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Girls this age are constantly evolving but at their own rate of growth. They have a broader knowledge of time and space, they are capable of forming their own criteria and they are discovering new skills in sports or artistic expressions, they are also capable of deciding which toys interest them the most. So to help you give an original gift to a 7-year-old girl, we present our list of recommendations with a variety of toys to choose the one that best suits the girl’s personality.

barbie magic bubbles

The classic Barbie dolls do not go out of style and they are still in force because of the functionality that they have added to various models and that attract the attention of little ones, such as the Magical Bubbles Barbie. This fairy doll from the Dreamtopia line has butterfly wings and a ventilation mechanism to create fun bubbles.

The doll includes the tray and the soapy solution to make the bubbles, it is very easy to use and does not need batteries because it works with a rope in the yellow loop of the doll’s belt. This would be a great Christmas gift for any girl who is a fan of Barbie.


It is a very beautiful doll, made with quality materials and a good finish. For girls it is very easy to make bubbles and they will have a good time having fun with their friends, it also does not need batteries to work and the winding mechanism is resistant.

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Channel Toys Slime Factory

This fun toy is all you need to surprise a little slime lover. A product designed to have fun and prepare all kinds of slimes at home, for which this product offers two different work areas. One of them is the pouring glass, where the mixture is prepared by adding the ingredients, the glitter included and anything else we want. 

Once done, the mixture goes to the mixer, where all the ingredients of that Slime are integrated comfortably and in a fun way. So the elaboration process is simple and within the reach of almost any little girl.


This model has all kinds of extras for the Slime, such as glitter tubes, as well as 10 powder packets and other interesting elements. In addition, you can buy spare parts of what you need comfortably.

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Nancy A Day as a Youtuber

That toys change with the times is obvious. And that the presence of new technologies in our daily lives as well. Something that we can see in gifts such as the new Nancy A Day as a Youtuber doll. 

This one has all the accessories so that Nancy can take selfies and record all kinds of unboxings of the accessories included with the doll, including her mobile phone and the accessories she needs for her videos. So if any little girl wants to take her first steps as a youtuber, she only has to look at Nancy and follow in her footsteps. 


When Famosa says that this Nancy can be a youtuber, it is not only in fiction, since an app is included with the doll, with which the little girl can open her own channel and upload her videos. Although always with the authorization and control of the parents, of course.

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Newyes NY085UK-GR

The Newyes NY085UK-GR drawing tablet is a fun and versatile gift for any girl. This tablet allows you to draw, make accounts or write down everything that is necessary, keeping those annotations on the screen until the delete button is pressed. Impressions that are seen clearly on the screen, thanks to its high contrast. 

This screen measures 8.5 inches and is also light in weight, so it is easy to take the tablet wherever you want without difficulty. And you don’t have to worry about durability either, since the product lasts up to 100,000 uses.


In addition to how fun it is to use the product, it also has a pressure-sensitive system, so that the more we press, the more marked the line we make with the pencil becomes.

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Nintendo 2DS

We know that the latest video games attract many children and adults because they are capable of entertaining them anywhere, which is why we suggest the Nintendo 2DS as a gift, a suitable console for little ones of this age who want to start with portable video games.

This model stands out because it is not foldable and it is one of the cheapest in its category, but it has a light and resistant design, with a very good quality screen and efficient autonomy. In addition, its pink design gives it that feminine touch to distinguish it from children’s consoles and it has the New Style Boutique 2 game integrated.


The console has a very simple user interface and its design is robust, compact and resistant. The game is very fun for girls because it is related to the world of fashion, trends and how to manage a store to get customers, an original idea as a Christmas gift.

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I’m Luna YLU32410

Skating like Luna, the protagonist of this iconic series dedicated to the little ones, is very easy thanks to these skates made by Giochi Preziosi. We are talking about comfortable and stable skates, with the usual four-wheel design, which makes it easier to learn to skate or manage better for those girls who have never worn these skates. 

This style offers considerable comfort when skating, as well as better stability and braking capacity. It also has an optimal fit through laces, which reach very high and considerably protect the ankles during use.


Its design faithfully reproduces that of Luna’s skates with considerable precision and many details of the originals. In addition, the wide range of sizes makes it easy to adapt them to what our future skater needs.

