How to get the ideal changing table for small spaces

For different reasons, the use of increasingly smaller houses has proliferated in recent times. Perhaps it responds to a matter of population measurement or to the idea that it is not necessary to have large amounts of space to enjoy a full and happy life. In this sense, having ideas to have everything you need but without taking up too much space is essential, especially when it comes to baby things.

In this sense, the need to have different products to give them comfort and make our lives easier is a fact and, although we try to avoid it, reality will lead us to that little person occupying much more than the place of honor in our hearts; her things will take over 80% of the furniture in the house.

Although in previous times women raised their little ones without so many elements, the reality is that we are in a very hectic time, where mothers and fathers work outside the home, they must attend to transportation, daily shopping, paying bills, etc., making extra help quite valuable.

Hence the advantages of having a changing table at home, because they help us to make the process of changing babies’ diapers and clothes, especially at night, much more practical than doing it directly in the crib or on Our bed.

They are also very safe and made with good materials that give parents confidence and security at all times. But, when choosing, it is better to look at certain aspects that can help the organization of the house not fall into chaos. And in light of this, manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to design different types of shifters (you can find some purchase options here).

the best styles

To address the need to save space, there are very interesting styles of changing tables, so we will only have to decide on the one that best suits our tastes and interests.

Those with a built-in bathtub are quite useful because they will fulfill two functions in one, saving not only space but also money, since it is possible to get a very good price.

In addition, there is the possibility of finding models that are flexible bathtubs, which allow them to be folded when finished using them, saving even more space. However, the rigid ones are the most common in these cases, and they still work very well.

On the other hand, there are single changing tables that are also foldable . As in the previous case, they offer the possibility of placing them and removing them when the time of use is over, allowing them to take up as little space as possible.

As a third option , wall changing tables are counted , such as those used in public bathrooms. This fact makes it easier for it not to occupy physical space on the floor, but an air space that allows the lower part to be used as needed, whether it is a table or a small drawer with the baby’s clothes to have it more easy within reach.

In this type of changing table, great care must be taken that the vertical bases are correctly fixed to the wall, since there will be no lower support that gives it greater resistance.

Although it may seem a bit strange to include on this list, travel baby changing tables are one of the best options when it comes to saving space, since they cover all the needs that arise when leaving home and in quite small dimensions.

This type has its advantages and disadvantages; As a positive aspect, it stands out that they take up very little space, come with their bag to carry and are very practical. However, they do not have support, so you must always have a place available to settle it, whether it is a seat or a bed.

Portable changing tables are presented under this same scheme, as they are also very useful to take anywhere on a day-to-day basis. Since their weight is very light, they will not cause major conflicts with all the normal utensils that are needed for the baby, thus achieving that we can make their changes at the most appropriate moments.

For parents who are in tune with fashion and like to wear a well-groomed appearance at all times, there are changing mats that transform into bags and have quite captivating designs, to match any outfit, making them not only very elegant, but also they can take care of their baby at the time that they demand it and without missing out on going to that activity that they had waited so long for.

It should be considered that certain large changing tables can also help save space even though they take up much more than what has been mentioned so far. This statement is based on the fact that they may have another utility that makes them very worthwhile.

Such is the case of changing tables that include drawers . You will always need a place to organize all the baby’s clothes and things and one of these pieces of furniture will be needed. Well, if in fact you can get it with the changer, you would already be taking advantage of a 2 for 1.

In this sense, the cribs that include the changing table are also useful, since they would be taking advantage of the same space that the baby already uses to sleep. In addition, these are usually removable, so when it is not necessary to use it, they can be removed and placed somewhere out of the way.

Sometimes it seems that we don’t have enough to organize all the things we have, especially when a new member becomes part of the family. Well, in these cases the main thing is to manage to organize the mind to later organize the environment, knowing that a well used space will be essential so that everything looks very orderly and in its holy place.

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