Hyperreal Toys The History of Muncas Reborn

All toys have a story, and that of Reborn dolls is quite interesting. These products, designed to resemble real babies, have been on the market since the 20th century and their manufacturing techniques have been progressively perfected. Learning about dolls can make it easier to understand the fascination many have for them.

Dolls are toys that, for hundreds of years, have accompanied the lives of children of different ages and from all over the world. However, over time, dolls have evolved to better suit the tastes of all children and, in this case, even the needs of adults.

Despite the fact that before the dolls were made in a rudimentary way with sticks or rags, today, hyper-realistic models can be found that focus on all the small details to resemble real babies.

Called Reborn dolls, this type of product began as other toy dolls for young children, however, soon its positive qualities began to be used to treat adults in a therapeutic way and even to be used in childbirth classes. The versatility of these dolls has earned them quite a few positive reviews and if you are one of those who are looking for one of the best Reborn dolls of 2022, then their history is worth knowing.

the beginnings

In Europe, the 1940s were a time of tension due to World War II. Millions lived in fear of the constant attacks, the heavy military presence and the uncertainty of when the next confrontation would take place. Because of this, most families had to live in shelters to protect themselves and try to survive with minimal outside contact.

Despite the fact that the world was collapsing, children, with their childlike innocence, still played and, for that reason, many German mothers dedicated themselves to trying to renew their daughters’ old dolls with the resources they could find to make them look better. and surprise your little ones. At this time, and in the midst of a war conflict, Reborn dolls are born.

the 20th century

In order to give a realistic look to the dolls, the mothers had to do magic with the few materials they had, however, the positive change was noticeable. For that reason, this kind of renovation did nothing but perfect itself.

By the 1990s, these basic fundamentals from Germany began to improve into a complete technique dubbed “reborning.” This means “reborn” and is exactly what is achieved by taking an old doll and restoring it to a near lifelike appearance.

It was in the United States that this method spread, and from that moment on, the desire to give these dolls a more realistic look only grew. At this time, the main objective of these toys was not to be a gift for the little ones in the home, but to be used in the cinema as if they were real babies.

It is at this time that the fame of Reborn dolls began to grow and, along with it, the versatility of uses that could be given to them.

Reborn dolls today

Technology and the use of more sophisticated materials have made Reborn dolls look hyper-realistic as they are today. Its laborious manufacturing is what allows each detail to be as close as possible to the real appearance of a baby and, for that reason, the creation of Reborn babies is considered a work of art.

In fact, there is an international organization for Reborn dolls called “IARDA”, in which information is collected from various artists, factories and certified sellers, so that those who wish to buy one of these dolls can do so safely to obtain the best result..

The use of Reborn dolls in the cinema still exists, although some of them have been replaced by CGI. However, the main use of this type of babies has changed, because now, Reborn dolls are mostly used as therapeutic toys for adults and are also considered collectible items.

The value of these dolls varies depending on the model and its realism. In relation to this aspect, it is possible to find dolls that are around hundreds of euros, but there are others that reach 20,000 euros or more. In the same way, there is also the possibility of acquiring assembly kits so that the same buyers can create their own Reborn doll.

The cheapest models, as well as the kits, are dolls with simple expressions and a realistic appearance, which does not reach hyper-realism. However, those who are willing to invest thousands of euros will be able to make special orders that include: premature babies, personalization of a doll based on a photo, complex expressions of their choice, details on the skin that resemble the small spots that babies usually have. real babies, among other things.

The use of Reborn dolls

Because of how expensive these dolls are, few people actually purchase one of the models to give as a toy. Therefore, it could be said that the objective of these products has changed over time.

At this time, Reborn dolls have become a therapeutic tool that psychologists use with their patients. Most of the time, the dolls are used by people who have suffered the loss of a child, either because they have left or because, unfortunately, they have passed away. However, these dolls have also been successful in treating children with autism, as they work as a method of socialization and also help develop empathy more safely.

In nursing homes, the dolls have also worked to provide company to the elderly, who entertain themselves with them. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or senile dementia, as they will be able to develop positive affective bonds that do not imply risks for them.

Lastly, babysitting and childbirth classes often offer these dolls to prepare expectant parents.

As we can see, Reborn dolls, since their creation, have not only undergone changes in their appearance, but also in their use and manufacture. Therefore, it can be said that these will surely continue to surprise, thanks to the talent of their artists.

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