Lego Classic 10704 reviews

Main advantage:

With the purchase comes a small book with easy-to-follow instructions for little builders, which will allow them to learn how to create a fierce dragon, a friendly dog, a fish, boat, truck, popsicle and a race car.

Main disadvantage:

The incorporation of a rigid polymer storage box with a lid is missing, in which the child can incorporate the pieces when they finish playing.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This Lego set offers children the opportunity to let their imagination run wild, while encouraging the learning of colors and shapes, while developing their motor skills.

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Main Features Explained


Rated as one of the best Lego Classics, you can find this set positioned that, according to the opinions left on the different purchase portals, offers safe handling for the little ones in the house.

Each of the blocks and elements attached to the set have been manufactured with ABS polymer, which is frequently used in computer keyboards, cell phone cases, appliances, toys, among other products. It is a synthetic material free of toxic agents, so you will not have to worry about the release of any particles that could cause allergies or irritation in the delicate skin of the infant.

In addition, the blocks of the Lego Classic 10704 do not have sharp points, since all the contours of the pieces have been rounded. Thus, it is possible to avoid any type of accident.

creative construction

The goal of every parent is to encourage the creativity of their little ones, and one of the best ways to do this could be with the Lego Classic 10704, which is an educational toy at an affordable price.

It is a set made up of the well-known Lego blocks and some other special elements, totaling 890 pieces, which the child can combine with each other to create a large number of constructions.

Among the pieces mentioned are wheels of different sizes to make cars and motorcycles, three pairs of eyes, which will give life to dogs, fish and dragons. For its part, with the help of the doors and windows integrated into the package, it will be possible to build houses and even castles, depending on the story to be developed in the child’s imagination.

cleaning parts

The Legos Classics are characterized by having pieces of different sizes that, as expected, will be placed on the floor of the room, patio or on any other surface where the child wants to play. In this sense, it is important to be careful, since dirt particles could quickly accumulate on the blocks, which will gradually end up in direct contact with children’s hands, mouths and eyes, causing infections. For this reason, the ideal is to constantly clean all these elements.

With the Lego Classic 10704, you will have no problem maintaining the hygiene of the pieces, since, due to their manufacture in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, also known as ABS plastic, you can wash them directly under the water tap and even apply some mild detergent, without fear of damaging the blocks or discoloring them.

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