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When we travel we always have many things to do, prepare itineraries, tickets according to the travel date, lodging, packing, among other things. But, when it comes to traveling with children by air, the list of things doubles, without taking into account how stressful it can be to keep the little ones calm while we have to board the plane and when we have already boarded the ship.

Considering all these aspects, in Europe there are some airlines that have focused their consumer policies with a “friendly” sense towards children and users traveling with babies. Let’s learn more about them.


Since its foundation in 1995, the British airline has established itself as a low cost airline and has currently developed an inclusive policy to provide the best service to families traveling with children and babies.


Among its practices is that of giving boarding priority to people traveling with children under 5 years of age, as well as the possibility of carrying two baby items, such as a travel cot or a stroller, at no additional cost. They can also choose seats in advance, paying a fee.


As for food, the airline is totally pro-lactation, so mothers will be able to breastfeed their little ones with peace of mind during the flight. In addition, they allow them to carry a hand luggage with food for the baby.

comfort and entertainment

EasyJet units have diaper changing stations at the front and rear of the plane that will make this job more comfortable for you, especially on long flights. Additionally, it offers a pack of games and puzzles to entertain older children.

2. Air Europe

With more than thirty years of experience, this Spanish company is one of the pioneers in offering the best service to customers with children, with the intention of consolidating itself as one of the best airlines for family travel. We explain how it does it.


The airline admits babies up to one week old and up to two years old they only pay 10% of the regular fare, allowing them to check in the same luggage as an adult passenger. After two years and up to 12, the cost of the ticket can vary between 10 and 33% of the total value, meaning significant savings.


Among its advantages is the offer of a special menu for children, adapted to their nutritional needs and tastes. In this way they guarantee that the little one can eat well during the flight.

changing rooms and fun

This benefit is enjoyed on international and long-haul flights. For its part, entertainment is guaranteed on these tours with programs for children or for the whole family, coloring material, etc. Additionally, these units have two cots per flight so that the smallest babies can rest comfortably.

3. Norwegian

Considered one of the most popular low-cost airlines today, the Norwegian company also offers numerous benefits to people traveling with babies and children.


Families have preference when boarding with the stroller, they can also pre-reserve a cot for the trip. For the choice of seats, they must pay an established fee that varies between 9 and 35 euros, depending on whether it is a national or international flight.


Babies under two years of age traveling on an adult’s lap are free. While from that age and until they turn 11 they pay 75% of the value of the ticket. In addition, the company offers discounts depending on the age of the child and the destination. Also, on its website it has a frequent flyer program in which you can register with a family account with 7 members to enjoy benefits, accumulate points and redeem them in reservations.


The airline allows parents to bring baby food on the plane, as well as the stroller or booster seat without paying additional fees. Regarding luggage, children under two years old can carry a 5 kg suitcase, while those between 2 and 11 years old can check in the same as an adult.


This is another of the Spanish low-cost companies that have become the most used by families, as it has an inclusive policy that promotes savings.


When boarding the plane you can check in the stroller or crib for free, and like other companies, they give preference to family boarding. Additionally, the staff provides a special vest and belt for children and offers specific seats for adults traveling with the baby on their lap, as they have two oxygen masks.

Food and changes

Parents will be able to carry food and everything they need to feed their little ones in the cabin. Likewise, all the units of this company incorporate changing tables in the bathrooms.

Tickets and extras

At Vueling, babies under two years of age do not pay for the ticket, only the fees and services that do not exceed 30 euros on domestic flights. On their website you have access to a useful travel guide that will allow you to organize everything you need and make a check-list to facilitate your vacation. You can also print the first flight certificate for the little ones from there.

5. Air France

With routes in more than 80 countries, this is one of the most popular airlines among Europeans for the quality of its services, although it is not low cost. Thus, it also offers several advantages to families.

Luggage and tickets

Babies under two years old can carry a hand luggage of up to 12 kg, and even if they travel on their parents’ laps they can check in the same suitcase that includes the adult’s ticket. As for the ticket, the little ones do not pay and from the age of 2 they have discounts of 15% on national flights and 33% on international ones.

Long distance

For international flights, the company offers an entertainment service with which children have access to children’s programs, radio channels, video games, as well as customizing a food menu for the child on flights that last more than two hours.

Boarding Preference

Families have priority when boarding, and with members under 14 years of age, the airline allows seats to be reserved for free up to two days before the date of the flight. In this way they ensure that the family travels as close as possible.

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