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What is the best Harry Potter LEGO?

If you are interested in purchasing a LEGO set inspired by JK Rowling’s successful saga of books and movies, Harry Potter, in the following space you will find a wide variety of options together with all the advantages they provide in different areas, both in terms of entertainment and educational and even with benefits for motor skills.

1. LEGO 75954 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Precautions: If the set is to be used by a small child, it should always be under the supervision of an adult, as there are small parts that can be accidentally swallowed or cause injury. The recommended minimum age is 9 years and older.

Main features: The great hall is located within its own structure, it is made of plastic and the set includes 10 LEGO figures representing various characters, including the trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Functionality: It is useful and entertaining to be able to represent the scenes of the book or the movies together with the figures of the characters, stimulating the child’s imagination so that he becomes interested in the story itself.

Educational value: The educational value could come from interesting those who do not know the story, to pick up the book and read it in order to find out the importance of that setting or the characters.

Maintenance: To properly care for the set, you must keep it free of dust and moisture, as this could affect the visual appearance and painted details on both the main toy and the accessories.

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2. LEGO 75953 Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Precautions: This LEGO model is recommended for children who are at least 9 years old due to the presence of small parts as it is a construction set and the figures of the characters that do not exceed a few centimeters in height.

Main features: It is made of plastic and presents a great amount of detail in the characters, the Willow, the car and the pieces with which it will be possible to assemble a structure similar to an entrance to Hogwarts castle.

Functionality: By including Ron’s father’s flying Ford Anglia, the little ones will be able to recreate the scene in which they arrive at school, after having missed the train, having fun and creating new adventures if they wish.

Educational value: The size and assembly complexity of some models in this set can help children improve their motor skills, as well as hand and eye coordination when handling small parts.

Maintenance: Being made of plastic, the set can be kept clean relatively easily, either by using a damp cloth to remove any stains or food residue that may have fallen or by using a feather duster to remove dust.

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3. LEGO 75957 Harry Potter Knight Bus Construction Toy

Precautions: The Knight Bus is large enough to pose a danger to a child, but the included character figures are, so it is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Main features: The set includes the Knight Bus with a size of 16 x 16 x 6 centimeters, three character figures representing Harry, the bus conductor and the funny driver.

Functionality: The LEGO Knight Bus has wheels, so it can slide along the ground like any other vehicle. This will lead to play sessions in which the child can simulate imaginary trips to any destination in the real or magical world.

Educational value: The design of the Knight Bus has openings for the side face and its roof is removable, giving access to the interior where the child can use the figures to recreate scenes and have fun.

Maintenance: To always keep it looking new and without wear, we advise you to clean it after each game session to remove any stain, residue or dirt that may have remained. Remember that some children can be careless with their toys.

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4. LEGO 75956 Harry Potter Quidditch Match Building Set

Precautions: This construction set includes a large number of small parts and the minimum recommended age is 7 years to be used safely. However, constant adult supervision is recommended to avoid any incident.

Main Features: When ready, the set will feature the towers that represent the four houses of Hogwarts, as well as the hoops to score goals in the match. A total of 6 figures are included representing Harry, Hermione, Snape, Wood, Bole and Flint.

Functionality: The towers have different accessories that make them interactive and, in addition, the accessories include bats and quaffle balls in case you want to enjoy miniature games of this fun magical sport.

Educational Value: By offering the ability to use a “cannon” to shoot the quaffles through the hoops and score goals, it can influence eye coordination to improve aim and concentration.

Maintenance: At the end of a game session with the set, it is recommended to clean each piece with a cloth to remove any traces of food, sweat or dirt and keep them looking new for much longer. This will prevent them from discoloring or warping so they can fit together smoothly every time.

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5. LEGO 75945 Harry Potter Expecto Patronum Building Set

Precautions: Keep in mind that this set includes tree figures that, when assembled, the largest reaches 13 x 8 x 4 centimeters, while the rest of the components result in smaller assemblies and using very small parts., being recommended from the age of 11.

Main features: This LEGO set is made up of a couple of trees, the stag from Harry’s Expecto Patronum spell, two figures of dementors, a base simulating the lake and, of course, two extra figures representing Harry and his godfather, Sirius Black..

Functionality: It is a set that has a fairly free design, so children can use their imagination and creativity to recreate scenes, have spell battles, among many other things.

Educational value: As an educational value, the increase in creativity and motor skills in general is mentioned, which turns out to be quite beneficial for the development of the child in his future.

Maintenance: It has a total of 121 pieces and they are all made of plastic, so keeping them clean should not be a problem. You can wash them or clean them with a cloth as you prefer.

