How do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

Some parents prefer not to know their baby’s gender until birth so it’s a surprise, but most want to know as soon as possible. So if you can’t wait 4 months to find out, you might be interested in learning about some non-scientific methods that would help you predict whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Many pregnant women when they go to their first medical consultation, in addition to knowing the probable date of delivery, want to know what sex their baby is, but for this to be seen with the ecosonogram it is necessary that the pregnant woman is in the fourth month of pregnancy approximately.

Now imagine how to know if it is a boy or a girl without an ultrasound, because our grandmothers know many methods that can be used to find out the sex of the child, they are not dangerous for the mother and although some are superstitions, many times they have worked and their belief has gone through several generations.

Home remedies to know if you are pregnant

In the old days, when the procedures and scientific methods that we currently know did not exist, different home alternatives were used to determine if a woman was pregnant, since the common symptoms of pregnancy could often go unnoticed. 

For example, the use of vinegar with the first urine of the morning was one of the most common tests. To do this, a sterilized glass container is used, a little vinegar is added to the collected urine sample, it is allowed to pass 20 minutes and the reaction is observed. If after that time foam forms and the color of the mixture changes, then it is likely that you are pregnant. If no change occurs, the result is negative.

But now, just by going to the pharmacy you can buy a pregnancy test (in this link you will find several products to choose from) with which you can know in a few minutes if you are pregnant, with a sample of your urine. Although for greater certainty, it is best to do a blood test and see a doctor.

When is the sex of the baby known?

In the past, you had to wait until the baby was born to know its sex, but thanks to medical and technological advances, a pregnant woman can find out the gender of her little one in the second trimester of pregnancy, around 16 and 20 weeks of gestation., since during this period the genitals have fully formed and it is easier for the obstetrician to visualize sex on ultrasound.

Test to know if it’s a boy or a girl

Today there are many medical techniques and procedures that allow the sex of the new family member to be detected. For example, ultrasound ultrasound is the best known method, since it is a procedure that allows you to see the anatomy of the baby and its image through ultrasound, which makes it possible to identify the sex.

But in this case, you have to wait until the baby is approximately 20 weeks pregnant to visualize the child’s genitalia. With this technological mechanism, the most difficult thing is to see how an ultrasound of a boy differs from a girl. However, with an expert eye and the appearance of the genital tubercle, it could be possible to detect the shape of the scrotum and penis in a boy, or if, on the contrary, the vaginal lips and clitoris of a girl have formed.

On the other hand we have DNA analysis , another important scientific method to know what sex the baby has. With this procedure, a blood sample is taken from the mother and the DNA from the fetus is analyzed, which is performed after the pregnancy reaches seven weeks. Through this sample it can be established if the baby carries the female X chromosome, or on the contrary, carries the male Y chromosome.

Another procedure that allows knowing the sex of the baby is amniocentesis. This test is used to detect a congenital problem in the fetus, such as Down syndrome, but it also works to detect the sex of the baby. 

Girl or boy?

If you want to know how to have a girl, there are not-so-scientific methods that could help you get pregnant with a cute girl. For example, the Shettles method involves having sex 5-3 days before ovulation, then abstaining afterwards and waiting for the ovulation stage to pass. 

This process is based on the control of the ovulation period, knowing that the X-chromosome spermatozoa (which generate a girl) tend to be stronger, larger and slower, which can resist more acidic or moderately adverse conditions and wait for the ovum a few days. Therefore, to conceive a girl, it is recommended to have intercourse at least the next day after menstruation ends and up to two days before the ovulation stage. In this way, the X spermatozoa have more possibilities, since the Y die.

Home tips to know if it’s a girl or a boy

hand position

Some say you can tell if it’s a boy or a girl by your hands. It may happen that you are doing a DIY project for the future baby and they pass you the heat gun, if when you take it you have your hands up it is an indication that it is a girl, but if when you take it you have your hands down then it will be a boy.

precognitive dreams

It is possible that during the gestation period you will have dreams in which the sex of your child is revealed. According to grandmothers, if you dream that you have a boy, the result is a girl, but if a girl appears, then it is likely that a boy will come.

acne on the face

According to many women, one of the symptoms of pregnancy as a girl is the appearance of acne on the face. But if she is a boy, you may look more radiant and have a more handsome face. This is due to all the hormonal changes that you are experiencing and that many relate to the sex of the fetus.


Another trick that can help you detect if a boy or a girl is coming is to pay attention to your taste. Many women comment that their body asked them to eat sweet things and they had girls; while others state that they preferred salty foods, bringing a child into their lives.

So, if you are pregnant, it is important to be patient throughout your gestation process, to discover and assimilate all the changes that occur in your body with the implantation of the new being within you, so we hope that this post will help you. as a help tool to clarify your doubts about the sex of your baby. 

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