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What is the best toy kitchen?

Among the traditional toys that any child longs to have are the kitchens, recommended for incorporating a series of elements that recreate the real facilities existing in the home, with the purpose that the infant has fun while developing their cognitive skills through colors, shapes, sounds and textures. Next, let’s get to know 10 models considered the best kitchen toys among the opinions of the buyers.

1. Leomark Grande Big Vintage Children’s Wood Kitchen Toy

Precautions: The kitchen incorporates some small-sized utensils, which could be brought into the girls’ mouths and cause suffocation. For this reason, the use of the product is intended for infants over three years of age and, preferably, supervised by their parents.

Main characteristics: For the manufacture of this toy kitchen, sheets of MDF wood 10 millimeters thick were used, which provide resistance and stability to the structure. Likewise, some details are incorporated in polymer with a soft touch and free of BPA, avoiding allergies or other health problems.

Functionality: This is a toy kitchen, which will be the right Christmas gift for any girl or boy, since they can play at preparing food, just like adults do. Of course, without the risk of burning or cutting yourself.

Educational value: With this toy, children encourage creativity by creating stories while playing alone or with their friends. In the same way, fine motor skills are developed, because the child has to manipulate small objects with his hands during the development of the game.

Maintenance: You can easily clean the dirt accumulated in this structure, just by rubbing both the interior and exterior of the kitchen with a damp cloth and then another dry one, to prevent moisture from causing mold or bad odor on the plastic or wood that make up the toy.

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2. deAO “My Little Chef” Kitchenette with Sound Features

Precautions: According to the manufacturer brand, the use of this toy is not recommended for children under three years of age, since the kitchen incorporates a set of more than 40 small utensils, which could cause suffocation when ingested.

Main features: This is a toy made of pink and white polyvinyl chloride, which incorporates some pieces of cardboard. Both are raw materials free of toxic agents, resistant and with a pleasant touch, which provide stability and durability, making it a product that will accompany the girl for a long time.

Functionality: This toy kitchen is a good idea for girls to spend fun afternoons while preparing different recipes with the help of the series of built-in utensils.

Educational value: Thanks to the lights of the fires, the water that comes down from the tap and the colors of the pieces, the girls will develop eye-motor coordination, due to the guided movement of their hands to manipulate the toy.

Maintenance: The cleaning method of this toy is very simple, since it is a synthetic structure, so you can slide a damp cloth over the surface and then a dry one. Of course, you will have to be careful not to damage the cardboard pieces.

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3. New Classic Toys 11067 Kitchen

Precautions: It is important to be careful with respect to the series of screws used to join the boards that make up the structure, since the metal fixing pieces do not incorporate coating. In this sense, the girl could unexpectedly hurt herself by rubbing said areas.

Main characteristics: This is a toy kitchen made of wood that has a harmonious design, due to the pastel pink color of the boards. In addition, it incorporates detailed finishes in each of the compartments, grip pieces, sink and power buttons for the hob.

Functionality: New Classic Toys presents this toy kitchen with interesting functions in the burners and ignition buttons, which recreate the sounds of a real installation, but on a small scale.

Educational value: With the purchase of this kitchen you will be offering the little ones a toy that will help them stimulate both the motor system and the sense of sight, because the infant fixes his eyes on an object of the structure, while his hands responsible for carrying out the corresponding task.

Maintenance: Being a wooden structure, cleaning is simple. It is only necessary to rub the kitchen with a soft and dry cloth, to remove the accumulated dust due to constant handling. Likewise, you can apply a product for wood, which creates a protective film.

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4. Smoby 311042 Tefal Studio Electronic module with accessories

Precautions: As a preventive measure, the product should not be used by children under three years of age, unless it is under the supervision of an adult, since, when opening or closing the oven door, the infant could injure his hands.

Main features: Its original design with a 360° angle allows the child to easily access the kitchen. In addition, thanks to the fact that the structure has been made of polymer, you will be giving the infant a resistant and stable product that will not tip over or break unexpectedly.

Functionality: With this kitchen the fun never ends for the little ones and even for their parents, since it has all the elements and sounds of a real installation, but without the dangers that come with using a hot burner.

Educational value: Toy kitchens like this model from Smoby offer children the possibility of developing some of their fine motor skills, by manipulating the built-in accessories with their hands; while when lighting the fires, appreciating their color and listening to the sound generated, they stimulate the eyes and ears.

Maintenance: You will not have problems keeping the kitchen clean, since the polymer used for the construction of the structure is resistant to water. In this sense, it is possible to apply detergent with a soft sponge and remove the excess with a damp cloth. The process is completed in a few seconds.

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5. Theo Klein 7199 Miele Kitchen Wood Kitchen

Precautions: By incorporating some small detachable parts, this toy is inconvenient for children under three years of age, as they could introduce these parts into their nostrils or mouth, causing a choking episode.

Main characteristics: With this Theo Klein kitchen, you will acquire a product with high quality standards, due to its manufacture in wood, polymer and aluminum, which are materials that provide resistance, stability and durability. In addition, the structure incorporates adjustable bases, so you can adapt its size, according to the growth stages of the infant. So it can be used for a considerable time or shared between siblings of close ages.

Functionality: Those who have decided to bet on this toy kitchen will provide their children with hours of fun, in which they can play at being great chefs, preparing various dishes on the hob, oven or microwave, three of the pieces of equipment that are commonly are present in royal kitchens.

Educational value: Among the educational values ​​provided by this toy to children, we can highlight the development of imaginative thinking, by creating stories while cooking different dishes. In addition, there are fine motor skills, every time they manipulate a utensil with their fingers and hands.

