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What is the best Lego Architecture?

Lego Architecture is a line of educational construction games that bring representations of various buildings around the world with great architectural value. The Lego company has taken great care in putting a lot of detail into the veracity of the design and the colors, in addition, the pieces are of good quality, so the product you buy from this brand will last a long time.


1. Lego Architecture London Skyline Big Ben Model

Precautions: This game is designed for children over 12 years of age, because riding it requires various skills such as patience, motor fine-tuning and following instructions. In other words, it is a game that challenges the dexterity of children.

Main Features: This cheap Lego is a scale replica of the city of London containing 468 pieces. Likewise, its base is 4 cm thick, 32 cm long and 8 cm wide, in addition, its tallest structure is more than 15 cm. Take advantage of the offer and buy it if you want to decorate your office or living room with an elegant and high-quality product. 

Functionality: This construction game can be used alone or with the family, which makes it very entertaining and educational. It even has the benefit of fulfilling decorative functions in any environment, so go ahead and give it away this Christmas.

Educational value: If you want your children to be great professionals in the future, this game will be an ally for them. This activity will allow them to develop and improve aspects such as the determination to finish a project and responsibility. 

Maintenance: It is common for the Lego Architecture London to accumulate a certain amount of dust, since, after assembling it, you will leave it in one place as a decorative item. Therefore, the recommendation is to clean it with any type of cloth, which is a very simple task to do.

New Edition: In the Architecture line you can find the new model of this collection, which is the Lego Architecture Tokyo. This model is inspired by the iconic monuments and buildings that represent the culture of the city of Tokyo, the highly populated capital of Japan.

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2. Lego Architecture New York Empire State

Warnings: Although this game is designed for children over 12 years of age, Lego recommends that the minimum age be 8 years. On some occasions, due to the small size of the pieces, some unforeseen events occur, so adult supervision is suggested.

Main characteristics: Its pieces are made of plastic materials that are friendly to the environment. You will notice that the 598 pieces try to closely resemble the colors and details of real New York buildings.

Functionality: This Lego Architecture New York set measures over 10” (26cm) high, 10” (25cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep. It can thus become an ideal piece to display in your living room, bedroom or office, giving your spaces a special and unique touch.

Educational value: It is a model that offers an informative guide on the most interesting data of each building. In this way, the smallest of the house can expand their knowledge and interests while having fun, making this an ideal gift.

Maintenance: On some occasions the pieces tend to fall to the ground, due to this it was made of materials that are highly resistant to stains and the wear and tear to which it is subjected, making it very easy to clean. Simply wipe this Lego with a soft cloth to shake off dirt.

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3. Lego Architecture Paris Decorative Model City

Precautions: It is always important that, if it is ridden by children, they have the presence of a responsible adult to guide them during the activity. In addition to this, when the little ones in the house use this construction game for the first time they can feel somewhat confused, in this you as a parent could help a lot.

Main Features: This game includes some of the most famous monuments in the history of Paris. Also, we mentioned that the 694 blocks are made of non-toxic plastic and have a good finish, so you don’t have to worry about accidents caused by sharp edges. This is something that does happen with various blocks from other brands.

Functionality: With this game, children or adults can feel like builders, in addition to being able to observe and enjoy their completed work for a long time. Even the smallest of the house will be proud of their work, so they may want to show it to other people, for example, classmates.

Educational value: This type of Lego can be used in history or architecture classes, since with it aspects of the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Palais would be explained very well, making said activity more entertaining. In addition, the set includes a guide with the most relevant and attractive data on these structures, providing information in a simple way for all students.

Maintenance: Lego offers you a low-maintenance set, so you don’t have to spend much of your time cleaning it and you can leave it on display even in open places. If it fills with dust or liquid, you can clean it with a dry cloth.

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4. Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty Building Set

Precautions: The Statue of Liberty Lego has a large number of blocks, approximately 1685 pieces of different sizes and shapes. Due to its difficulty when assembling, we recommend you follow Lego’s suggestions regarding age, being especially indicated for people 16 years of age and older.

Main features: The copy of the statue of liberty presents every detail that its real version has, including the torch and the crown with seven points. This 44 cm high model offers the user the characteristic green and beige colors of the statue. Likewise, it should be noted that it has been made with plastic material to guarantee its durability. In addition, you can buy it online and they send it to your door. 

Functionality: When you finish assembling it, the result is an original Lego accessory to adorn any space where you want to show off your modeling skills, for example, your office. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for the right birthday gift for a friend, this product might be worth it.

Educational value: This model of the main American statue is designed with the idea of ​​sharpening the minds of children and adults while assembling it. In this way, modeling becomes more fun, since you can place each piece alone or with your children; maybe it will be a good gift for this Christmas 2022.

Maintenance: Lego manufactures all its models in polymers that allow quick cleaning, with the aim of not interrupting your other daily tasks. So just by using a damp cloth you can leave this construction free of dust and bacteria.

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5. Lego Architecture Empire State Building New Construction Set

Precautions: Because this particular structure is complex to assemble, the recommended minimum age is 16 years.

Main characteristics: This model is developed with plastic blocks of different colors that vary between ivory and grey. Everything to be able to offer you the real landscape of which the buildings of the Manhattan district are part.

Functionality: The greatest functionality that a scale model of the majestic Empire State Building can have is to provide entertainment for those who are lovers of architecture. After joining many pieces and finishing this model, you will be enjoying a complete view of this great building.

