Learn to organize your baby’s suitcase so that nothing is missing

After the birth of your child, it is very likely that you will want to remain calm at home during the first months of your little one’s life, since a newborn demands practically uninterrupted attention. The baby needs to be fed frequently (either with breast milk or bottle) and also to have his diaper changed in hygienic conditions, to avoid any risk of infection. For this reason, many parents prefer to stay at home and not go on vacation with a newborn.

However, once your child has passed three months of age, he enjoys optimal health conditions and if the pediatrician authorizes it, you will be able to make a peaceful trip with him. Although they may seem fragile at that age, they are stronger than their parents think; In addition, because it is a little one who will not be running from one place to another, you will be able to be more relaxed.

Take what you need

It is important to plan your trip considering taking only the necessary things, so organizing a list could be an excellent option, in order not to forget something important at the last moment. Therefore, you must take into account what you need to take care of your baby, mainly during the journey, since many times when we arrive, we find that the hotel offers a service for families; Or it can happen that you buy other things that are needed at the destination. In any case, the important thing is that the little one is clean, comfortable, protected, well fed and happy.

Select the clothes and accessories to wear

Although babies tend to stain their clothes easily, it is not convenient for you to fill the suitcase with many clothes. Especially if you travel by plane or train, but if you do it in your own car, you can carry a little more. The idea is that you are prevented and can count on clothes for extra changes, but without going overboard.

Likewise, it is essential that you analyze the length of stay and the age of your baby. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a change of clothes per day and an additional one for the days of travel from one place to another; Having light, fresh, combinable and comfortable garments is the best option. In any case, if you lack clothes you can wash some if necessary.

Don’t forget to include a blanket, blanket and a hat for your head in case it gets cold. Don’t forget his favorite toy, his pillow and a stuffed animal. Also, when you pack their clothes and belongings, it’s best to do it in a separate suitcase and not mix their stuff with yours.

Do not forget the comfort in the walks

Once you arrive at your destination, you will realize the importance of carrying a stroller or having the best baby carrier . However, strollers tend to take up more space and are uncomfortable to transport, so baby carriers could be the best option to go for a walk with your child and have your hands free. These accessories favor lightness, comfort for the child and can be easily folded, so they do not represent more weight in the luggage.

The importance of daily grooming

Do not forget the importance of daily cleaning of the child, so you should have a folding changing table and some diapers, wipes, cream or gel and if you run out of supplies, you can easily buy these things at the destination. You could also consider carrying a small inflatable pool, which takes up little space in the suitcase and can be mounted anywhere; in this way you will be able to offer the little one the maximum comfort during his stay.

Do not miss any of your food

If it is a baby who only feeds on breast milk, there is no problem. But if your child already eats solid food and takes a bottle, you must include everything you need for its preparation. The main thing is to have the right food for the outward journey, since on the way back you can buy what you need at the destination.

For this reason, it is essential that you carry a reasonable amount of food, which covers the normal needs of your child during the trip; You can even add cookies, baby food, bread or any other food that entertains it.

If you go to a hot climate, do not forget to protect it from the sun

If your vacation is on the coast and the weather is favourable, among the things that cannot be missing in your child’s suitcase is a sunscreen. This product is very useful in any season of the year and even more so when you go outdoors with your little one. It should not be less than 30 and should provide UVA and UVB protection to your delicate skin; it is best to put it on your hands and then gently apply it to exposed skin. Likewise, if it is a child older than 6 months, you could wear a hat to protect his head and face.

Prepare a first aid kit with your health and safety in mind

You can’t risk your child’s health, so you should prepare a first aid kit. Even if the child is in good health, it is best to prevent any small complications, such as an earache, unexpected stomach cramps, or a rise in temperature. For this reason, it is best to bring medicines such as pain relievers and antipyretics for children, plasters, thermometer, soapy antiseptic and any other indication given by the pediatrician.

Likewise, try to prepare a list with the names and telephone numbers of the people to contact in case of an emergency; Likewise, it includes relevant information about your baby’s health, if he suffers from asthma, if he is allergic to any medication or if he suffers from any special condition.

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