Hierglifics for children

Not only must the muscles be developed to be healthy. The brain also requires special gymnastics, to keep it alert and always attentive to resolve the conflicts that arise every day. In this sense, hieroglyphs for children play a valuable role by becoming fun puzzles.

Before there was written language as we know it, we know that the ancients resorted to using images from the real world to represent events. In this way, by sculpting them in stone, they left evidence that could last, even over time, of what had happened and was relevant.

Having said this, it is worth noting that, nowadays, what makes a hieroglyph so inspiring is the enigma it contains. 

Hieroglyphs, a fascinating and educational resource

Today, we no longer use these images of the real world to communicate, but they can serve us, in the case of brain gymnastics, in many different ways.

And it is that the emotion of discovering the hidden message is not only the engine of anthropologists and scientists, it is also what moves thousands of people to daily download applications to play with hieroglyphs as hobbies, which helps them relax their minds quite actively.

For example, through using Egyptian hieroglyphics for children, they not only learn a bit of history, but they can also use them to make their own communication code and speak in code with their best friends without letting others know what they are trying to convey. This can foster bonds of friendship and, at the same time, develop the ability to concentrate and creativity.

They can be easy challenges or riddles focused on preschool children, as simple as showing two images that, when pronouncing the words associated with them, result in a third. Illustrating this a bit, by showing a picture of a bed and a lion, the child could find the solution to the riddle and say “chameleon”.

In the same way, you can make other types of riddles with logic. If the child is between 8 and 10 years old, they can be shown some clues, which added to the hieroglyphs can help them decipher the hidden word . An example of this type of riddle is showing him a picture of a sun and an arrow around it. With a bit of logic, plus the additional information that it is a yellow flower, which changes its position during the day due to a phototropism-type movement, one can guess that it is a sunflower.

Sayings with emojis 

Hieroglyphs do not necessarily have to be Egyptian or drawings that you have to design yourself. Emojis can help formulate easy riddles and are widely used due to their ability to represent ideas. There is even a long list of pages online that display funny sayings with emoticons. If you want children to easily remember some of these popular phrases with moral teaching , at the same time that they solve puzzles for children, this can be a very good alternative. 

We leave you a riddle as a sample:

Did you manage to guess it? The solution is “The devil knows more for being old than for being a devil”

Depending on the popularity of the saying, it can be solved with greater or lesser difficulty. Thus, you can have several riddles for adults that liven up an afternoon with friends. In addition, on the same online pages you can find the riddles with the solution for each one, so you don’t despair if you can’t guess them all. 

word search

Other cognitive stimulation games are word search games. There are many types of them, but most consist of identifying, in a set of letters, those that form very specific words. They can be diagonally, vertically and horizontally, generally. Likewise, they can be complemented with other data, previously given, so that they become interesting puzzle games for any age, depending on the complexity.

Riddles for 6 year olds

Word search games at this age are mainly focused on reinforcing basic vocabulary. They can be accompanied by images and the word searches will be very small compared to those of more advanced primary levels. Also, you can find hidden drawings to print, which help children develop their ability to visually exclude elements that do not correspond to what is asked of them.

Riddles for children 10-12 years old

Since children already have a broader knowledge base at this age, word search exercises and riddles for 8-year-olds can already contain several rows and columns of letters, even numbers. If you are looking for, for example, math challenges with answers for primary school, you could find very well designed pages, such as the one for pocoyo, which not only poses mathematical problems, but also provides each of the riddles with hidden word clues. In this way, it offers the double benefit of encouraging children to think and work with two different notions at the same time, without realizing it.

As we have been able to verify, both options, hieroglyphs and word searchers, at different moments of life, are resources that are worth taking into account. They can be very entertaining, reinforce knowledge and keep the brain active

In fact, it has been proven that working with riddles for the elderly is capable of slowing down the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s , for example. Or help some people with concentration problems develop this ability, by doing exercises of this type several times a week.

In another order of ideas, if your little one has stopped giving priority to his favorite educational toy, other types of dynamics, also very interesting, may make his brain relax, learn and have fun. You just have to look for the resource according to the needs.

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