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At 16, girls are already taking giant steps towards adulthood and it is necessary to think much more about their personality and tastes to get an original gift idea right. At this age you can bet on all those products that help them personalize their appearance, relax with their favorite music, study or have fun. If you want to know what gifts are most in demand among teenagers, take a look at our selection of the best gifts for 16-year-old girls, with cheap options, of course, among which you will surely find the most suitable gift for your girl in this 2022.

nintendo 2ds xl

Within the current portable console market, the Nintendo 2ds XL is one of the most desired. Among other things, because thanks to its dual-screen system, it’s easier to play all the traditional Nintendo games in a fun way.

A very complete product that also has good connectivity to play with your friends or to connect to the network and update any content or play games with people from anywhere in the world. A very complete product that is accompanied by a memory card, a touch pen and its corresponding charger so that it is always available.


This XL console offers a larger screen size than the initial model, so you will have more vision of the game when using it.

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Clandestine Sunglasses

Protecting your eyesight from irreparable damage from the sun’s rays is important at any age, but if you can also complement your appearance, what better. These glasses that we have chosen as a gift proposal are, among other things, very light, since they weigh only 18 grams. In addition, they have protection against UV, UVC and UVB rays, so they are classified as safe.

Among other attractive features, we must highlight its golden edge that combines with the tone of the reflective lenses and its aviator style, which is considered as a cut of glasses that favors various face shapes such as square and oval. 


The model includes a treatment for the Hydrophobic type lenses, so they repel water. They are also anti-fog and have technology that reduces grease stains and fingerprints, to prevent this from interfering with vision. In addition, its mirror finish is very attractive.

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Vans Realm Backpack

The girls’ backpacks, due to constant use, wear out and have to be replaced. In this sense, this Vans brand backpack offers a spacious format, with an internal distribution in which a laptop sleeve is added. In addition, it has a front zippered pocket, to store objects safely.

Of note are the design’s padded straps, which help to carry the backpack comfortably, despite the objects and weight it carries inside. Similarly, its coral color is considered modern and will not go unnoticed. On the other hand, it has a decorative logo on the front, to enhance the backpack.  


The front pocket has an inner organizer, which can help you quickly find the items inside it. In addition, its rectangular design allows you to place standard sheets and notebooks in a comfortable way, so that it can be useful for the institute or simply carry personal items where they are required.

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LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Van

Although we may think that Lego construction sets are not for these ages, if we see the beautiful design of the LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 van game, we will surely change our minds.

This set is recommended for ages 16 and up and faithfully reproduces the design of this historic Volkswagen van. A vehicle that has a length of about 30 cm wide by 14 cm high, also having an interior design with seats that can be transformed into a bed or including a nice shelf with a plant, among other details typical of the original model.


This product belongs to the Lego line designed for almost adults, recommended for people over 16 years of age and that offers different designs to the more childish models.

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Kexin USB 2.0 heart

A USB memory is an item that we often need to store tasks, documents, photos and endless files. But if this piece of technology can be carried around discreetly, that’s an added bonus.

This is the case of the USB flash drive that Kexin presented to us, since it is a pretty heart-shaped pendant with pink-tone crystal inlays and a silver-colored section. The memory can be opened by separating the heart into 2 halves and its magnet keeps the device closed when not in use, preventing the cover from being lost.


The pen drive is compatible with most current operating systems such as Windows 98, Me, 2000 and later. You can also use it with Mac or even Linux. On the other hand, it has a capacity of 64 GB and reaches writing speeds of 6 MB per second and reading speeds of up to 15 MB per second. 

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Inspired Notebooks Notebook 16 years

Celebrating life and recognizing its value is something that should never be lost sight of. At 16 years old is the ideal time to become aware of everything that has been overcome and gain momentum for new challenges. For this, it is very useful to have a notebook at hand where you can write thoughts, notes and everything that comes to mind for the girls.

For this purpose, this notebook has a cover that shows the equivalences in months, days, hours, minutes and seconds that being 16 years old implies. It has dimensions of 15.2 x 23 cm, so that it is easy to store and transport, in addition to having 120 lined sheets, which will allow you to write comfortably.


It is a very versatile object, since, regardless of the digital moment we live in, it is always necessary to have a notebook at hand to write in the traditional style, with a pen or pencil. And what better than an object with an interesting appearance.

