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At 9 years of age children begin to experience physical and psychological changes due to entering puberty, they are more independent, they enjoy active games, chase and other activities that require fine motor skills. At this age they differentiate and are curious about what their own interests will be, recognize the importance of teamwork, seek relationships with people of the same sex, solve problems on their own and concentrate for a long time; That is why the games and toys at this stage must be conceived to encourage curiosity, develop their self-esteem and encourage their curiosity. Here is an interesting selection of games and toys that meet these properties.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

If your child likes construction games and is a fan of the Star Wars saga, Lego presents the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, the most important ship of the allies, an ideal game as a birthday present and that your child you will enjoy for many hours.

This latest version comes with a design with many realistic details, contains 1,329 pieces and 7 figures of the iconic characters Han Solo, Chewbacca, the astromech droid BB-8, among others, as well as blaster pistols, rifle and a crossbow. The built ship has dimensions of 14 cm in height, 47 cm in length and 32 cm in width.


The instruction manual is graphic and easy to follow, so you can help your child build the ship; This game activates the imagination of the little one who will recreate his own episode, with the level of detail of the ship. It is also a perfect addition to Lego Star Wars collectors.

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barbie superhouse

The Barbie Super House is an ideal complement if your girl has several Barbie dolls that will ensure hours of play and fun, so this would be a good option among communion gifts for the little one.

This folding house is made up of three floors with five rooms, on the ground floor there is the kitchen and the main living room, on the first floor there is a bathroom and the bedroom and on the roof there is a comfortable solarium.

Every detail and the good finishes that this house has make the experience more realistic, it also has a wide range of household items and accessories that make this toy a complete product.


It is made of excellent quality plastic so it is a toy that will last for years; It’s practical, easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much space when it comes to picking it up since it’s foldable. As it is a representation game, it is ideal for socializing and activating the imagination of the little one in the house.

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Diset Asked

The Diset brand Trivia Crack game is an original gift and one of the cheapest that will get you out of trouble to give to your children on any occasion.

This game tests what children have learned and serves to reinforce knowledge, as it consists of a tournament of general knowledge questions about geography, history, science, art, sports and entertainment.

It consists of a board with 384 question cards, 24 energy cards, 36 tokens (6 per category), 6 pawns, an hourglass and an instruction manual. It can be played by 2 people or up to 6 participants and the board is Made of PVC plastic so it is very resistant.


80% of the questions are related to Spain, in addition, this game will help the child’s psychological and emotional development, with which he can relate to others and is ideal for those rainy afternoons when you can not play outdoors.

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Educa Borrás Create your music

If you are looking for a special and educational gift for your children that motivates their taste for music, Educa Borrás presents the Create your music toy, which is an activity with which boys and girls will enter the world of music, of musical notes and learn beautiful melodies.

This game is ecological because it is made of excellent quality wood, with delicate finishes, durable and that in the end will become a collector’s item.

The mechanism consists of a construction kit with which the music box will be built and a fun system of pegs to generate the musical chords, as well as a turning crank that rotates the drum.


With this game, children will activate their interest in musical experimentation in a fun way and will encourage their natural creativity. In addition, the kit contains an instruction book with illustrations in which all the concepts of the project are explained.

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ThinkGizmos Pogo King

All children like to jump, and if you want to encourage physical activity and sports in your children, the ThinkGizmos Pogo King jumping stick is one of the interesting gifts that we recommend for this 2022. With this toy your children will have guaranteed fun due to the jumps that they will make from one side to the other, while trying to maintain their balance.

It is highly resistant and safe, includes non-slip foot pads, suitable for supporting a weight of up to 72 kilograms. Thanks to the low-friction hidden spring mechanism it is quieter and more manageable, the metal frame is covered in foam and the steel springs offer better rebound.


It is a unisex toy that helps exercise the child, improve concentration and balance, and strengthens the back muscles. Its design is modern and attractive, with stainless steel components so you will have a highly durable product that can be an option if you are looking for gifts for Kings.

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Hasbro Gaming Sink the Fleet

An interesting toy that you can give your child for Christmas is the strategy game Battleship Sink the fleet that Hasbro Gaming brings, in its high-tech electronic version.

Contains a four-piece folding console with storage trays, 5 gray and 5 red battleships, three planes and a tank, red, white and blue pegs, game stickers and 4 rubber bands.

