How tall will my son be?

Currently, there are applications that estimate the height of the child in adulthood. Although, if you want to determine it manually, there are some methods that can help you calculate it. But don’t worry, because the pediatrician has the ability to indicate how much your child can grow and it is also possible to stimulate growth naturally.

Since your pregnancy test (by clicking on this link you can find some options to choose from) is positive, it is normal to start dreaming about what the baby will be like, the color of his eyes, his hands and feet. But, once you have your little one in your arms, then you imagine what he will be like when he grows up, if he is going to be tall or short. However, all this depends on genetics and other factors, such as growth, diet, if you develop a disease during your childhood that influences your height, the practice of a sport that stimulates your growth, posture, among others.. In short, there are many elements that can affect the height of your child and we will clarify it for you in this post.

How tall will my son be?

Many parents would like to know how tall their adult children will be, and while there is no magic formula for how tall they will be, there are some methods that can give you a very close estimate of how tall they can get.

Among these methods, we can mention the comparison made with the growth curve through graphs. Here, it is enough to know the height of your little one and compare it with the percentile growth curve, to obtain an estimate of his future height as an adult. To do this, you just need to know the current measurement of your child’s height, mark the number on the graph and continue that variable in the percentile, until he reaches adulthood.

Also, you could multiply the child’s height at two years of age by 2. If it is a girl, you can do the calculation when the little girl is 18 months old and multiply it by two, because girls develop much earlier than boys. children. 

And if you know the height of dad and mom, it is possible to calculate the height in children considering the genetic potential. In this case, for the height meter in boys, both heights are added, the result is divided by 2 and 6.35 cm is added to the result for a boy, but if you are calculating the height of a girl, then you must subtract those 6.35 centimeters from the result. 

On the other hand, due to world statistics it is very easy to know the average height of a population. For example, a comparative study carried out in 2009 by the OECD in relation to this factor, determined that the average height of men in Spain was 174 centimeters; while, the women measured around 163 centimeters.

Children and growth

As we have already said, height in children is notably influenced by genetics, which is responsible for conditioning the rate of growth and the final size of the person. But, genetic size can be significantly improved if the child maintains proper functioning in his body, has a balanced diet and a healthy life, being able to transmit this improvement in his genes to his children.

The interesting thing is that children do not grow in a regular or uniform way, since growth does not occur daily, nor does it occur at the same time or rate. Thus, it is possible that you notice that your child in a certain season, such as summer, has a growth spurt, but at other times you feel that he stagnates and does not grow.

This happens because in the human species there is a common pattern of growth, which we will explain below:

1. For the first year of life, rapid growth occurs, where you can see that your child grows between 17 and 26 cm; while in the second year of his life it grows between 10 and 13 cm.

2. After the child turns 4 years old until he reaches puberty, the average growth is between 5 and 7 centimeters per year.

3. In the months before the start of puberty, this growth tends to slow down, being known as the “prepubertal break”.

In any case, the pediatrician is the one who has the power to periodically evaluate the height of each child and will make a comparison with normal growth patterns. For example, according to the new percentiles of the World Health Organization, the height of the 5-year-old child reaches 105.95 cm; while the height of the 6-year-old child can reach 112.22 cm.

Do you want to know how tall a 12-year-old boy should be?

Through a height calculator application you could estimate how tall the child will be at that age or during his adolescence. In this context, the boy can grow until he is 20 years old, but the girls, despite their faster development, their growth occurs until the age of 16. However, growth can be influenced by the sport that adolescents practice.

In this sense, activities such as ballet, swimming or basketball are ideal for stimulating growth. Even soccer, which does not influence height so much, has a notable impact on the development of children, since it allows their bones to be stronger and their muscles to have better conditions. Therefore, if your little one is interested in this sport, it could be a good incentive to buy him the best football boots so that he can practice this sport comfortably. 

Now, if you are wondering how tall my son will be if he is now x height; it is advisable to use a growth calculator. However, the following data can serve as a guide. According to the Spanish average height, a 12-year-old boy should have a height of approximately 146 cm; whereas, the normal height of a 13-year-old boy reaches 156 cm. For its part, the normal height of a 14-year-old girl can be in the 157.88 cm and the normal height of a 14-year-old boy reaches around 161 cm. 

But in any case, for the growth of a child to be healthy and reach greater height, it is necessary to include grains, vegetables, cereals, fruits or vegetables in their diet, which provide the nutrients that the body needs to stimulate the production of hormone responsible for growth, in addition to regular physical activity to improve your weight and height condition.

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