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immek scooter

If you want to give a special gift to a girl who enjoys physical activities, this scooter can be a great choice. Their appearance is one of the aspects that will catch your attention the most, since they simulate a very colorful graffiti, which contrasts on a black base. Also, the wheels when turning create a nice light effect, which will be more noticeable when you use it in places with low lighting.

On the other hand, it can be used up to approximately 12 years old, because its handlebar adjusts in height and, since it is a scooter made with robust materials, it will remain in good condition for a long time.


The wheels are made of resistant PU plastic, which provides smooth rolling that does not damage delicate surfaces and, so that it can be transported comfortably, it is foldable. In this way, the girl can take the fun wherever she wants it. Also, her rear brake will allow her to stop quickly and perform some simple stunts.

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Miraculous The Adventures of Ladybug

Miraculous Lady Bug has become one of the latest novelties that has broken the licensing toy market. The success of this Disney series is considerable and today we already find all kinds of gifts for our little ones based on the characters in the series. 

Among them, we have this set of action figures, 26 centimeters tall and fully articulated. This allows the figures to be moved and placed in any position as they go about their adventures liberating Paris from Hawk Moth’s forces. And as if that weren’t enough, Lady Bug’s hair is “real”, so it can be combed.


This complete set has the figures of Lady Bug and Cat Noir, but also with the articulated figures of Tikki and Plago, so your little one will not lack anything to mount their adventures.

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Playmobil Fashion Store 6862

The latest Playmobil fashion styles are already in their new fashion store. A complete store that includes two dolls, as well as everything you need to show off the latest trends. These accessories include the changing table and mirror, the counter and a wide range of the latest fashion clothing and accessories. There is no lack of skirts, dresses, bags or hats, among other fashion elements. 

In addition, the product includes the store itself, with shelves and the usual Playmobil decoration. A fun toy that will delight any little “influencer” of today.


In addition to being a very complete product for everything it includes, it is also easy to store, since the store itself becomes a comfortable briefcase, to take it wherever you want.

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Faburo Digital Camera

The way children see things at age 7 can be very different from that of adults. To safely take photos on your own, it’s best to have your own device, designed to be durable and easy to use. This is what the Faburo brand offers, with its version of digital camera for children.

The offer consists of a camera with its 32GB micro SD memory card, a card reader, a bag where everything can be carried, and the instruction manual. On the other hand, preloaded layouts and autofocus are standout features that will help the girl achieve better results.


The case of the model will protect the device from accidental shocks. In addition, it includes a ribbon to hang around the neck. Among other accessories of the purchase, it is worth mentioning the stickers, which will help the girl to fix the photos that she takes and decorate what she wants.

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Nancy Rescate en la nieve

La tradicional muñeca Nancy cautivó a muchas niñas durante generaciones y con su estilizada imagen sigue siendo una de las más populares en la actualidad, por ello sugerimos la edición Rescate en la nieve.

Este set incluye a Nancy en un laboratorio médico para experimentos y todos los accesorios para hacer un rescate en la nieve del pequeño lobo atrapado en una roca, acompañada de su fiel Husky y diferentes complementos como un maletín de primeros auxilios, trineo de salvamento y lo necesario para atender al lobo en el campamento médico. Esta muñeca es una de las opciones favoritas entre los regalos de comunión o cumpleaños para este 2022.


Tiene muchos complementos para ampliar las posibilidades del juego y las niñas potenciarán su imaginación recreando divertidas aventuras. Además, esta muñeca puede usar la ropa y accesorios de otros modelos Nancy porque es compatible con toda la línea del mundo Nancy.

Soy Luna Hoy se patina

El fenómeno televisivo de Soy Luna ha atrapado la atención de las niñas de entre 4 y 12 años de edad, por ello cualquier regalo relacionado con la serie de Disney Channel será del agrado de la pequeña, en especial si se trata de una muñeca. Por eso recomendamos la edición Hoy se patina, una versión de juguete de la protagonista con patines y casco con la cual la niña podrá recrear los episodios de la serie en la pista de patinaje.

La muñeca está fabricada en PVC por lo que tiene un acabado resistente, además los patines ruedan de verdad, lo que le gustará a muchas niñas.


La muñeca es articulada, por lo tanto puede flexionar las rodillas y hacer piruetas mientras la niña la sujeta. Los patines son desmontables y ruedan de verdad. Por su diseño, esta muñeca es compatible con accesorios de Barbie así que la niña podrá intercambiar los patines, el casco y hasta la ropa con otras muñecas.