Your child can play alone against the machine or with a friend and you must use combat radars, missiles and air strikes with the aim of destroying your enemy’s fleet before he destroys yours.


It has a simple assembly, it also offers the game mode in pairs or alone, so your child can have fun alone making the 30 different configurations of positioning the fleet. In addition, it works with 3 LR6 1.5-volt alkaline batteries, easy to buy at any store.

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Baztoy Remote Control Car 

For children who have had the opportunity to play with a remote control car, the next challenge is to control a stunt car, like the one we are analyzing on this occasion. It is a four-wheel drive model, so it can better adapt to different types of surfaces. In the same way, it can be used indoors and enjoy its ability to climb on various objects.

Its appearance is robust, modern and sporty, but it is also quite resistant to shocks, due to the materials that make it up. For its part, its 2.4 GHz radio frequency remote control allows stable communication, which can extend up to 40 meters, granting greater freedom of movement.


The battery included with the purchase is rechargeable via USB port, and it only takes about 40-50 minutes to be ready to install again. Another aspect to comment on are the lights included, which create interesting effects when shooting in places with low lighting.

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Buki France Friendship Bracelets

For girls who love fashion and who love to make fun bracelets and bangles, this Buki France Friendship Bracelets pack is a good and cheap alternative to give on any special occasion.

With this original set you can create up to 10 different bracelets with threads of various colors, decorations, pearls and other beads that can be used by girls.

It includes a foam rubber wheel as a gauge to make bracelets of various sizes, in addition to the device in the form of a hook with a suction cup to hold the threads while weaving the bracelet. It comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual and pictures.


The threads included are cotton with bright and colorful tones; This game is ideal for encouraging girls to carry out manual work as well as letting their imagination and creativity fly by designing the most beautiful bracelets according to their preferences and tastes.

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Retevis RT-388 Walkie Talkie

All children love role-playing like imitating a policeman, a firefighter or a soldier in war using a walkie talkie, in this dynamic we recommend the Retevis RT-388, fun walkie talkies for children, ideal for that the little ones can talk with their friends in a perimeter of several streets.

These devices are made of resistant PVC plastic, with a modern and compact design, it has multiple functions from the voice transmission system without having to touch keys, it has a keyboard lock to avoid accidental configuration changes, it includes a flashlight and it has feedback. screen, among others.


They include an easy-to-install automatic belt clip, ideal for moving them from one place to another; In addition, each device is powered by 4 rechargeable AAA batteries, which are included, as well as their respective charger, so energy savings will be very beneficial to prolong the life of the product.

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Dynasonic Karaoke

Whether your child shows a talent for musical performance or simply enjoys singing their favorite lyrics, you can encourage their skills with this attractive device. It is a device with a Bluetooth connection, which children can use in karaoke or echo mode to have fun singing. In addition, the set includes a pair of microphones, to sing a duet with his favorite friend or, well, enjoy a pleasant moment with the family.

It is a very portable device, since its measurements are 29 x 14 x 12 cm and its handle has a special support, designed to put the mobile and read the lyrics of the songs more comfortably.


These types of devices provide greater autonomy to children, since they can play their favorite music, while discovering or developing their confidence to speak in front of the public. Its use is very simple and, as it has a rechargeable battery, you will not have to buy batteries for its operation.

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Shopping guide

When they turn 9 years old, children begin to live with a different perception of their environment. Without becoming part of the world of adolescents yet, their tastes and interests are more inclined to establish greater participation, with methods that stimulate their creativity and dynamics with which they can face challenges at different levels.

For this reason, those toys that are specific to assemble, such as puzzles, take on a fundamental role. In addition, these allow you to explore different types of difficulty as you overcome the previous one.

Board games are also quite striking, since they not only serve as a center of intellectual distraction, but also encourage sharing and healthy competition with other children of similar ages, helping to create better social bonds.

When it comes to girls, role options are the order of the day. At this age, they especially enjoy a lot imagining what they will be in the future, spending whole days in which the change of professions changes easily, being a teacher for a while, a doctor for a while and a fashion designer for another. One of the easiest ways to share these ideas is by using dolls of different sizes with their respective accessories.

In all cases, the characteristics and quality of the toy must be carefully evaluated. Although it is true that they are old enough to take responsibility for their belongings, it cannot be ignored that they are still children and that their delicacy does not go hand in hand with their emotions, so it is best to offer products with good resistance.

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