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HoneyHolly Water Bottle

Activities for 16-year-old girls can be exhausting and drinking water is definitely one way to help them stay fresh for the rest of the day. So that they do not have to buy this liquid every day in a convenience store, they can take it comfortably from the comfort of their home or even prepare their favorite drink and take it with them in this beautiful bottle of the HoneyHolly brand.

This, in addition to having a practical design, easy to hold and with vibrant colors, has also included a seal to prevent personal items near the bottle from getting wet. On the other hand, being stainless steel is very resistant.


The wide mouth of the bottle and the design of the body facilitate hygiene, preventing the accumulation of sediments or remains of the transported liquid. It can also maintain the temperature of drinks inside thanks to its double wall, which also prevents overheating on the outside or water condensation.

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Weily Makeup Mirror

A mirror is an essential accessory when it comes to makeup. Therefore, a gift that could be suitable for girls is this model. It is a mirror with panels that offers 3 magnification modes, which is especially useful for viewing every detail of the face. It also features 21 LED lights that are easily adjusted in intensity.

It also has a foldable book-type design and can rotate 180°. In addition to this, its ABS plastic base has a comfortable tray where you can keep jewelry or cosmetics close at hand. In addition, it works with batteries or with a USB cable.


It is a modern and functional mirror for any age. It’s made from scratch-resistant materials and, thanks to its foldable design, it’s convenient to take on the go. It also offers 3 magnification modes (1x, 2x, and 3x), and for better visibility in low-light settings, it has 21 adjustable LED lights.

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IPossible 115Plus

Activity bracelets are one of the most common original gifts this year. These products improve the possibilities of traditional watches, since, on the one hand, they allow us to have all the notifications of our mobile on our wrist. But they also allow us to control our steps, our sleep and our heart rate in a simple way.

All these functions are supported by the IPosible 115 Plus activity bracelet, which has a good-sized screen where you can see all kinds of notifications and warnings. A system that, thanks to the included application and its GPS functionality, allows you to maintain greater control over this activity, even during training.

A very complete product that can last from 6 to 8 days charged with only 1 or 2 hours of charge and that also has a high resistance to water, so that it does not deteriorate prematurely.


In addition to being a very complete activity bracelet, its presentation in different colors allows us to choose the one we like best depending on our style.

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Makeup Trading Schmink Set

Makeup sets are one of the most common birthday, Christmas or Epiphany gifts that our daughters receive at the age of 16, but obviously, at this age we cannot think of the typical toy gift, but rather we should think of something a little more serious. Gifts like the makeup bag from Makeup Trading.

This complete case has 32 eye shadows, two blushes, four lipsticks, enamels, brushes and applicators. All this presented in an elegant metallic briefcase that we can close and take anywhere easily. A very complete product with good quality cosmetics to avoid problems with allergies.


Thanks to the good organization of this case, it is easy to have any cosmetic at hand, even once it has been replenished because it has run out.

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Shopping guide

At 16, the girls’ lives become more complex and, at the same time, organized. First loves and professionally oriented decisions begin to emerge. These are women with very well defined tastes that revolve around the aesthetically beautiful and the originality that can be associated with their person, in most cases.

Within the gift options there is a variety as wide as the types of girls around the world, since each alternative presents one or several characteristic details that are capable of causing infinite emotions in some girls and rejection in others.

For reasons like these, it pays to take the time to recognize what you like and don’t like. For some it might seem like a very complex task, but the reality is that just by looking at their style and inclinations, you can have a more or less real idea of ​​what they expect.

If you always want to be with your hair done, your nails painted, your clothes well pressed and a nice make-up on your face, the options will necessarily be linked to these areas.

And if, in addition, they find inspiration or distraction for their day-to-day lives in books, let themselves be conquered by all kinds of stories and assume a more bohemian pattern, a good book or an electronic book will be one of their favorite gifts.

In any case, there are versions of gifts that can be useful for any 16-year-old girl, giving the necessary distraction time and achieving the expected acceptance. This group includes, above all, those electronic devices that everyone likes, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

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Sprint Active 26 pulgadas

Por muy grande que sea tu hija, a cualquier chica siempre le va a gustar tener una bicicleta nueva. Para que no tengas que gastar demasiado en regalos interesantes, puedes contar con la bicicleta de 26 pulgadas Sprint active.

