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Telling jokes is one of the easiest ways to make people laugh, so encouraging children to learn a few is an easy way to ensure that little ones always have humor for themselves and others. In addition, telling jokes has various benefits that will improve the lives of people, regardless of age.

To enjoy a healthy life, no matter how old you are, you need to have a routine that effectively combines a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, there is something that brings a lot of health and that is obtained without effort and without investing money: laughter.

Letting out a good laugh is the best way to start the day, therefore, it is something that you should always try to achieve. On top of that, if you are a parent, you should encourage your children to live their lives with laughter and happiness.

One of the best ways to make others laugh is to have a repertoire of the best jokes in the world or bad jokes that make you laugh, if you prefer. Comedy is a good way to lighten the mood, but it can also become a way to interact healthy with little ones, helping them with various skills by encouraging them to tell good and funny jokes.

What benefits do children’s jokes provide?

Telling little phrases or stories full of humorous elements will not only allow children to laugh constantly. In fact, that a child manages to tell good jokes is a milestone that should be celebrated and motivated, as it brings many benefits to the brain.

Empathy: Just as humor says a lot about intelligence, it is also scientifically proven that humorous people have a better handle on emotions. If your child is a fan of jokes, he could develop a first-class emotional intelligence and greater empathy with other people. Knowing when a joke is necessary, and when it is superfluous, is something very important, and this can be better understood by someone who is dedicated to telling jokes frequently.

Memorization: Having a repertoire of short jokes for children in mind requires a fairly reliable memory, so as not to forget a single detail. Therefore, children remembering a lot of jokes can help them develop their memory, to improve their ability to retain information.

Vocabulary: Children’s jokes do not always have simple words; in fact, some may have complex words that make up the funny part of the joke. This means that children will have to expand their vocabulary to be able to understand and repeat these types of jokes, which is really beneficial for them.

Intelligence: It is scientifically proven that people who lead their lives with humor are more intelligent. The spontaneity to say funny comments, to create very good jokes without help, and the quickness to understand these small narrative fragments are signs of high intelligence. For that reason, it pays to always keep laughing.

Imagination: Using their imagination, children will be able to create the best jokes, if they put their minds to it. This word search and funny events can be a great boost for the imagination and creativity of the little ones, so it is always good to encourage them to create their own jokes.

Self-esteem: When children tell good long jokes or short jokes, they will be overcoming their shyness, because they will have to stand in front of someone else and try to make them laugh at all costs. This not only includes simply saying the necessary words, but also using exaggerated movements and even different voices, which will push children to express themselves without shame.

On top of that, making someone else laugh can give little ones great satisfaction and confidence, which will add positive points to their self-esteem.

5 jokes for children that will surely make you laugh

There are millions of jokes around the world and, thanks to the creativity and imagination of many people, many jokes are surely being created every second, to continue to bring laughter to everyone.

Short children’s jokes usually feature an animal or a child named: Jaimito, Pepito, Juanito or Paquito. However, regardless of who the protagonist is, these stories are characterized by maintaining a childish humor, so that children can understand them and feel identified with some of them.

It is necessary to pay attention to the jokes that children are exposed to, since there are some jokes that are also frequently transmitted among friends, but that have an adult humor that is not suitable for children. The best thing that can be done is to maintain the innocence of the little ones, with educational toys and healthy jokes suitable for their age.

1) The English Fox:

If the little one enjoys animal jokes, then they will surely be delighted with the English fox joke.

“A Mexican dog and an English fox accidentally collided on a walk in England.

The fox quickly apologizes politely: Oh, I’m sorry!

And the dog immediately replied: Oh, I’m perry!”

2) The tomato:

Bad jokes are sometimes so bad that they end up making people laugh. Therefore, it is worth including one of these short stories in the repertoire.

“Do you know what a tomato’s favorite dance is? The sauce!”

3) Jaimito and the fruits:

The mischievous Jaimito is the protagonist of many jokes and, in this case, he demonstrates how to save himself from mathematics with humor.

“One day, in math class, the teacher asks Jaimito:

-Jaimito, if in one hand I have 10 peaches and in the other I have 5 pineapples, what do I have?

– Very, very big hands, teacher!”

4) Pepito and English:

Pepito, like many children, wants to learn English. However, we hope that your little one will understand faster than the distracted Jiminy.

“Pepito asks his friend Juanito:

-Juanito, Juanito. How do you say nose in spanish?

-I dont know.

-You do not know either?”

5) The bilingual dog:

Animals can also learn other languages, and this is demonstrated by the following joke.

“A dog was barking in the garden, when suddenly his friend appeared.

-Woof, woof- says the first dog.

“Meow, meow,” says the second.

So the first confused dog asks:

-Why do you meow if you are a dog and not a cat?

And the other, offended, replies:

“Can’t one learn languages ​​now?”

Surprising your child with one of the best toys could bring out a big smile, however, sometimes just telling a good joke is enough to make them laugh out loud. The best thing is that the latter are free, ingenious and stimulate the imagination of children. 

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