New edition: In the new edition that went on sale last year, the base of the lake has a support where you can place figures of characters that simulate casting spells against the fearsome dementors.

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6. LEGO 75965 Harry Potter Voldemort Rising

Precautions: The manufacturer’s recommendations place this construction set as a toy for children over 7 years of age due to the size of some of its pieces, since they could be easily ingested if care or supervision is not exercised during play sessions.

Main features: This LEGO set seeks to represent the scene of Voldemort’s rise, developed during the fourth film installment of the saga. Included are 4 character figures, various wands, the Triwizard Cup, and the ingredients used by Wormtail to revive his master.

Functionality: In addition to being fun and entertaining, the set includes a special mechanism along with a compartment where you can hide the Voldemort figure and then pull a lever and make it “pop” out of the graveyard floor.

Educational Value: As a primary educational value, this Harry Potter LEGO set will help improve your child’s building and object manipulation skills. This will have a great impact on their motor development to make handling all kinds of instruments easier later on.

Maintenance: If you want to keep this set assembled and clean, you should focus on the use of dusters or pressurized air blowers, in order to remove the dust from all the cracks and crevices that form between the pieces.

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7. LEGO 75955 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Toy Train

Precautions: The design and its complexity may be a bit high for some children, which is why the recommended age to use it is from 8 years old and, if possible, with the help of an adult, since the set is composed of 801 pieces.

Main features: The train has bright and attractive colors with gold details that make it very eye-catching. The platform is packed with detail and you’ll be able to play with figures of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Mrs. Candy Cart, Lupin, a dementor and even Scabbers, Ron’s pet rat.

Functionality: To stay true to the magical world of the Saga, the platform features a movable “brick wall” through which characters can traverse from the Muggle world to the wizarding world.

Educational value: The educational value of this alternative focuses on spatial memory, since the child will be able to use his distance and space approach to play with the train and the figures. It also stimulates creativity in general.

Maintenance: As many of the assembled pieces can be removed to make way for detailed interiors, you should carefully clean each area of ​​the set with an aerator or duster to prevent dust buildup.

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8. LEGO 75952 Fantastic Beasts Newt’s Magical Creatures Suitcase

Precautions: To safely use this set, it is advisable to always be aware of the child due to the presence of considerably small parts. Also, keep in mind that its use is recommended from 8 years and older.

Main features: This edition of LEGO includes the figures of the new characters developed for the movie, as well as various accessories including wands, magic potions, tools, animals, food, etc.

Functionality: The “Fantastic beast and where to find them” set is an interesting challenge for any child, youth or adult as it has a total of 694 pieces that must be placed correctly to assemble the entire set as it should be.

Educational value: One of the greatest contributions that this LEGO game can provide is the improvement in motor skills, as well as in construction with small objects to increase concentration.

Maintenance: All the parts of the 75952 model are made of plastic, so they can be sanitized in different ways, either by washing them, shaking them or simply wiping them over with a cloth.

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9. LEGO 75946 Harry Potter Triwizard Challenge

Precautions: Although the number of pieces is lower compared to other LEGO Harry Potter sets, it is still recommended to maintain adult supervision while playing and that the child is at least 8 years old.

Main features: The most striking feature of the set is, of course, the dragon, a Hungarian Horntail measuring 7 x 27 x 34 centimeters, being one of the largest and most iconic elements of both the set and the scene in the film.

Functionality: You can enjoy setting up the Champions’ tent, as well as playing with any of them, be it Harry Potter, Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour or Cedric Diggory.

Educational value: In the educational value section, this LEGO set is able to provide the child with improvements in spatial memory, creativity and hand skills by making him handle small pieces during assembly.

Maintenance: Cleaning this toy will be a relatively simple task, since all the parts can be washed with soap and water or simply rubbed with a damp cloth to remove the remains of any dirt.

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10. LEGO 75958 Harry Potter Beauxbatons Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts

Precautions: The recommended minimum age is 8 years, although due to the number of pieces, their size and the level of complexity involved in assembling the set, the intervention of an adult may also be required.

Main features: The set is made up of four character figures: Madame Maxime, Hagrid and the Delacour sisters, as well as two horses and, of course, the carriage itself, which has dimensions of 13 x 30 x 21 centimeters.

Functionality: Several accessories are included to make the construction set much more interactive, such as lampposts, a LEGO tea set, two shovels and a bottle to “feed the horses Malt Whiskey” as required by its owner in the story.

Educational value: The main educational value provided by this LEGO construction set is precisely to improve the child’s construction and resource manipulation skills, so that they can fit the pieces together to increase their motor skills.

Maintenance: The entire LEGO set can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, a damp cloth, a feather duster or even water, since, being made of plastic, it will not present any type of moisture damage.

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