How to identify indigo children?

Since the beginning of the New Age, the appearance of the indigo children has had more than one in suspense, whether within the field of science or pseudoscience, where it is even concluded that the surprising ability and capacity of the new generations to early ages may be evolution knocking at the door.


What is an indigo child?

When asked directly what indigo is, many people might answer about the color blue, but on this occasion, we will take the expression as it is used to catalog a generation of people who, according to the beliefs of the followers of the New Age , they were the ones that marked a before and after in the evolution of human consciousness.

An indigo child, in simple words, is a being that has come into this world with a more advanced evolutionary development than most at the level of consciousness. For the most part, they show a higher level of empathy, understanding and creativity, so their behavior has very marked qualities that can be easily recognized.

Characteristics of indigo children

As has been mentioned, the characteristics that an indigo child usually presents are quite easy to recognize, but if you want to mark them on time, now we offer you a list of the most common:

  • They show a greater degree of sensitivity and empathy with other living beings and situations.
  • They may have episodes of intense and developed intuition that, in some cases, predict the consequent events.
  • They do not react well to traditional moral norms, rules and dictates.
  • They are quite curious about the environment around them, wanting to know how things work and why.
  • They are easily distracted by wanting to pay attention to several things at once.
  • They have a spontaneous and free behavior that can sometimes be overwhelming.

If reviewing this list you have found that your little one has all the characteristics, most likely you are dealing with an indigo child. However, it cannot be overlooked that there are both positive and negative qualities , so the handling of situations by parents must be appropriate according to the needs and specific character of each child.

On the other hand, the physical traits of an indigo child have not been able to be categorized, since the individuality of consciousness and the high emotional substrate in which they are found is not affected or exposed by this type of characteristics.

Indigo Child Types

To better understand the qualities of these fascinating individuals, we will now review the classification of indigo children into types, allowing them to be recognized according to their interests and level of development:

  • Conceptual

When we are dealing with a conceptual indigo child, we will normally find ourselves with a stubborn character that is difficult to bend . His participation in projects will be those where he can have a high level of control, in order to satisfy innate feelings of supremacy.

  • Humanist

Humanist indigo children have a quite sociable character and are very open and active, which can often border on hyperactivity. They are classified as humanists because their interest in the world is focused on doing activities that provide benefits for community evolution and not only individual evolution. In other words, they could also be considered as altruistic people .

  • Artist

These individuals, as their category indicates, are characterized by being very sensitive to art , in addition to having a natural talent for working with all kinds of artistic tools. The stage where the awakening of instinct is usually observed in this type of indigo children generally goes from 4 to 10 years old, allowing them to take a serious interest in trades and professions in which they can unleash their creativity in the near future.

  • interdimensional

The adjective interdimensional indigo child is reserved for those who do not fit entirely into any of the other categories previously mentioned. These types of people are usually arrogant, proud and lonely . Many believe they have the absolute truth and do not usually take questioning well, and may even impose their ideology over that of others, which can lead to confrontations.

Stimulation of an indigo child

Indigo children can become very successful people if their needs are taken care of in the right way and at the right time. If you want to know some methods that you can try with your little one, we invite you to read the following tips.

  1.   stimulating activities

Among the activities to stimulate the development of qualities in indigo children, interactive toys cannot be missing. In these cases, a Montessori toy, for example, can be ideal. These types of games in which intellectual and motor skills are challenged will be very helpful to encourage their interests.

  1.   Physical exercise

Considering that many indigo children tend to live with “excess energy”, it is important that it can be drained in a healthy way and that it provides both mental and physical benefits.

Going out to the park , for example, where you can socialize, play and compete is a simple, inexpensive alternative that both parents and children can enjoy.

  1.   Personal care

The treatment that should be given to an indigo child is slightly different from that normally given to a neurotypical, since, due to their advanced development at the level of consciousness, they will not feel satisfied if they are not treated as equals, even by adults.

By this we mean that, when talking to an indigo child, you should try to do it as if they were an adult more capable of understanding, processing and reacting.

The new age

From the year 2000, fans of this pseudoscience consider that the so-called “New Era” began in the world and with it the “Crystal Generation” .

This generation is cataloged as one more step in the sensory and conceptual evolution of the consciousness of the human being in people much more developed in capacities that, as predicted, will help them to function better in all areas of daily life, society, work, studies and hobbies.

The crystal children live in harmony with the indigo children, since together they find the right balance between serenity and curiosity, being able to encourage mature and suitable behavior in various types of situations.

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