high chair with the child to entertain them for a while.  

Functionality: The idea of ​​this game is to promote concentration in the baby to hit the birds’ heads. The mechanism is very simple because every time a bird sinks, the other that is in parallel automatically rises, so as long as the child is hitting the birds they will continue to appear. 

Educational value: This toy encourages the concentration and motor skills of the little ones to direct the hammer at the birds. They can also learn numbers and colors because each animal has a different shade and is numbered. 

Maintenance: Because it is made of wood, it is recommended to clean the toy with a dry cloth to remove dust frequently.

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Bizak Tomy Toomies Nestable Eggs 30691581

Cautions: Adult supervision is advised while using this toy. 

Main features: Designed to enhance the coordination of babies from 6 months, this nesting egg game comes in a bright yellow egg cup, is made of plastic and measures 21 x 14 x 8 cm. 

From this aspect we highlight that it is light and easy to transport, as well as resistant to the use and treatment that babies usually give it. Each egg inside has a chick and when pressed it can chirp thanks to an internal spring system, so it does not need batteries to work. 

Functionality: If you are looking for a Christmas or birthday present, nestable toys for 1-year-old babies like this model are a success, as all the little ones could enjoy placing the eggs in their place. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest on our list.

To do so, they must verify the shape of each egg on the base, which must correspond to its place in the egg cup. Plus, the wow factor of discovering the different chicks adds to the fun of the game.

Educational value: With this puzzle toy, babies learn to recognize colors, shapes and even expressions for the different faces on each egg. Despite its simplicity, the toy’s colorful design attracts and holds the attention of little ones.

Maintenance: Being a plastic toy, it does not have major restrictions for its cleaning, so a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes can be used. 

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Lego Duplo My First Number Train 10847

Precautions: Adult supervision is recommended for the use of this product.

Main features: Among the toys for 18-month-olds, many users highly recommend this Lego Duplo set, a colorful train that children will have to build and learn numbers at the same time. 

In total, there are 23 plastic pieces that make up this set, including 2 figures of children and a cat that will make pretend play easier for babies. 

Regarding the size of the blocks, these are totally safe and manageable for the little hands of children from 18 months.

Functionality: The purpose of this game is for children to build the colorful train and play with it, acting out many stories and adventures with the characters. 

Educational value: Building blocks encourage children’s fine motor skills as well as creativity by being able to stack them and unleash their imagination. In the case of this set, children have the opportunity to learn numbers, identify colors and enhance their social skills by sharing the train with other children.

Maintenance: There are no major restrictions for cleaning these blocks because they are made of plastic, so they can be sanitized with a damp cloth.

New Edition: Available in this series are Bus, Plane, Merry-Go-Round, Bird, Bricks and Cakes styles, all designed for children over 18 months.

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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Interactive Learning Book Mattel FRC69

Precautions: Its use is not indicated for babies under 6 months. 

Main Features: The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn line has many toys for babies from 12 to 18 months. One of them is this songbook that can be used even from 6 months of age, because it is a musical book made of plastic with an ergonomic design and light weight. A good offer if you are looking for interesting gifts. 

Regarding the size, the interactive book measures 20 x 3.5 x 23 cm and has a top handle so that the baby can easily carry it. For its operation, you need two AA batteries included in the purchase. 

Functionality: The book comes with 6 children’s songs that sound when the child turns the pages. In addition, it has 3 side buttons that light up when pressed, offering more interactive content such as the alphabet, numbers and shapes. 

Educational value: The attractive colors and figures on each page capture the attention of children. They are also encouraged to learn and sing the songs in the book, develop their fine motor skills by turning each page and understand the concepts of action and reaction when pressing the interactive buttons. 

Maintenance: The book must not be immersed in water because it would damage its internal components. 

New edition: From the Laugh and Learn series you can also purchase the musical puppy toy radio, the Puppy remote control, the interactive Puppy first discoveries doll, among others, specially designed for one-year-old babies.

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VTech Baby First Songs Children’s Music Book 80-166722

Cautions: Adult supervision is recommended while using this product.

Key Features: VTech 1-year-old toys are popular for encouraging learning in little ones. Such is the case of this musical book that includes 6 traditional children’s songs that will amuse the baby. 

With dimensions of 24 x 6 x 25 cm and a weight of 540 g, this is a manageable product for children, as well as attractive due to the bright colors on the pages, buttons and other parts of the book. The operation of this depends on 2 AAA batteries that are placed in the lower part of the spine. 

This toy stands out for being very resistant, as it is made with good quality materials and its manageable design allows it to be used by babies from 6 months of age. 

Functionality: The book has two modes: musical and storytelling. The former offers numerous melodies and the latter tells the stories on each page. In addition, in the stories there are buttons that children can play with to entertain themselves more. Similarly, on the edge of the book there are other multicolored buttons, arranged in the shape of a piano and that children can touch to recreate their own melodies. 

Educational value: The fine motor skills of the little ones are encouraged with the use of this book, while their sensory and language development are encouraged. 

Maintenance: Contact with water in the book should be avoided in order not to damage its electronic mechanism.