Esta bicicleta para mujer cuenta con 18 velocidades con cambio Shimano y frenos V-Brake para un buen control de la misma. Un modelo con cuadro y horquilla de acero, asiento y manillar ajustable en altura y que gracias a sus ruedas de 26 pulgadas se adapta a tallas desde los 163 hasta los 184 cm de altura aproximadamente.


Esta bicicleta es adecuada para uso urbano o uso en camino montaña ligera, ofreciendo un buen rendimiento sobre estos terrenos.

Blackview A10

Para que nuestra adolescente permanezca siempre comunicada con sus amigas o con nosotros mismos, aunque no quiera, el teléfono móvil libre blackview A10 nos ofrece toda la conectividad que necesitamos.

Este teléfono móvil cuenta con un diseño muy cuidado, con detalles como su pantalla de Marco reducido de 5 pulgadas, ofreciendo igualmente una configuración con un procesador de cuatro núcleos, 2 gigas de RAM y 16 gigas de almacenamiento interno.

Esto permite mover el sistema Android 7.0 de forma sencilla y gestionar cualquier aplicación sin dificultades. Un producto que además incorpora tarjeta para doble SIM y otros detalles de calidad como una batería ya los 2800mAh o un lector de huellas, por citar algunos.


Este modelo, por su precio económico y su configuración de calidad, es una buena propuesta para contar con él como primer móvil para nuestras chicas.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y520

Para trabajar o para jugar, un ordenador portátil tiene muchos usos. Pero si nuestra hija adolescente quiere solo lo mejor de lo mejor, el ordenador portátil Lenovo IdeaPad y520 tiene toda la capacidad de procesamiento que necesita.

Entre otras cosas, porque monta un procesador Intel Core i7 acompañado de 8GB de RAM y un tera de disco duro, que ofrece una potencia de procesamiento propia de un equipo gaming. De hecho, el producto también incorpora una tarjeta gráfica Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 con 4 gigas de memoria para acelerar el rendimiento gráfico del modelo.

Un modelo que mantiene su capacidad y autonomía gracias a la batería incluida, que tiene una duración aproximada de unas 3 horas, así como un peso de 2,4 kg que no impide llevarlo a donde sea necesario.


Este ordenador ofrece una de las capacidades de procesamiento más elevadas de su gama, de manera que no tendrás que cambiarlo por uno nuevo en mucho tiempo.

Huawei MediaPad T3

Si en vez de un portátil, tu chica prefiere una tablet, el modelo Huawei MediaPad T3 nos ofrece una pantalla de 7 pulgadas con diseño IPS y un procesador de 4 núcleos con el que mover de forma sencilla todo tipo de aplicaciones.

Un procesador que se apoya en una memoria RAM de un giga y 8 GB de almacenamiento, ampliables mediante tarjeta sd. Un modelo sencillo y ligero que incorpora también cámara trasera de 2 megapíxeles y cámara delantera de la misma resolución, junto con una batería de 3100 miliamperios, que soporta de forma adecuada el uso durante casi todo el día.


Aunque es un modelo de gama sencilla, el fabricante ya es una muestra de su calidad, sin olvidar la potencia y capacidad de funcionamiento de la misma, adecuada para un uso básico o intermedio.

Kindle Paperwhite

Para que nuestra chica no deje de disfrutar de la lectura, nada mejor que actualizar sus tradicionales libros en papel a un moderno libro electrónico como el Kindle Paperwhite. Este libro electrónico, uno de los más vendidos del mercado, cuenta con una pantalla de 6 pulgadas de alta resolución con luz integrada, que se ajusta de forma adecuada la iluminación del entorno.

Esto mejora la salud visual, al reducir los parpadeos que se producen durante la visualización de la pantalla. Un modelo con el que poder acceder a un catálogo de más de 100000 libros ofrecidos por Amazon, así como a cualquier otro libro o contenido que queramos bajar, siempre que sea compatible. Además, gracias a su conectividad wifi, resulta más sencillo mantener el catálogo de libros que tenemos en su interior.


Gracias a su larga duración de batería, este producto puede durar cargado hasta 6 semanas con un uso aproximado de media hora diaria, de modo que no tendrás que preocuparte por enchufarlo.

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