Educational Value: This scale model allows people to gain useful skills while putting it together. The difficulty level for its construction is 3.2/5, being a good purchase option to give to a friend.

Maintenance : Being made of plastic materials, the dust does not adhere too much to its surfaces, making it easy to clean. It is only necessary to use a cloth that you can moisten to prevent dust from dispersing during cleaning.

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6. Lego Architecture San Francisco decorative city model

Precautions: It is recommended that this game be used by children 12 years of age and older. However, we must emphasize the importance of your supervision as an adult, since it has too many pieces and these can confuse some children in the assembly.

Main features: It is made of a plastic that is strong enough to withstand various falls during assembly. Later, due to its wide base and the pressure of the blocks, it may not be dismantled even with certain sudden movements.

Functionality: Thanks to the fact that it is a replica of the city of San Francisco, it gives it the versatility to be used as a decoration object. For the same reason, it can not only be placed in private offices or living rooms, but also in public places such as schools.

Educational value: Like any toy that is used to build, it provides the ability to improve the individual’s reasoning, making him more agile to think and concentrate on different tasks. Even this type of Lego can be used by educational psychologists in educational institutions to help children with attention deficit disorder.

Maintenance: It is recommended to clean it every 15 days, to remove the dust that this Lego may accumulate in the place where you display it.

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7. Lego Architecture Trafalgar Square New Model Toy

Precautions: The minimum age recommended by the manufacturer is 12 years old, however, it is good that your children assemble this Lego with your help, to avoid errors in the construction or loss of pieces.

Main features : It is made of plastic material for durability and the colors of each of its pieces are inspired by real life. After its construction is finished, it measures 12 cm high, 24 cm wide and 20 cm deep.

Functionality: Helps the psychomotor development and maintenance that everyone needs to keep the mind healthy. It also allows the whole family to be entertained for a while while riding and, in this way, strengthens the bonds between parents and children.

Educational value: When assembled, children and adults alike will be able to admire this iconic London square. Your children will be able to get to know part of the impressive history that it hides, prompting them in the search for knowledge.

Maintenance: An advantage of this Lego is that it does not have to be disassembled in order to be cleaned correctly, since when the pieces fit together there are no cracks that allow the passage of dirt particles. In addition, after being assembled, it will only need to be cleaned superficially from time to time to prevent it from accumulating a lot of dust.

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8. Lego Architecture Tokyo Skyline Model

Precautions: This product is very dangerous for children under 3 years of age, because the parts are tiny and there is a risk that they may be ingested by accident. Tokyo City Skyline is intended for audiences ages 16 and up.

Main characteristics : All the elements are made of brightly colored plastic, very similar to the structures found in the city of Tokyo. The complete construction has 547 pieces that will allow you to recreate the iconic places that reflect the magic of this Japanese city.

Functionality: Young people and adults can enjoy a moment of relaxation while learning about the history of each of the places in this model. Also, it is a set of 513 g and being so light makes it easy to move around your home, for example, from the bedroom to the living room.

Educational value: If you carry out the construction of this Lego you will have the possibility of increasing your imagination and creativity. During the assembly of this city you will be able to discover interesting facts about each of the places, for example, the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower or the outstanding building of the Tokyo Tower.

Maintenance: If at any time you want to disassemble the structure, it is recommended to keep the pieces in the same place to avoid losing them. You should know that if some of the blocks are missing, the structure will be incomplete and will not look the same as the real version.

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9. Lego Architecture Dubai Skyline Model

Precautions: Its use is recommended for people over 16 years of age. If you want to assemble this Lego Architecture with very young children, be very careful so that they do not lose pieces or put them in their mouths.

Main features: The game includes 740 pieces and has very practical dimensions of 33 x 27 x 7 cm. In addition to this, all its pieces are made of resistant plastic, while the blocks have bright colors that will last over time.

Functionality: With this family game, everyone can have a fun and entertaining time, since it is not a game that encourages rivalry among the participants. In this way, good memories and family anecdotes can be created that you can remember with pleasure at any time.

Educational value: Thanks to this set, young people with a curiosity for architecture and design will be able to learn a little more about the modern constructions that Dubai has to offer. In the same way, those who love modeling will be able to further develop their skills and abilities.

Maintenance: If you decide to keep the set assembled, it is best to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight, to avoid changes in color. Likewise, it is advisable not to display it in very open spaces to reduce the accumulation of dust.

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10. Lego Architecture Solomon Guggenheim Museum

Precautions: This model of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum should be used mainly by children over 12 years of age, because it has a certain degree of difficulty in its assembly.

Main characteristics: This structure offers a diversity of colors in approximately 740 pieces, highlighting the avant-garde and picturesque style of this architectural work, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on July 7, 2019.

Functionality: The museum was created after carrying out more than 500 test models, which is why this replica of the Lego brand gives any space the distinction and elegance of good art. By assembling it you can decorate spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, among others.  

Educational value: Because the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is part of the universal history of art, it is perfect for nurturing the minds of boys and girls interested in this subject. For that reason, Lego Architecture decided to award this building with the creation of an exact scale model that in turn furthers the history of New York City.

Maintenance: This copy of the museum is small compared to other Lego models, which makes cleaning it easy without taking up much time. In addition, thanks to its practical dimensions, this set is easy to display in almost any corner of the home.

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