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Robotics is revolutionizing the world of technology. This is why more and more people of all ages want to learn about the design, construction and use of robots, with the aim of facilitating some tasks at a domestic and industrial level. However, you can make a simple one at home.

Making robots is no longer an exclusive activity of mechanical and electronic engineers, thanks to the fact that we have more and more access to information through the internet and we can reuse parts from other devices that we have at home. This is how toys made with recycled material have emerged. In this opportunity, we present you two very simple options to make homemade robots.

1. Robot Bug

The key to this robot is to get a small enough vibrator motor, so we have to think about devices that vibrate, for example, the controls of video game consoles and mobile phones. Surely among the objects that you no longer use you have some old device from which you can remove the vibrating motor to build a robot. 

The other materials are even easier to find, you just need a coin cell battery, copper wire, double-sided tape, and an unused toothbrush. In the end, you will be able to decide if you want to give it an insect aspect, with eyes, antennae and even wings, you can also give a funny name to the new species that you have created.

  1. To start, identify the vibrating motor in the mobile or old remote that you have. Previously, these parts had a stationary part and a part that rotated to produce the buzz and vibration, but newer vibrating motors look like a button cell battery. It is important that you remove it very carefully so as not to damage the circuits. 
  2. Once you have the motor, you must place a copper wire in each of its polarities. For this, it is best to use the tin soldering iron. If you’ve got a motor that has the wires installed, then you can skip straight to the next step. 
  3. You don’t need the handle of the toothbrush, just the head where the bristles are; for this reason, you must cut it. You may be able to do this using pressure with your hands, but if not, you can use a handsaw or fret saw. Also, you can apply heat if it is a plastic brush. 
  4. It’s time to fix the button battery and vibrator motor on top of the toothbrush head. To achieve this, you can use double-sided tape or a glue gun.
  5. You can now join the motor cables with those of the battery. You will notice that the vibration causes the brush head to move across the surface producing a buzzing noise, as if it were an insect. And that’s it, you know how to make an easy robot for kids. Remember that you can use all your creativity to make it look more realistic.

2. Robot artist

If your children like Lego Creator (by clicking on this link you can find some purchase options), they will surely love this recycled toy that you can make with your own hands and without spending a lot of money, in addition, the little ones in the house enjoy participating a lot in this type of family projects.

The main core of this recycled robot for children is a 3 V motor. It is true that they sell it in virtual stores at a very low price, but you can also get it from an old device that no longer works, for example, a CD burner, a walkman, a printer and even a blender. Also, you will need a battery holder for 2 AA batteries, which you can get inside an old toy. The other materials are 1 plastic cup, white cardboard, markers and a knife. As for the decoration, the limit is up to you. 

  1. The first thing in this case is to place the 3 V motor at the base of the glass. For this you must turn the glass over and open two small holes in the base with the tip of a knife; so that you can pass the motor cables. Also, you should fix the motor to the glass with double-sided tape.
  2. You have to connect the cables of the motor that have been left inside the glass, with the cables of the battery holder (it must have the batteries incorporated). It is good to use electrical tape to avoid a short circuit. With the help of double-sided tape, you must stick the battery holder on one of the internal walls of the glass, taking care that the on/off switch is in an easily accessible position.
  3. It is time to place the legs of the robot. For this, you must use colored markers, they can be 4 or more legs, the important thing is that the robot can stand. It is important to fix the markers on the outside of the glass with adhesive tape, but it is necessary that the tips of the markers are on the bottom.
  4. Next, you will need to create a propeller using a bottle cork and a craft stick. The cork goes on the motor shaft, however, it is possible to use adhesive tape to better fix the propeller. 
  5. At this point, you just have to spread out the white cardboard that will serve as the canvas for the artist robot. It only remains to turn on the battery holder so that the propeller begins to rotate and place the robot on the cardboard to make it work its magic. It is possible to use the hands as a barrier so that the robot does not leave the cardboard. 
  6. Perhaps you want to give your robot its own style, for this you can use craft items that you have at home.

Now that you know how to make homemade robots, you can think of other easy-to-make recycled toys, using these and other materials to build curious and fun artifacts with the little ones in the house.

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