Maintenance: Despite being a spacious format structure, cleaning it will not be a messy task, since the dust and dirt adhered to the wooden surface can be easily removed by rubbing a soft cloth.

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6. Boys Kitchen XXXL Smart Children with Lights and Sound

Cautions: The designers of this toy kitchen recommend that the product be used by children over the age of three, as handling the 31 built-in accessories could be dangerous without constant supervision.

Main features: It is a kitchen made up of three removable and adjustable modules in different positions, which will allow you to assemble the set horizontally or at an angle. In addition, these structures have been made of polymer in black and gray that, together with the rear sections of robust cardboard, provide stability, resistance and durability.

Functionality: The toy has been provided with a lighting system on the cooking plate and sounds that imitate the boiling of water. There is also the refrigerator, microwave, oven and sink that, together, will provide hours of fun for children, thanks to their high level of realism.

Educational value: This is a special toy to encourage creativity in children, as well as convenient to understand the world of adults from an early age, through the role played in playing.

Maintenance: Cleaning this toy kitchen is a simple task that the child will be able to do in a short time. To do this, it is only necessary to provide the infant with a soft cloth and explain that he must slide it over the entire surface of the structure.

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7. Baby Vivo Wooden Toy Kitchen Microwave Kids

Precautions: The doors built into the refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, oven and other compartments may not be suitable for children under three years of age to handle, because they may accidentally close them against their fingers and injure themselves.

Main features: This toy kitchen has been made of wood and some details in soft-touch polymer. In addition, the structure has a spacious format, so that the child can manipulate each of its elements comfortably and, on the refrigerator door, there will be a black board to draw with chalk.

Functionality: It is not surprising that this Baby Vivo kitchen is among the ones with the highest online positioning in 2022, since it has a fully functional design, which allows children to recreate the activities carried out by adults in the kitchen and laundry area. laundry, but in a safe and supervised way.

Educational value: This is a toy with which children will develop their imagination and learn through the imitation of daily activities carried out by adults at home.

Maintenance: It is known that all toys are directly exposed to dust and dirt, due to constant contact with children’s hands, which is why this toy kitchen offers a quick and easy cleaning method, with the help of a cloth. wet and one dry.

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8. M Molto Children’s Kitchen Kitchen

Precautions: Keep in mind that the toy incorporates a series of stickers that complement the decoration of the structure, so parents must remain vigilant, since the child could detach these pieces and ingest them. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the manufacturer recommends the use of the product in children over three years of age.

Main features: This is a cheap and on sale toy kitchen, which stands out for its easy-to-assemble design and resistant body, whose reinforced polymer structure provides an adequate level of stability, so that children can manipulate the toy without tipping over or its parts break. In addition, because the product has a compact size, you can transport it from one space to another in the house without inconvenience.

Functionality: This toy is convenient for children to prepare imaginary foods, just as adults do, but without the danger of cuts; due to knives or burns from fires. In addition, it allows them to play alone or in the company of other children.

Educational value: With this toy kitchen, children can encourage the healthy development of their imagination, as well as intuitively stimulate fine motor skills, by picking up and manipulating the small accessories integrated into the set.

Maintenance: Thanks to its synthetic construction and evident resistance to humidity, it will not be an inconvenience to clean the structure and accessories with a cloth sporadically.

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9. Bayer Chic 2000 305 10 Kitchen Kids

Precautions: Among the precautions to take with this toy, the manufacturer emphasizes the risk of suffocation with small accessories, which is why it recommends the product as suitable for infants over three years of age.

Main characteristics: With the purchase of this toy kitchen you will be able to surprise the child on his birthday or on any holiday, allowing him to enjoy a quality product, made with a combination of wood and polymer, which recreates a built-in kitchen with a line of design modern and discreet. In addition, the structure incorporates several electrical appliances with easy-opening doors, so that the little ones can introduce the plastic food and prepare their imaginary recipes.

Functionality: This is a toy kitchen that has a series of finishes with details full of realism, which improves the children’s play experience when cooking food in the pan, baking a pizza, heating a cup of coffee in the microwave or wash utensils in the sink.

Educational value: Bayer Chic 2000 toy kitchens promote role learning in children, in which they develop their imagination through structured play with their respective essential elements.

Maintenance: As the structure is made of a combination of wood and plastic, cleaning will not be a complicated task. In fact, rubbing a dry cloth to remove dust is so simple that you can do it with your child, so that they learn by imitation and cultivate the habit of cleaning.

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10. KidKraft Modern Wooden Play Kitchen for Kids

Precautions: Once the toy kitchen is assembled, it is important to try to make the rear area of ​​the structure against a wall, in order to add stability and prevent unexpected overturning due to handling.

Main characteristics: This toy is the new proposal from the KidKraft house, whose elaboration has been made with sheets of resistant wood that, due to its thickness, provide stability to the design; while the polished and glazed surface provides a smooth and smooth texture. Likewise, some plastic parts and accessories are incorporated, which are not dangerous when in contact with the child, since it is a BPA-free material.

Functionality: KidKraft play kitchens provide a series of elements that resemble the classic appliances found in any real kitchen, allowing children to have fun while playing to prepare their favorite recipes, just like their parents do in their daily routine.

Educational value: This toy has been designed with the purpose of encouraging children’s healthy imaginative development, along with fine motor skills. Likewise, it helps them with their abilities to solve immediate problems through making intelligent decisions.

Maintenance: You can easily clean the surface of this structure, since it is smooth and, therefore, does not accumulate a large amount of dust. In this sense, it will only be necessary to carefully rub a cotton or microfiber cloth over the toy to clean it effortlessly.

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