Gifts for 4 year old girls

Our picks for the best gifts for 4-year-old girls

4-year-old girls feel more independent and self-confident, they like to be taken into account in household chores or family dynamics, and they relate very well with their friends. In this sense, it is necessary to have fun games and toys that provide the necessary stimulus for little girls to develop their psychomotor potential, their muscles, balance and coordination, and for this we have selected special gifts that you can buy for girls of this age. age.

Small Foot Mushroom Tea Set

Most girls love to play tea, so a fun accessory that you can buy to encourage them in their role play is the Small Foot Mushroom tea set, being a good idea as a gift for this 2022.

Regarding the design, this tea set is made of wood and hand-painted in pink with mushroom-shaped motifs both on the cups and on the tray, which has a plush base and comes with a total of 11 accessories, including teapot, milk jug, 2 cups and saucers, spoons, sugar bowl and tray.


With this game, girls will test their social skills by imitating adults or inventing their own roles, which develops their imagination. As it is a wooden toy, it has a resistant design and a nice finish, so we can think that it will last a long time.

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Tesoyzii Jumper QWT09

This could be one of the most appreciated birthday gifts for children, as it provides maximum fun at all times. It also encourages proper development of coordination and gross motor skills. It is a jumper specially designed to promote balance while your child plays jump in a safe and comfortable way.

In this sense, it has soft and non-slip handles and its base has high-quality foam, which protects surfaces from scratches. In addition, it supports a load of up to 114 kilos of weight, so it is recommended for children and adults.


It is a fun toy that encourages the development of balance and gross motor skills. Also, thanks to its base made of high-quality foam, it does not scratch the floor, while offering a safe bounce. In addition, it has comfortable handles and is available in a wide variety of colors.

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LOL Surprise Bling

LOL dolls have become one of the best playmates for our little ones. So adding one of them to your gifts is an interesting and fun option. This model belongs to the Bling collection, which includes the series 2 dolls with their new dresses, which stand out for their bright and fun finishes in which glitter and other similar materials are the protagonists. In addition, the ball becomes a support, so that our little girl can expose her doll or place it wherever she wants. By the way, this series consists of 12 different dolls to collect.


We are talking about a fashionable toy in one of its most current series. Ideal therefore for our little girl to have fun while she is up to date, as far as the releases of this type of dolls are concerned.

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Play Doh Kit Crazy Hairstyles

An activity that we can do with our girls at home and that they love is to play with plasticine, so among the interesting gifts that you can buy them is the Play Doh Crazy Hairstyles Kit, with which you can make the craziest hairstyles by activating the imagination of the little ones.

This set includes 3 characters and six different colors of plasticine, fun scissors to cut and shape the hairstyle and a chair with a crank that when the doll sits on it and turn the mechanism, hair begins to grow and girls can cut it with the funniest ways.


The plasticines are very soft and moldable. The accessories, meanwhile, are made of strong and durable plastic, being a highly recommended product among users because it encourages creativity in little girls and enhances fine motor skills to create fun hairstyles.

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Newyes LCD Writing Tablet

If you want to give your girl a toy that will amuse her and at the same time develop her creativity, this could be the most suitable. It is an 8.5-inch color LED screen on which the girl can draw or write whatever she wants without having to use traditional paper, pencils or crayons.

The package includes the special pencil for drawing and the battery, so you won’t have to buy other accessories separately. Also, this tablet can be placed in the refrigerator door.


One of the things we like the most about this tablet is that the girl can erase everything she has written or drawn in a second, just by pressing the erase button on the top of the bezel.

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Peppa Pig Game Case

The popular pig Peppa Pig is one of the favorite characters of the little ones, so you can bet on an original gift with this “Peppa’s House and Garden” game case. This versatile house-shaped case opens to reveal multiple rooms and a pretty garden with a tree and swing.

It also includes a figure of Peppa and her brother George, as well as furniture and accessories inside the house, bathroom, kitchen and a bedroom. Due to its scale design, the girl can increase the possibilities of play by including other objects and characters, recreating the stories of Peppa Pig.


The great thing about the briefcase design is that the girl can easily store all the dolls and accessories to take them anywhere, because the briefcase has a removable carrying handle and a self-closing device to secure the lid of the house.

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DeAO Supermarket

When the girls go with mom or dad to the supermarket they are attracted by the number of things they see and when they return home they want to play at having their own grocery store. In this sense, we recommend among the interesting gifts this supermarket that carries the deAO brand.

This fun toy includes a wide variety of accessories and groceries with very realistic details, so you would be stimulating everyday experiences in your little one’s imagination, since it has a spacious counter, shopping cart, cash register, scanner reader and money, among other products, all made of quality materials.


It is an easy-to-assemble toy, with a robust but lightweight design so it can be moved from one place to another without difficulty; In addition to this, the toy’s manufacturing material is resistant and durable, so it will be a set that will last a long time, providing hours of fun for the girl.

