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Although for some people it may seem a bit unreal or impossible, planning the sex of the baby to be conceived is a simple task. Of course, both the father and the mother should follow some basic recommendations regarding the exact day of ovulation and the lifespan of the sperm.

All couples, when thinking about having a baby, have a favoritism for a specific gender. In this sense, there are those who yearn to have a girl, while others prefer a boy. In fact, there are couples that have up to three sons, trying to conceive a daughter or vice versa. This is a situation that usually occurs due to the lack of documentation on the subject of planning the sex of the baby.

Therefore, if you want to have a boy or a girl specifically, you will have to start by knowing that gender selection is not a responsibility assumed by the mother, since it is the man’s sperm that define said situation. Let us remember that the cell is composed of sperm “X”, which corresponds to the female sex, and sperm “Y”, which would be male.

The first of them, that is, the “X”, is characterized by having a larger size and greater resistance. For their part, “Y” spermatozoa tend to be thin, weak and small. In this way, the female sperm has a better chance of surviving. However, there is a marked difference when it comes to speed, as the “Y” are faster and more numerous than the “X”.

Likewise, the exact time of the woman’s ovulation and the pH level of the vaginal fluid must be taken into consideration. These are just some of the points to be studied by parents when planning the sex of the baby.

Tips for having a girl

If your desire is to have a female baby, then you will be interested in the following tips to learn how to have a daughter. However, to put into practice what we will explain below, you must bear in mind the difference in speed and resistance between female “X” and male “Y” sperm.

Identify your ovulation period

Identifying a woman’s ovulation period is a somewhat complicated task, especially if she has an irregular menstrual cycle. However, it is recommended to identify the period of time between days 12 or 16 before menstruation, which is considered the period of greatest fertility for women.

In this sense, the ideal would be to use a special kit to predict ovulation. Also, it is convenient to use a test that allows to measure the basal temperature through the luteinizing hormone, contained in the urine and secreted just a couple of days before ovulation. Similarly, it is advisable to download a mobile application that offers an ovulation calendar and fertile days to have a girl.

Plan sex with your partner

If what you wish to have is a girl, planning the sexual act to take place five days before the moment of ovulation will be a key point for the success of conception using this technique. This is due to the resistance of the “X” or female sperm, which allows them to survive, unlike the “Y” or male sperm. 

Thus, sperm “X” has a greater chance of reaching the egg on time, just when ovulation is starting. But you must be careful not to have intercourse again, until the ovulatory period is over. In this way, a 75% chance of having a girl is guaranteed.

Give the advantage to sperm “X”

As has already been mentioned on several occasions, “X” spermatozoa have a greater range of resistance than “Y” sperm, so if the parents’ wish is to have a baby belonging to the female gender, a good alternative is to give them an advantage. to sperm “X”. 

But how can that be done? The answer is very simple. The man should take a hot bath just before intercourse, which will cause the scrotum to heat up and, therefore, the “Y” spermatozoa, which are weaker, will slow down to move and the quality of fertility will be affected. In this way, the “X” spermatozoa are completely favored, since, despite the heat, their good condition is maintained.

Undoubtedly, this is a very simple technique for any man to carry out, for which he will only need to incorporate a boiler into the bathroom of the house or choose between the models of water heaters with competitive prices, existing in the market.

Be aware of the position of the sexual act

Perhaps there is no way to know if the fertilized egg is a boy or a girl, but it is scientifically proven that it is possible to plan the sex of the infant. For this, another piece of advice that must be followed fully is to remain attentive to the position of the sexual act.

In this sense, it is recommended that the man does not penetrate too deep, since in this way, he slows down the fertilization process, which means that the “X” sperm, that is, the female ones, have the advantage in the fertilization process. race to the ovum

Measures the pH of vaginal fluid

Whether in a pharmacy or through a web portal, acquiring the well-known pH measuring tapes is a simple task, which you must perform to examine the acidity level of the vaginal discharge.

Let us remember that this fluid is responsible for carrying all the sperm through the vagina until it reaches where the egg to be fertilized is located. In this sense, if the acidity level of the pH is high, this could affect the quality of the “Y” sperm, which are the ones that are characterized by being the weakest. Thus, the possibility of fathering a girl is greater.

This series of tips have a high level of reliability, applying them correctly. Likewise, there are some modern methods such as the boy or girl calculator, which is based on the ancient Chinese pregnancy calendar. However, once you’ve achieved conception, if you’re wondering when the sex of the baby is known, the answer is that you’ll have to wait until about week 20 of pregnancy to have an ultrasound. So until then, don’t prepare the baby carrier (check out some options by clicking this link) and wait a little longer to determine if the goal has been achieved.

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