New edition: There is a pink edition of this product, in addition to the multicolored one, which contains other popular songs such as Doll dressed in blue and A la silla de la Reina. 

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Vatos Baby Hammer Light and Musical Toy

Precautions: It is recommended to use under the supervision of an adult.

Key Features: Shopping for toys for a 1-year-old can seem difficult if you have no idea what the best option is. But, if you want to combine fun and learning, this baby hammer seems to be a good alternative, as it includes musical sounds and lights, as well as learning numbers and some English words.

Of this product we highlight its elaboration in ABS, totally free of toxic agents and that it has the EN71 certification, so it is very safe for babies. Regarding its design, we must say that it is compact and light, therefore manageable, since it measures 17 x 12.4 x 6 cm and weighs less than 200 g. 

To work, it uses two AAA batteries that, although they are not included, you can easily buy them.

Functionality: The Vatos baby hammer has two modes of use, the entertainment mode that includes fun sounds and lights when the baby hits surfaces with it. For its part, the learning function teaches how to count the numbers from 1 to 10 in English when the hammer is struck. 

Educational value: The soft and ergonomic design of the toy promotes fine motor skills of the little ones, it also encourages hand-eye coordination and the introduction of English words for an early stimulation of foreign language. 

Maintenance: It is possible to clean the hammer with a soft dry cloth to preserve its appearance and hygiene.

New edition: There is an edition of this toy that includes, in addition to the hammer, a remote control to complete an interactive set of learning toys.

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Amy & Benton Baby Toys 8PCS 1221BAM

Precautions: This toy is indicated for children over 18 months.

Main characteristics: Although we are in the middle of 2022, toy cars do not go out of style, on the contrary, they are reinvented to offer colorful and fun designs to the smallest of the house, being one of the most popular toys for 1-year-old children on the market. 

In this sense, the Amy & Benton 8-vehicle set is highly recommended for its miniature design, high-quality ABS plastic construction and resistance. Each car measures 8 x 6 cm x 7.5 cm and is light in weight, so it moves quickly.

It should be noted that the cars are personified as caricatures of elephants, they are of various colors and have very funny eyes. On the other hand, there are two vehicles of each model, that is, two ladder trucks, two dump trucks, two cranes and two cars. 

Functionality: These cars work with the Push & Go system, that is, they do not need batteries to slide for a long distance, which will keep children entertained, who must push their cars to make them move. 

Educational value: The car game stimulates children’s concentration, hand-eye coordination and color recognition, as each of the elements in this set has bright tones. In addition, the little ones begin to relate to the concepts of speed and encourage their imagination by making representative games with the crane trucks, dump trucks and ladders. 

Maintenance: You can disinfect cars with wet wipes or a cloth. 

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Actronic Multipurpose Baby Toy 6 in 1

Cautions: Adult supervision is recommended while using this toy.

Main features: Online shopping for toys is becoming easier, even if you are looking for a special toy for a one-year-old baby that he can use when he is 4 or 5 years old. In this sense, we recommend the Actrinic activity cube. To begin with, we can say that it is highly resistant because it is made of good quality ABS plastic, withstanding great impacts. In addition, all its edges are smooth, so there is no risk of scratches or injuries for the little ones. As for its usefulness, the various activities on each side of the cube are entertaining for children, who will be able to continue using this toy for a few more years. 

Functionality: This is a multi-purpose cube that offers the following activities: shape sorter, door opener, number dial game, a multi-mode piano, steering wheel, gears and beads. 

The versatility of this product allows the cube to be used as an activity board, each side can also be used individually or, depending on the child’s creativity, make different constructions and interact with their parents or friends in each of the available games.

Educational value: The little one will learn to distinguish forms, sounds and colors, as well as learn to mark the numbers on the analog dial. On the other hand, it will encourage their concentration and problem solving for door opening and counting game. Without a doubt, it is a product that promotes the cognitive and sensory development of children

Maintenance: Batteries are required for the cube’s electronic functions. These must be purchased separately.

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Vanplay Wooden Hammer Toys Hit Mole

Precautions: The product is indicated for children over 18 months with adult supervision.

Main features: Wooden toys are, without a doubt, durable, resistant and very useful when they have an educational design like this Vanplay model. The colorful bus measures 15 x 24 x 13 cm, is made of wood and includes two hammers used to play hit the mole. We can say that it has a strong and attractive appearance, thanks to the print of different animals on each side, which are the passengers, as well as the driver and another passenger in the front of the bus. 

In this model we also highlight its pulling function, thanks to the wooden wheels and the cord with a bead so that the child can hold it well and take his bus wherever he wants. 

Functionality: The toy has double function: it can be used as a cute and traditional pull vehicle, or as the game of Whack the mole with the included wooden hammers. The internal rocking mechanism allows the head of one mole to sink the other out of the front so that the child responds quickly. 

Educational value: The Vanplay bus develops children’s fine motor skills, improves their hand-eye coordination, as well as their responsiveness to timely hit the moles, a skill that improves with practice. Additionally, this activity can be used to foster their social skills and play as a team.

Maintenance: It is recommended to clean the parts of the bus with a partially damp cloth. 

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