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Buyer Doctor’s bag


In 2022, role-playing is still a great choice for 4-year-olds. This is because little ones enjoy having objects close at hand that are safe and allow them to imagine that they are a firefighter, doctor, etc. For this purpose, the Buyger brand has designed a complete kit with 16 pieces that refer to a doctor’s utensils. Thus, they will be able to play with their friends and carry out a complete review while having fun.

All parts are of good quality, made of safe plastic and without toxic agents. In addition, they have a size according to children’s hands, so they can be held comfortably.



Regardless of the attractive design of the kit, children can increase their vocabulary and explore new imaginative games, which develops their creative potential. Also, the included case is very useful, which allows you to keep everything in order and prevent parts from being lost.

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Homcom Electronic Keyboard

If you like music very much, maybe you want to see your little girl sitting playing this beautiful electronic keyboard from Homcom brand. It is an instrument with 32 keys and various sounds such as guitar, organ, piano and violin, so your daughter can develop her musical ear from a very young age.

In addition, the keyboard incorporates several rhythms and the Demo function, so that the girl has much more fun listening to each sound. Other aspects that we can highlight about this product are its playback and recording functions, so that the girl can save the melodies that she plays and listen to them at another time.  


The microphone that this keyboard incorporates gives the girl greater artistic possibilities, since this way she will be able to sing while playing the different keys. Likewise, it is important to mention that the product includes the stool where the little girl can sit comfortably.

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Keraui Walkie Talkie

Having a conversation with someone they can’t see is always a hit with young children. However, it must be done with devices designed for them, that are safe and easy to use, as is the case with these walkie talkies. Their appearance and ergonomics allow children to be interested from the moment they see them, and they will be able to quickly understand how they work to exploit all their qualities.

It is worth mentioning that they have a convenient range in open spaces of up to 4.8 kilometers, so they are very useful on vacation trips or to nature, helping children to always be in contact.


It is a set with great potential, which children will enjoy for a long time and will allow them to communicate with their friends and family at all times. An alternative worth considering for Christmas, birthdays or any special date.

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Barbie I Want To Be Pizza Chef Doll and Accessories

Precautions: It is a toy intended for girls over three years of age, although its manipulation must be under the supervision of an adult, since it contains small parts that can be put in the mouth.

Main features: This time the favorite doll for every girl is presented with a new profession, as the set contains an oven and all the accessories to prepare and serve pizza. Similarly, a conveyor belt, a cash register and a small refrigerator to store food are included. Thus, the girls will put their imagination when preparing the pizza, placing its ingredients, baking it, cutting it and serving it; Well, among her accessories are the dough, the press, the cheese grater, a tray, plates, drinks and, of course, Barbie, who stands out with her pizza chef outfit.

Functionality: It represents a small pizza stand, where the girls will put to work that creative process from preparing, cooking, serving, charging and even saving what is left over from the pizza. Likewise, with this toy, their personality and self-esteem could be reinforced by thinking of a dream that can be realized.

Educational value: With this game you will not only learn and practice the process of cooking a pizza. Also, it can influence as an idea for future endeavors and stimulate both the language and their ability to interact when interpreting different roles.

Maintenance: Its material is easy to clean, since any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. It is also important to be careful when collecting the small pieces and verify that they are all there to preserve the complete game.

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Auney Makeup Kit Girls Washable Cosmetics

Precautions: This makeup kit is recommended for girls from three to eight years old. However, although its material is safe and non-toxic, it is always good to remind the little ones that it should not be consumed. Also, be aware of allergies to some type of fragrance.

Main Features: The vVene set with a brightly colored bag where girls will carry their makeup kit anywhere, including: lipstick, brushes, blush, eye shadow, powder puff, sunglasses, bracelets, necklace, comb and mirror. As you can see, it is a very good set as a gift for any occasion. 

Functionality: With this complete kit, girls will be able, in the form of a game and in a safe way, to highlight their beauty. In addition, they can use it making up their friends. In this way, creativity and imagination are encouraged, since they can assume fantasy characters, thanks to their makeup. It also helps them to interact with their parents by suggesting makeup for them, achieving unforgettable family moments.

Educational value: Girls can learn to keep a bag with their makeup in an orderly manner, as well as how to apply it correctly according to the occasion. Similarly, they can learn to wash and remove it safely, which is essential for their future health.

Maintenance: The material of the bag allows it to be washed. Also, all accessories can be easily cleaned. 

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Joyjoz Musical Piano Mat with 100+ Sounds

Precautions: The use of this product is recommended for girls over three years of age, under the supervision of an adult. In addition, to place the various functions, adult guidance is important.

