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Our picks for the best gifts for opponents

Oppositions are one of the most complex periods in the lives of those who decide to venture down this path. So finding interesting gifts for an opponent is not only easy, but it will also serve as a stimulus to encourage him in such a complicated process. The variety of options is considerable, whether you are looking for gifts for Three Kings, for Christmas or simply for a special occasion.  

Mugffins Mug

Have a personal mug on hand with a message like “If you love me, go away!” It will be of great help to an opponent, who needs enough space and tranquility to be able to carry out everything he has planned. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with the energy drink of his choice, be it coffee or tea. In this sense, its 350 ml capacity is quite convenient so you don’t have to constantly get up to prepare more.

As for its quality, due to the resistant ceramic with which it is made, it offers good durability. It will only be necessary to give it the ordinary care that applies to any other cup.


This original mug comes gift-wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about presenting it. It is also compatible with machine washing, which saves time, and can also be placed in the microwave, so that the drink is always at the ideal temperature.

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Mr. Wonderful WOA09740ES

The Mr. Wonderful planner to Survive The Opos is an original, but also practical gift for those who are immersed in opposition. This planner has different sections, with which to carry out an adequate monitoring of the pace of study, of the daily habits to be carried out, as well as the progress obtained during the process. 

To do this, it has monthly, weekly and daily planners, so that every detail is duly recorded and organized. It also has four sheets of stickers, to personalize the planner and give it a more attractive appearance, highlighting what really matters during organization.


In addition to including spaces for the opponent to properly organize his entire day, this planner also includes practical advice such as study techniques, motivating phrases and other elements with which to make his day to day easier.

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Village teacher. Marital status: opposition

The book “Town teacher. Marital status: opposition” is a good idea to give to any acquaintance who is immersed in this particular status. A book with the funny touch that her author includes in all her works and with which to enjoy a bit of humor in circumstances as complex as this one. 

In this book, the author’s stories come together, in which her amusing adventures with teaching are added to the very complexity of the opposition, in a story full of that particular style that Cristina Picazo has made her hallmark, both within the network as well as outside of it.


This book is a good excuse for any opponent to relax with the fun adventures of this particular teacher and opponent. Something ideal after a long day, especially considering the touch of humor that is present throughout the work.

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The Great Mustache Bullet Journal

Although we are currently experiencing a great digital boom, a notebook will be a wise option, as long as it is resistant, beautiful and of good quality. For this reason, it is still considered a classic, even in 2022. 

In this sense, the version of the Great Mustache brand has taken into account all the aspects that can make this notebook a great help for an opponent. For example, its durability is an indisputable attribute, since, in addition to having thick covers that protect the inner sheets, it has metal corners. Her ring is also metallic and double, therefore, it will accompany your favorite opponent for a long time.


The notebook has a beautiful pattern, which brings together floral elements of various colors on a pink background. In addition, the message “On the hunt for a place” comes very according to the occasion, so that the opponent never loses sight of her objective.

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Nobo 3048201

While we’re not talking about one of the cheapest gifts in our selection, the Nobo 3048201 Organizer Board makes a great gift for any opponent, and especially control freaks. This board has a metal construction and a surface designed to write with an erasable marker, with 12 boxes for the months and 5 rows for the columns. 

This allows you to run a weekly organization for the whole year, keeping it in view in a simple way. Something ideal, therefore, to keep the pace of study under control and plan it as time progresses.


Its distribution is very efficient, as far as maintaining the organization is concerned. It also features quality construction, with hidden screws at the rear, for a neater fit. It is accompanied by a fine tip marker and the eraser, which is also magnetic.

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Skin Cabrera National Police

Designed for opponents of the largest police force in Spain, the Piel Cabrera t-shirt is a very good gift for future agents to start getting into the skin and the uniform. This shirt has the usual color of these uniforms, including both the shield and the CNP legend on the chest, finished off with the word opponent at the bottom. 

This print is also present on the back of the shirt, while on the sleeve we find the body’s shield. All this in a high quality product, ideal to brighten the birthday or any special occasion of an opponent of the CNP.


The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and features a high-quality print that lasts a long time no matter how many times it is washed. On the other hand, it also comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from S to 3XL.

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Being an opponent and not dying trying

An opposition is a complex and long process, in which the opponent faces all kinds of difficult situations that require their greatest effort. So giving him a book like “Being an opponent and not dying trying” is a good help to face all these vicissitudes. 

This eminently practical manual has a total of 25 very short and easy-to-read chapters, where all kinds of advice and ideas are collected, with which to be more productive and increase the opponent’s chances of being successful.


The author of the book has more than 10 years of experience in training opponents, bringing together all that heritage in this book, short and easy to read, which is primarily intended for opponents of security forces, although it has useful advice for any future official.

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Lychee SK-012

Although the oppositions are a period in which it is mainly studied, the truth is that it is also necessary to “sing the themes” in a good part of them. A task that we can make easier for any opponent with the Lychee SK-012 recorder.

This model has the capacity to record audio in high quality, up to 1536 KBPS, adding DS noise reduction to the system, which obtains a more real and clean sound. This product has a wide autonomy, with which to record up to 30 hours in a row, storing those audios in its 8 GB memory.


This product is very easy to use and activate, so the opponent doesn’t have to learn too much to make it work. In addition, the files can be saved on a PC and used as a reference to create audio themes or hear the lessons “sung” on any device.

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Everything an opponent of the CNP should know

It is common to feel frustrated for not identifying what is most important when you want to be part of the National Police Corps. To make things clearer, and to proceed step by step, this book offers a valuable tool. It will not only be useful for those who are already in the process, it will also be useful for those who have considered it as an option.

The highlight is that it has been written based on the requirements, but also contributing the experiences of the author, who has also been a police officer. In a very detailed and clear way, he narrates what he experienced, quickly connecting with the reader.


The opinions of those who have read the book recommend it as a true guide, which offers extra help in a clear way for those who are interested in being opponents of the CNP. It is not too extensive and the contribution offered by the narrated experiences is of great value.

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Develop a Prodigious Mind

One of the things that an opponent needs to be successful in his business is to have ample memory capacity and excellent mental organization. So the book Develop A Prodigious Mind is a good gift to help any opponent to know the most appropriate techniques and methods when standing in front of the books. 

This book has the system developed by Ramón Campayo, known for being a world champion of memorization and speed reading, so his experience and knowledge is more than proven.


The book has a complete learning method, which deals with memory but also includes study techniques and other elements with which to enhance mental tools when facing an opposition or any other complex situation for the mind.

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