Learn how to make your own muneca reborn

Reborn dolls are really curious items that stand out for their hyper-realistic appearance. The preparation of these requires a complex process that can take a long time, so its cost is usually high. However, those who do not want to pay much and want a doll can create their own model if they are creative.

World War II marked the exact point in history when Reborn dolls were first heard of. This process of “renaissance”, as its name indicates, occurred because the mothers of the time took old dolls and, with the scarce materials, which they managed to obtain while being refugees, they tried to renew them to give them a more realistic appearance, which would surprise their daughters..

This technique began to be normalized in Germany and years later it would reach the United States; place where the technique began to be perfected and to give more use to the Reborn dolls. 

Although these dolls have been around for years, the fame they have achieved today, due to the curiosity of people and the thousands of reports about them, has made the Reborn doll industry grow much more. Currently, they are considered works of art, due to their complexity and, thanks to this unique aspect, more and more people want to obtain one.

However, this is not as easy as you think, because if you really want to acquire one of the best Reborn dolls of 2022 (in this link you will find several products to analyze) it is necessary to invest hundreds or thousands of euros to obtain them.

If you don’t have this budget, but still want to have a model at home, then why don’t you dare to make your own doll and learn this art?

The creation of a Reborn doll

Before starting, you need to know that “reborning” is a difficult practice, which requires years of practice to perfect, so you must follow a slow pace and not get frustrated if you do not achieve the results you expect, as this takes time, even for professionals.

In order to get started, you must purchase a basic vinyl model that will serve as a base starter doll. Then just follow these steps.

1) Disassemble the doll and start cleaning it very carefully. He proceeds to remove the eyelashes and replace his original eyes with any of these options: acrylic or glass eyes. The latter are the most realistic. 

2) Acquire suitable paints for the vinyl and start painting the doll. This process must occur by overlapping different shades to make the skin look as real as possible. 

Babies’ skin is so delicate that their veins are often visible and this gives them a very characteristic mottled appearance. To achieve this effect, it is recommended to start painting green or blue layers, and then bake. On these layers, you must paint with other colors, depending on the skin you want for the doll, and when finished, you must protect with varnish. 

Pay special attention to the fingers and lips, as these are often areas of great detail. Spend extra time on your nails and small creases. This process can take days.

3) To place the hair, it is recommended to use real hair, so that everything is more realistic. However, there are those who prefer to start using wigs. 

However, no matter which one you choose, it must be placed following the “rooting” process. That is, you will have to insert each of the strands by hand, using special needles that push the strands until they are secured on the doll’s head. 

When finished, you should verify that everything looks natural and, in case you want to remove some hair, you have to use a tweezer to remove one by one, avoiding damaging the aesthetics of the doll. 

After this, make the cut you want to the hair and when you are convinced, proceed to glue it using a special glue for vinyl.

4) Let the doll dry properly and when it is, start fixing the eyelashes and eyebrows. These can be natural hair, but also synthetic models. The important thing is that the chosen material has a shine, so that the doll has that hyper-realistic look. 

If you really consider yourself an artist, it’s possible to do this with paint, but achieving realism will be more difficult. 

5) If you want to complement the doll with more details, it is possible to insert magnets in the mouth or on the head to be able to use accessories such as pacifiers, bottles or hair decorations. This will increase the possibility of interaction with the Reborn doll, since you will be able to dress it in a personalized way. 

6) Using a small drill, carefully drill out the holes for the doll’s nose. These will need to be stuffed with felt to give a more realistic look of depth, like real babies. 

7) To finish, fill the baby’s body with the element that best suits your tastes, be it granulated glass or plastic balls. Use enough padding to give the doll the correct weight. 

Keep your doll in good condition

As said before, Reborn dolls are considered works of art, since their manufacturing process is quite complicated and requires many details, which must be taken care of at all times to provide that realistic appearance that characterizes them. For that reason, if you want to keep the doll in excellent condition, then you should apply care such as the following:

1) Keep it away from extreme temperatures: 

Too much cold will crack the paint, while too much heat can warp the vinyl. Dolls should be kept in warm temperatures, away from sources of heat or cold.

2) Clean it: 

Cleaning should never be lacking, but always with a damp cloth and never rubbing on the skin, to avoid wearing down the paint.

3) Cover it from the sun: 

Direct exposure to the sun can damage the paint or change the colors, giving the doll a worn look.

4) Comb her hair: 

To keep the hair free of knots it is necessary to comb it, but this process must always be delicate and with considerable time between each session. Certain dolls cannot get their hair wet. For this reason, if you bought it from a reborner, you should ask him about it.

With these manufacturing and care steps, you will soon have a Reborn doll in your hands that will surely become your greatest work of art. Learning this skill could even give you a job, as it is a highly valued profession in the community of Reborn doll collectors. 

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