Main features: This mat produces one hundred sounds, where it mixes 8 instruments, 8 melodies and 10 songs, with 13 cards to learn to identify musical instruments. It is considered as an original option for girls to learn and create music by using the four modes of this mat, which involves play, demo, type and record. Its material is safe and non-toxic, with a non-slip surface, and due to its bright colors it can be used outdoors or indoors.

Functionality: Once extended, the three AA batteries are placed and the mode of use is chosen, where the little ones can create music, identify musical notes, listen to animal sounds and play musical instruments. In turn, they will be able to record and play again. In addition, being foldable and light, it is easy to take it to another place to share with other children.

Educational value: With this rug, girls will learn about music, as well as identifying colors and animals. On the other hand, it stimulates motor coordination between hands and feet, as it develops their ability to synchronize their extremities with a rhythmic beat.

Maintenance: Its synthetic, non-woven material allows it to be cleaned only with a damp cloth, passing it gently over the rug and then drying it, since it is not recommended to apply water directly.

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Hersity Briefcase Doctors Nurse Costume Doctor Imitation Games

Precautions: Its use is recommended for girls from three to six years old, always under the observation of an adult, in order to prevent small pieces from being placed in the mouth.

Main characteristics: It is a briefcase with a wide variety of devices used by doctors, dentists or nurses. Such as: stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, flashlight, pulse oximeter, injector, glasses, among others. All in light colors. In addition, it includes a doctor’s gown and hat, so girls can do interesting role-plays.

Functionality: This game could be a great help for girls to lose their fear of visiting the doctor and getting injections. In the same way it stimulates the care and brushing of the teeth. Plus, it can encourage physical and emotional interaction with family and friends. On the other hand, thanks to the included case, it is possible to maintain the order of the pieces and take them to other places that are visited.

Educational value: Contributes to their communication skills. In the same way, it stimulates the imagination and social interaction. Likewise, with the help of the accessories, medical terms can be learned that will help the girls in their training; And if they dream of being a doctor, this game could bolster their self-confidence in their abilities.

Maintenance: Thanks to the use of resistant, non-toxic plastic material without sharp edges, cleaning is simple, since the accessories can be sanitized with a damp cloth. On the other hand, it is good to make a list so that the girl is careful to put all the pieces away.

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Joyspace Water Drawing Painting Magic Whiteboard Water Mat

Precautions: This drawing mat is recommended for girls from three to eight years old, always with the presence of an adult.

Main features: This is a water mat with enough space for girls to draw. It has four suction cups to adhere to the wall or smooth glass and its design incorporates several printed figures that when pressed activate three whistles. Additionally, it brings templates, drawing molds and magic pens to stimulate writing in children.

Functionality: Girls drawing on this water mat is cheaper than drawing on the walls of the house. For easy use, you can spread it on the ground and on it the little ones will be able to give free rein to their imagination creating fantasy scenarios with their magic feathers just by adding clean water. They will also have fun with the whistles, templates and molds. Also, this paint tends to disappear after a few minutes of being applied, so they can draw over and over again, developing different ideas each time.

Educational value: This is a very useful mat for learning the first letters, differentiating colors, and learning about objects by drawing them. In addition, its size allows you to draw various scenes or share the mat with your friends, encouraging interaction with other children.

Maintenance: Due to the type of material used in its construction, it is easy to clean. In addition, it can be folded, which benefits its portability and storage.

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Buyger Cash Register Toys Supermarket Machine with Food

Cautions: The Buyger brand dedicated to the production of quality toys. On this occasion, the use of the product is recommended for girls from 3 to 5 years old; Of course, under the supervision of an adult.

Main features: It is a cash register with all its accessories, such as the conveyor belt, printer, scanner, microphone, bills, coins, basket and some items for purchase.

Functionality: The girls will be able to make their shopping list and do it themselves. Also, simulate the entire process, how to place the products in the basket and take them to the conveyor belt, pass them through the scanner, check the prices or if there is an offer, collect, give the change, in short; Imagine the full scenario in this RPG. It is also important to mention that the cash register opens when you press “Open”, so you will save the money from the sale.

Educational value: With this game they will be able to know the value of money, as well as assimilate the price-money relationship. In turn, the girls will learn to count and put into practice basic mathematical operations on the cash register, since it is a real calculator. On the other hand, the power of communication in girls is stimulated when interpreting the role of cashier or customer.

Maintenance: It is a product made of resistant material that, to keep it clean, only requires passing a damp cloth; and because the set contains several pieces, it is advisable to store it all together in a container.

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Nicknack Magnetic Building Blocks 135890

Precautions: As it is a riding game, it should be used under adult supervision, as its small parts can be ingested by children, in which case immediate medical attention should be sought.

Main features: It is a construction game whose pieces are geometric figures made up of squares, triangles, pentagons, rectangles, etc. In total there are 132 pieces of which 74 have a magnet and since they have a box they can be easily stored. In this way, it is easy to take the set anywhere. In addition, its small size saves space when storing it. Among other aspects of interest, the fact that its materials are non-toxic, BPA-free and its edges are curved, which avoids hurting girls’ hands, stands out.

