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Some women are anxious about getting pregnant, especially if they’ve been trying for a long time and have had no results. But, if you don’t have any medical reason that prevents you from getting pregnant, stop worrying and relax, because there are certain methods to get pregnant quickly that would be of great help to you. 

If you are tired of buying pregnancy tests and you cannot get them to show the desired positive result, you should know that there are different factors that can influence the occurrence of fertilization, and it is advisable not to become obsessed with fertility.

In this sense, searching the web or consulting with your trusted doctor, you can find some recommendations to get pregnant in a short time, following healthy habits that will allow your body to return to its regular cycle to achieve fertilization; especially if you have been taking care of yourself for a long time with birth control pills or another hormonal method.

How can a woman get pregnant?

For a woman to get pregnant, she needs the sperm to fertilize her egg. In this context, pregnancy begins when that fertilized egg (called an embryo) implants in the uterus, this being the place where it will develop and grow for a period of 9 months, to become a baby.

This process can happen in different ways, but the natural way is through vaginal sex. In this case, during vaginal penetration, the man ejaculates his semen inside, moving the sperm through the cervix, until it reaches the fallopian tubes. When the woman is in her fertile days, there is a possibility that there is an egg in the aforementioned tubes and the sperm meets it. This ovum, already fertilized, descends towards the uterus to adhere to its walls, producing a very high probability of pregnancy.

However, this is not the only way to get pregnant, as there are also chances of pregnancy if the man ejaculates near the vaginal cavity or on the vulva, even when there is no penetration, because the sperm are able to enter the vagina, fertilizing the ovum. This situation can occur when rubbing the penis with the vulva; if there is interaction of wet semen with sex toys that have had contact with this semen or with fingers.

Keep in mind that pre-seminal fluid can even contain a small portion of sperm, so a pre-ejaculate could also make you pregnant if there is contact with the vagina.

Another way to get pregnant is through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. These options are viable for people who have fertility problems, couples with difficulty producing sperm, or single women.

Quick tips to get pregnant

To increase your fertility, you need to maintain healthy habits in your daily life, so we recommend the following tips that could be very useful:

1. Prepare your body for pregnancy

The first thing you have to do before trying to get pregnant is to prepare your body for this stage. For this reason, it is advisable to quit smoking, do not use drugs or alcohol, avoid staying up frequently, exercise, eat healthy, etc.  

2. Control weight problems

If you have a few extra pounds, you could try to lose them before you get pregnant. Similarly, if you suffer from extreme thinness, it’s time to gain weight. This is important because weight problems can cause menstrual disorders, having a significant impact on women’s fertility. 

3. Maintain a balanced diet

It is necessary that the woman who wants to have children has a nutritious and balanced diet. So, it is not convenient for you to skip meals, eat large portions or consume a diet low in protein and fat, because this influences fertility. 

The fact of skipping meals or eating more than necessary leads to disproportionate weight gain and implies that your body will generate a greater amount of androgens and insulin, which will influence a decrease in your fertility process. 

4. Folic acid helps to get pregnant

Folic acid is a very important nutrient in the formation of maternal tissues during pregnancy, helping the mother in preparing her body for pregnancy, because it contributes to the correct level of folate, as well as to the closure of the neural tube in the fetus (which occurs in the first 28 days of pregnancy), being convenient to take it before pregnancy and in the first months after fertilization. 

5. Consultation prior to pregnancy

Before starting the search for a pregnancy, it is advisable to visit the gynecologist, because he is the specialist who can give you the best instructions for an optimal pregnancy. In addition, it will update your gynecological history and give you the necessary advice to avoid any risk. 

Similarly, if you suffer from a chronic disease, such as thyroid, heart or diabetes problems, this visit is mandatory to control your body before the arrival of a pregnancy and not put it at risk.

What are the fertile days for a woman to get pregnant?

Sperm can survive for about 3 days in a woman’s body. But such average survival will depend on the chemical conditions of the vagina. This contrasts markedly with the life of the egg, which lasts between 12 and 24 hours from the first day of ovulation. So, if you want to get pregnant you need to know your cycle, so you can determine when your fertile days are.

Remember that the menstrual cycle can vary in each woman, but it usually lasts around 28 days, which are counted after day one of your period, although it is normal if your cycle lasts 21 days or 35 days.

In such a context, your fertile days will be the central 6 or 7 days in your cycle, that is, from day 14 you must subtract 3 days before and add 3 days after. These days are when there are more chances of getting pregnant, so it is advisable to have sex with your partner on those days.

How to get pregnant in 60 days?

Among other tricks to get pregnant quickly, we can mention that it is important to synchronize sexual activity with your ovulation days. In this context, if you know your menstrual cycle, you can more accurately determine your fertile days. 

Another important fact to keep in mind is that stress can affect your fertility, so we suggest you look for the best gaming headphones so you can listen to relaxation music and control your stress levels, since many studies indicate that anxious women do not they have the same capacity to produce an ovule, decreasing their production by up to 20%.

So now you know, suspend your contraceptive methods, prepare your body for pregnancy, eat healthy, change your lifestyle, have frequent sexual intercourse, know your menstrual cycle and you will be able to get pregnant quickly. But, if it’s been more than 6 months and you can’t, then seek professional help to try another method.

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