Hogwarts Letter in Espanol

It is not difficult to make a letter from Hogwarts in Spanish, since you will only need to print the information with the proper format, something that you can find for free on the Internet. Then, you cut and shape the envelope, insert the letter and seal it. For the Hogwarts seal we recommend using recycled materials, for example old candles or crayons.

How to make a Hogwarts style envelope?

If you want to make a Hogwarts letter you will necessarily need the Harry Potter-style envelope. You can download it on the page. Do not worry, since it is totally free, you just have to enter the information that is requested there and click on the “Printable” button.

Then, you must cut the envelope according to the indications of the sheet that you have printed. Once this is done, you must apply a children’s glue stick or white glue to close the letter. Let dry for about 10 minutes and you will have your Hogwarts type envelope for the letter.

Is it possible to change the shield of the envelope or letter?

Indeed, since the Harry Potter envelope and letter come with the original Hogwarts crest, but you can change it for the one of the house of your choice, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin.

For example, if you want, look for the Gryffindor crest to print, which you can find for free online. You print it, cut it out and paste it so that you hide the Hogwarts crest on the envelope or letter.

How to make a personalized Hogwarts letter?

In the case of the letter, we recommend you go to, where you will find the text in Spanish in.docx format. So you can use Microsoft Word to freely open and edit the text, customizing each section to your liking.

However, the most important thing is that you personalize your personal data, since the rest of the text is fine. If you are a fan of this franchise, when you read all the text you will feel like you are in the Harry Potter universe. Another aspect that you can customize with respect to the card is the background, since it comes in white. We recommend that you give the background an old design directly in Microsoft Word.

To give it a more professional background, go to “Design”, then go to the “Page Color” option, which is in the upper right. You click there and you will see at the end the option “Fill effects”. When you enter you will see a small window with different designs for the background. Choose the background called “Parchment” and click accept. This way the letter will look more realistic, adapted to the time of Harry Potter. Similarly, you can use a Harry Potter image to print and put it inside the envelope next to the letter. 

On the other hand, the envelope is personalized as soon as you complete the personal data on, so you do not have to edit anything about it.

Can I change the letter of the letter?

In fact, you should change the handwriting of the letter to some more natural font, so that it looks like it was written with a pen. This gives it a more retro style and according to the Harry Potter context.

Some of the most recommended fonts are 4 Privet Drive and Acceptance Letter. If you don’t have them installed, you can download them at Click on the blue button that says “Download fonts”. A Google Drive page will immediately open with the two font files. Simply right click on them and select “Download” from the list of options you will see.

Then, if you have Windows 10, go to “Font Settings”. When the window opens you will see the option to “Add sources”, just below it is a box where you can drag and drop the new sources. Wait a few seconds and the new fonts will appear in Microsoft Word. It may not be the original Harry Potter font, but it will look retro and classy. 


Where to download the Hogwarts letter in Spanish?

When you download the envelope at you will see that the letter is also there, but in English, you will also not be able to edit it. Instead, you can download the letter in Spanish at, even with an extra sheet from the Ministry of Magic, explaining why the letter was not delivered to you by an owl.

Acceptance sheets and requirements look great with the Acceptance Letter font. For its part, the sheet from the Ministry of Magic may have the font 4 Privet Drive, since it is written by another institution.

How to make the seal for the Hogwarts letter?

At the time of Harry Potter there were no stickers, so we recommend you make the stamp in the traditional way, so that the letter is better. To do this, use a cylindrical eraser, so that you can make the famous “H” of Hogwarts at one of its ends. This step is only for adults, because you have to use a knife or some other quite sharp tool to make the “H”.

Next, put a little cooking oil on the “H” design and put the cylindrical eraser in a safe place. Also, you can use a rubber in another way, only you will have to cut it, so that it has a circular shape.

On the other hand, you must create the red wax with which you are going to seal the letter. In this step, use candle wax and a piece of red crayon. Heat both things and when they melt, mix them properly. The resulting liquid is what you will use to seal the letter. You can do this directly in the envelope, but for safety, do it separately, on a metal surface previously covered with a little cooking oil.

Put some hot wax on the metal surface and press gently with the eraser. Wait a few seconds until it cools down; Later, remove the eraser and the “H” will be very well marked in the wax. Finally, use a bit of hot wax right where you are going to seal the envelope and place the piece of wax that has already cooled on top. We hope that our explanation has been useful to you and that you can give someone special the personalized letter together with a Harry Potter wand or another special object from the franchise. 

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