Gifts for 7 year olds

Our picks for the best gifts for 7-year-olds

If you have a 7-year-old child, you will notice that at this stage he is more outgoing and sociable, his memory is more active, he likes to learn, he gives more importance to what other children think about him and he is able to find simple solutions to his problems. problems. For this reason, we must always be attentive as parents to support and help solve their doubts and contribute to their learning routines by rewarding them with a good gift; For this reason we have chosen a fun selection of games and toys that you can give to a 7-year-old child on any occasion.

Aquamarine Games The Tower of Colors

Games of skill and dexterity are an excellent birthday present, which is why we recommend the tower of colors from Aquamarine Games, a fun game to enjoy with the family. It is also ecological and durable, since it is made of wood and its content is 60 pieces, 54 that make up the game and 6 that come as spare parts.

To play, you must build the tower and then remove the pieces so that it does not collapse. To know which piece to take out, the dice must be thrown and the player who collapses the colored tower loses.


Its attractive design in 6 different colors makes this game more attractive for children and will stimulate their manual dexterity, since they have to remove the pieces with great precision to prevent the tower from falling, as it reaches a height of 25 cm.

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Lego 31058 Creator Big Dino

Dinosaurs have a special place among the interesting gifts of this 2022. Not in vain, animated series and movies for children have made them their protagonists. That’s why Lego Creator offers a pack of 174 pieces, with 3 suggestions to build a T-rex, a pterodactyl and a triceratops, no less than the favorites of children.

To give these prehistoric beasts greater realism, parts such as claws, skeletons and teeth are included. In addition, the assembled models could be used as decoration or to complement other sets inspired by creatures of this type, whether they are made of Lego or other materials.


Although the selection of pieces is designed to create these dinosaur options, it does not mean that children will not have the possibility to assemble everything that comes to mind, that is why it is a potentially educational and very entertaining toy.

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Bizak Hedbandz Guess what I am?

We continue with the board games and we found this fun game from the Bizak brand called Hedbandz Guess what am I?, which can be a good option between communion gifts or gifts for Kings.

The game contains 6 adjustable plastic headbands and 72 cards with fun pictures and an hourglass. The objective of this game is to place one of the cards on the band that will fit on the player’s head, who must guess the object, animal or food that is illustrated on the card, asking questions alluding to the characteristics of what he intends to guess. before the time runs out.


It is an ideal strategy game for developing attention and the ability to describe objects correctly. In addition, the bands are made of PVC and the cards are made of cardboard, which makes it a very resistant game.

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K’nex Imagine power & play

If you are looking for gifts for Kings, we recommend the fun Imagine Mega Drawer Power and Play construction set that K’nex offers, which comes with a total of 529 pieces and as it is a construction game it can be built, destroyed and rebuilt.

With this set the child combines the structures as he wants and builds a wide variety of models such as dragons, robots, buses, helicopters, castles, among others; Everything will depend on the child’s imagination.

This game is made of resistant plastic and the box with the pieces inside weighs 3 kg, making it easy to transport to any place where the child can play in peace.


It is a very dynamic game designed to encourage the imagination and creativity of the little one in the house, which comes in a practical plastic trunk in which all the pieces and parts can be stored after playing.

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Educa Borrás Super Chuchelandia

We all want to make a good gift to awaken our children’s creativity and the Super Chuchelandia option brought to the market by the Educa Borrás brand is an original idea to give them at any time of the year.

With this fun toy you can create delicious treats, as well as mold candy or jelly beans with fun shapes and flavors; In addition, it does not use batteries or require ovens or electrical systems for its operation, since it comes with different accessories that the child can work with their hands, putting their creativity and imagination into practice, always under the supervision of an adult.


The game brings the necessary materials to prepare the sweets, since it includes 8 molds of different shapes, a work cloth, cutting tools, cocktail shakers, a measuring spoon and trays with different molds; Without a doubt, it is very complete and children will have a good time with this game.

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Baztoy Mini Drone

Nowadays, it is very common for us to find adults having fun with a drone and performing really amazing stunts. For this reason, children have also acquired a special interest in this type of device. In this context, a device designed to be resistant to falls could be a good gift idea.

For added entertainment, your remote control can maintain a stable connection within 30 meters. In this way, it provides greater freedom to fly in wide spaces. It has 360 degree rotation function and anti shock sensors. Also, its grid prevents injuries, so it is considered safe.


The remote control offers an intuitive use and it will be enough to connect the battery to a USB port and in 40 minutes it can be placed to fly. In addition, the materials with which the device is made are resistant to falls, extending the useful life of the drone.

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LEGO Ninjago Manta Ray Bomber

The popular Lego series and movies are favorites among children, so all the sets and figures related to them will be a great success as gifts. Lego offers the Ninjago Manta Ray Bomber, with which the little one can recreate the exciting scenes of the film, since it is a bomber with 2 spring-loaded shooters, a detachable boat with 2 seats for minifigures and 2 bombs, as well as several figures of the miniature film.

Weapons included in this set include Cole’s Hammer, Shen-Li’s Carrying Rod with 2 Cubes, Great White’s Special Drill, and Ninja Daggers for the Shark Army Gunner.


The assembly instructions for the bomber are graphic and understandable, so it is very easy to do, being an exciting game with which the child will entertain himself for a long time and will put his imagination to flight imitating the scenes of the movie.

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Tesoky Pogo Stick

Jumping is a very complete exercise that can help children not only to have a better physical condition, but also to develop balance, strength, coordination and, if you spend time with friends, it could strengthen relationships with other people. To do it safely, this Tesoky proposal is made of soft foam, but it can support up to 113 kilograms.

We must not forget to mention its attractive and colorful design, which is available in multiple combinations. As if that were not enough, when jumping, a nice sound is generated that can encourage children to continue jumping.


Because the materials are respectful of surfaces and do not scratch or mark them, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it could be the perfect gift if you are looking for cheap gifts, but that favor the health and physical development of children.

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Devir Carcassonne

It is a complete game of strategy and agility that helps to encourage the socialization of children with a maximum of 5 participants, it also helps to stimulate the child’s language and intelligence because it forces him to think about the strategies to build the city.


The rules of the game are simple and are in Spanish, this game is also a sequel, Carcassonne Cazadores y Recolectores, which has several expansions that are compatible with each other, which allows you to increase the number of players and the possibilities of the game.

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Hasbro Games Pictureka

A special game that you can give your child at any time is Hasbro’s Pictureka, which includes cards with challenging and fun missions, which forces the child to detect things quickly, since he must search between the tiles of the board before time runs out. I finished. This game includes a game board, an hourglass, a die, and all 55 cards.

The game consists of finding lost objects that are scattered on the tiles to acquire more cards. The challenge is to get the highest number of cards or at least 6 to win the game and shout “Pictureka!” by pointing to the drawing corresponding to the mission.


This game helps stimulate visual skills by expanding the child’s spatial vision, since they must pay close attention to the objects they have to find if they want to win the game, making it a very dynamic and fun game.

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