Give diapers with originality

One of the main uncertainties for new parents who are about to receive their baby is how many diapers they will need. According to maternity forums such as Babycenter, Vida de Padres, among others, there is an established average of the diapers that babies use according to age.

During the first 20 days there is an approximate consumption of 8 to 12 diapers per day, after two months they can use 7 to 8, this number is maintained almost at 6 months. At this stage, daily consumption is reduced from 5 to 6 diapers. Consequently, and considering the fact that a baby uses diapers until approximately 2 or 3 years old, parents will have to buy thousands of these if they have decided to use disposable ones.

And as we know that this is the choice of most new parents, we can say that it will be a great success to give diapers at the Baby Shower, Christening or when going to meet the baby when he arrives home.

diapers with creativity

For many people, simply giving a diaper package can be something so impersonal that even if it is a functional gift, its presentation is sometimes not the most appropriate.

However, the lack of limits on the creativity of entrepreneurs has made it possible to create an ingenious, attractive and fun way of giving diapers that become the center of attention for their presentation. A classic way is to put the diapers in the typical baskets and accompany them with other personal hygiene products, rattles, clothes, among others.

But another of the most attractive alternatives today is the preparation of diaper cakes, towers in which diapers are arranged in such a way that they are secured with decorative ribbons and adorned with stuffed animals, personal hygiene products, bibs, among others., making them look like very pretty cakes that can well decorate the candy table at a celebration, or decorate the room in the hospital and in the baby’s house.

Once the celebration is over, parents will be able to disassemble the cake and use the diapers as well as the toiletries and other accessories.

imagination has no limits

The rise of these cakes has been such that, currently, many companies, florists, gift shops and others are in charge of making more and more elaborate designs so that the diaper cake is unique and special.

Thus, not only cakes are made, but figures and scenarios are represented such as castles, motorcycles, baby strollers, baskets, boats, musical battery trains and many more ways that allow giving diapers to be more special for parents than they receive.

For the presentation of these sculptures, you can use a cellophane wrapper that protects the diapers from dust while they are being used. In companies specializing in this type of gift, you can request personalized items, stuffed animals according to the baby’s gender, different sizes of diapers or a specific brand, as well as natural or organic personal hygiene products, among other accessories, thus expanding your possibility of adding to the gift for babies your personal touch.

Make your own diaper cake

If some of your friends or relatives will soon become parents and you have skills as a craftsman, we are sure that you will be able to recreate a very nice diaper cake yourself to surprise future parents.

For this you can instruct yourself by watching video tutorials on the web that abound in all the shapes and designs you want, you will surely find an instruction manual with images or videos of the step by step to correctly assemble the diaper cake you want.

You can customize it with decorative elements such as stuffed animals or plush dolls, add blankets, personal hygiene items such as brushes, nail cutters, pacifiers, socks, mittens, among others.

Here we summarize a simple way to make your own cake so that you can put your creativity to the test and give a gift full of affection as well as functionality, however you can add the elements you want and modify its preparation so that it has your personal stamp.


  • Diapers: This element is the protagonist of our project, it is recommended to use diapers for newborns or the next size. However, you can mix more than one pack of different sizes and make each level a specific measurement.
  • Elastic bands: With these rubber bands you will be able to hold each diaper by giving it the shape of a cylinder, therefore you will need more than one package that you can buy at any stationery store or Chinese stores that sell everything.
  • Ribbons: Of different designs and thicknesses to make bows and wrap the levels of the cake, if you do not know how much to buy we recommend you have a meter of each one or a little more, it is always better to have an excess and not a lack because it will not be wasted Nothing, since you can make other decorations.
  • Products: Here you can add whatever you want: colognes, body creams, moisturizing oils, soaps, shampoos, bibs, muslins or other items. You can also buy a stuffed animal for the top of the cake.
  • Round base: You must have a strong cardboard base that will be the surface on which the cake will be erected, it must also have enough stability to be able to load it without the diaper tower collapsing.
  • Cellophane paper: For wrapping and ribbons to decorate.


Although we do not have a certainty of the number of diapers that you will use, the first thing you should do is roll each diaper and secure it with the elastic band. For this step it is preferable to do it with a complete diaper package to work in series. In addition, they must be rolled up by the white part and the design of drawings, if any, should not be seen.

You can use a cardboard tube or one of the products that is a cylindrical boat and place it in the center of the base, fixing it lightly with tape or glue on the cardboard.

Now you must place each diaper around the tube or jar and surround it in a vertical position, at the same time that you secure it with the rubber bands. You are going to continue like this until you cover the entire surface of the base or with the amount that you think is convenient.

Once the first floor is finished, you already have the measure you need. Now, what follows is to repeat this step until you have the levels you want your cake to have. You should also tie them with the rubber band to keep them firmly in place.

For the last level, that is, the smallest, you can place stuffed animals, shoes or another decorative element on its top. Now you must proceed to decorate the entire cake, using the ribbons to cover the elastic bands, surround each level of the cake with the ribbon, you can alternate the colors to create a more beautiful effect. This is where you can add the other products you purchased.

At this point many decorators say that less is more, so be objective and do not overload the cake design. Once you have put everything in its place, it is time to wrap it up and leave it ready to give as a gift.

Here you must use enough cellophane paper so that when you cover the entire cake there is paper left on top to decorate the top, placing a pretty bow and a card to take it to the hospital or the Babyshower and stand out by giving diapers with style and originality.

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