VTech Smart Watch DX

Sabemos que a las niñas les encantan las muñecas pero también disfrutan de los gadgets interactivos y de las novedades tecnológicas adaptadas para ellas, por eso recomendamos este reloj inteligente de Vtech, el Kidizoom Smart Watch DX.

Este reloj interactivo con pantalla táctil tiene distintas funciones como la cámara integrada de fotos y videos, grabador de voz con diferentes efectos y la posibilidad de agregar marcos y efectos. Además, tiene 50 diseños de reloj digital y analógico para que las pequeñas aprendan la hora, así como varios juegos y el contador de pasos, ideal para incentivar la práctica de deportes.


Tiene un manejo intuitivo y fácil para las niñas. Asimismo, incorpora una batería recargable que se puede alimentar desde el ordenador con el cable micro USB, con el cual también podrán descargar las imágenes y videos, liberando la memoria interna de 256 MB que posee.

TopModel  Diario secreto

Todas las niñas quieren tener a salvo sus pequeños secretos, por eso puedes regalarles el diario secreto TopModel, un cuaderno con código de bloqueo y 80 páginas impresas para que escriban sus poemas, cuentos, historias y todo lo que les sucede cada día.

El diario tiene música que se activa al introducir la clave de acceso, pero si no es la contraseña te dirá en inglés que es incorrecta. El libro está disponible en diferentes modelos con chicas a la moda en la portada, así puedes escoger la que más se parezca a la niña si quires: rubia, pelirroja o morena.


El libro tiene un bonito diseño externo y en el interior todas las hojas están impresas, lo cual es un detalle apreciado por los clientes. La contraseña es fácil de restablecer en caso de olvido y se pueden cambiar las pilas sin perder el código.

Lexibook Hello Kitty

Para cualquier ocasión regalar este reproductor de música será una idea original que fascinará a las niñas con su diseño de la tierna gatita Hello Kitty de Sanrio. Este equipo destaca por su tamaño compacto con unas dimensiones de 19,3 x 14,6 x 20 cm y el asa incorporada que permitirá moverlo de un lugar a otro con facilidad por la propia pequeña.

Además de reproducir CD’s de música y audiolibros, tiene sintonizador FM y una entrada auxiliar Jack 3,5 mm para conectar dispositivos móviles y reproducir distintos tipos de formatos musicales. Este aparato cuenta con una potencia de salida acorde a las niñas, un nivel de audio ideal para la habitación de la pequeña.


El reproductor tiene un sencillo manejo a través de los botones frontales. Puede funcionar conectado a la corriente o con pilas para mayor versatilidad y se les pueden conectar los auriculares. Sin duda, su diseño es muy atractivo por el color rosa e imágenes de Hello Kitty.

Ledertek Lámpara de noche

Entre los regalos interesantes y más baratos de nuestra lista destaca esta lámpara de noche de Ledertek, que funciona como un proyector que iluminará la habitación de la niña con un cielo estrellado. La lámpara de apenas 13 x 15 x 13 cm funciona con 4 pilas AAA e incluye un cable USB que se puede conectar con un adaptador a la corriente.

Permite elegir los colores de las luces LED para la proyección y si lo prefieres fijo o giratorio, también da la opción de cambiar la combinación de las estrellas para que parezca la galaxia y es ideal para usar en fiestas de pijamas.


Se puede usar como lámpara auxiliar con una tapa desmontable y al quitarla muestra el diseño de luna y estrellas para proyectar en la habitación. Además, tiene un consumo eficiente de energía y una interfaz de uso sencilla para las niñas.

Netspower Hucha

Enseñar a las pequeñas el valor del dinero y ahorrar es muy importante, y una forma divertida de hacerlo es con esta hucha digital con diseño de ATM miniatura, el cajero automático personal para tu pequeña, una opción original para enseñarle a ahorrar desde temprana edad.

La hucha de Netspower tiene protección electrónica con una contraseña que la pequeña deberá introducir para sacar el dinero, además el mecanismo de almacenamiento de los billetes es muy divertido porque los aspira de verdad como una máquina de cobro. El aparato está hecho en plástico ABS, un material resistente y duradero para respaldar tu compra.


La contraseña se puede restablecer con facilidad y su funcionamiento es muy sencillo y divertido para las niñas. Solo necesita 3 pilas AA para empezar a utilizar la caja de ahorro. Su diseño es compacto y robusto, y será también un elemento decorativo en la habitación de la pequeña.

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