Functionality: With the purchase, whether physical or online, of these blocks, the girls will put their imagination to work, making various figures of animals, vehicles or objects that they have observed, such as flowers, houses, hearts. Or you can give him an initial idea so that he can develop it and get the figure assembled.

Educational value: Thanks to these blocks, girls learn to recognize colors, basic shapes, think and solve problems to design the figure they want. Also, they can develop creativity and inventiveness.

Maintenance: Its ABS plastic material does not allow it to break easily, but it is advisable to treat the pieces with care. In addition, it is recommended to clean them and keep them in the bag, promoting order in the little ones.

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Shopping guide

From the age of 3, children begin a very specific process of change, as they go from being babies to being toddlers. Already when they reach 4, this situation has managed to stabilize and the personality begins to emerge with greater impetus.

Girls are always dreamy, delicate and very inclined towards role-playing. At 4 years old, they regularly fantasize about adult life and look for prototypes in those close to them to define how they would like to be.

This is commonly carried over to their playtimes, where the dolls and stuffed animals are disciplined students, patients with rare illnesses, or family members who must sit down early for dinner.

For this reason, the choice of toys should be aimed at encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity, but also giving them the opportunity to learn different things.

Dollhouses will always be among the first places in the preferences. His presentation of different scenarios as a real house leads them to imagine that they are like mom and manage their own space, defining the roles of each character and using the accessories as if they were real items.

However, they are not the only toys that can be used. All those that have an appropriate end for their age and that encourage their imagination and some type of learning are of high value. At this stage they are still nurturing their vocabulary and some toys can be useful to teach them new words and the function that certain objects are capable of fulfilling in everyday life.

In this same order of ideas, it should be considered that at this age girls feel very motivated to explore, especially what is very colorful. For this reason, it is also convenient to choose toys that present strong contrasts and that can stand out in the environment.

» Review information from previous years

Onshine Tarta Frutal de Cumpleaños

Si buscas ideas de regalos para Reyes que le puedas comprar a tu hija o sobrina te recomendamos la Tarta Frutal de Cumpleaños que ofrece Onshine. Se trata de una tarta plástica dividida en 6 porciones y con los accesorios necesarios para decorarla, por lo que es un gran acierto para fomentar los juegos de roles.

La tarta está elaborada en plástico resistente pero liviano, con un acabado muy realista porque parece un pastel de verdad, con el que la niña puede hacer una fiesta de cumpleaños a su gusto para las muñecas. El tamaño de este pastel es de 30 x 10 x 20,5 cm e incluye 73 piezas en total.


Nos gusta su colorido diseño en color rosa que hace al juguete más llamativo para las niñas y los pedazos de la tarta están adheridos con velcro en sus laterales, lo que permite simular perfectamente el corte del pedazo de pastel.

WoBoSen Maletín de médico

En los juegos de roles de las niñas no puede faltar el de ser médico, por lo que una elección original de regalos para Reyes sería el Caso Médico que trae la marca WoBoSen, que incluye un muñeco bebé, un estetoscopio, termómetro, jeringa, entre otros accesorios.

El maletín y los complementos están elaborados en plástico resistente y duradero que hacen resaltar la calidad del producto, con el cual tu hija también podrá sentirse como una doctora de verdad cuidando al paciente bebé o a todos los miembros de la familia, ya que el set incluye un total de 17 piezas que aumentan las opciones del juego.


El set está elaborado en plástico resistente y el muñeco, por su parte, también es de buena calidad, además los detalles en cada accesorio le dan más realismo al juego por lo que la valoración de los clientes es positiva.

Vicloon Accesorios de Princesa del Hielo

Si tu hija tiene el disfraz de Elsa de la película infantil Frozen de Disney pero le hacen falta los accesorios, puedes hacerle un regalo original para cualquier ocasión especial con los accesorios de Princesa de Hielo para complementar su estilo, pues incluye guantes, trenza, la varita mágica y la corona.

Los guantes están confeccionados en poliéster, lo que evita que se arruguen o deformen, miden 24 cm adaptables para niñas que tienen entre 2 a 9 años. Con respecto al largo de la trenza, esta mide 53 cm y se puede fijar fácilmente al cabello con una horquilla.


La corona y la varita están hechas de plástico con un buen acabado y la corona se fija bien a la diadema; además debido a su relación calidad precio es un regalo barato que no va a desajustar tu presupuesto.

Nuestras selecciones de los mejores regalos para niñas de 5 años

A partir de los 5 años muchas niñas comienzan a consolidar los hábitos que han aprendido, algunas se inclinan por los juegos de reglas, otras se vuelven más competitivas y más curiosas, socializan más con ot

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