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Which is the best Lego Classic?

Lego Classics are distinguished from other models by not having a specific theme, since many of the contemporary versions are inspired by famous movies and sagas. However, these Legos only have the classic bricks, some special elements such as eyes, doors and wheels, as well as a small design guide to inspire the user, therefore, as it does not have its own motif, it is a timeless product. of free creation, being a good option for both children and adults.

1. Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box Set

Precautions: It is indicated for children over 4 years of age, since it includes small parts that could be dangerous if ingested by children and babies. Similarly, it is recommended that children play with these Legos under adult supervision.

Main features: This is one of the most complete and versatile kits in this selection, which is why it serves as a very original birthday or Christmas gift. In this sense, it is made up of 790 pieces that offer 33 color options, in addition, it has eight types of doors and windows, as well as special objects that can complement its use, including window frames and three pairs of eyes.

Functionality: It is used to assemble figures of all kinds, having as a limit the user’s imagination, whether it is the construction of buildings, animals, fantastic creatures, means of transport, among others. Likewise, it allows you to build each model illustration shown on the box.

Educational value: It is capable of encouraging free construction and awakening the imagination of any person. In addition, it includes a booklet with different building ideas that can serve as inspiration for storytelling, making it one of the most attractive lego kits of 2022.

Maintenance: For the care of its pieces, it has a storage box and includes a brick separator, which prevents the pieces of other colors from mixing, in this way it is possible to access the Legos more easily. 

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2. Lego Creative Classic Suitcase 10713 Building Kit

Precautions: It is indicated for children and adults from 4 years of age onwards, since it contains pieces that could be too small for children under 3 years of age to play with them safely.

Main features: This kit measures 26 cm high, 28 cm wide and 6 cm deep, making it easy to transport. In addition, it includes a selection of 213 classic Lego pieces, among which we can find some special ones to facilitate the creation of specific objects, such as eyes and wheels.

Functionality: All its pieces have universal measurements of the Lego brand, so they are compatible with other construction games, thus allowing you to expand the possibilities of creation. Also, it facilitates the formation of houses, stairs, dinosaurs, spaceships and other objects that can complement children’s own toys.

Educational value: To facilitate the game, on the back of the suitcase there are 8 illustrated designs that can serve as inspiration to encourage the creativity of the little ones. It is also suitable for family learning, allowing children to have fun while using their imagination with the help of their parents.

Maintenance: For the maintenance of the parts, it is important to store them correctly after use, so this package includes an attractive bright yellow suitcase, which has different compartments and also serves to move the kit everywhere safely.

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3. Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Toy

Precautions: According to the manufacturer, this kit can be used by children from 4 years of age. However, it is important to mention that many of its pieces have a delicate structure that could break when applying too much force, creating sharp plastic pieces, for this reason, it is recommended to have the support of an adult during the game.

Main features: It offers 35 brick colors distributed in its 484 pieces, which makes it possible to build multiple buildings. Among these elements it contains 41 components with special characteristics; 18 car wheels, 18 truck wheels, 3 pairs of eyes, a window with its respective frame and a green base that measures 8 cm x 16 cm.

Functionality: It is a kit that can accompany children for several years. It includes a practical illustrative manual with 10 creative designs that can be built simultaneously, among these are means of transport, animals and different types of vegetation.

Educational value: It has been designed primarily to develop children’s creativity, with the use of lego bricks for imaginative construction. In addition, the illustrations in the manual have different degrees of difficulty, so it serves as a starter kit to gradually develop the creative thinking of younger children.

Maintenance: Cleaning must be done by hand with water and a mild detergent at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. However, the pieces are divided into 6 plastic bags that keep them protected from bacteria and external agents.

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4. Lego Duplo Classic Box of Bricks Construction Toy

Precautions: The offer of Legos is very wide, so it is important to review the recommended age in each model. This is a special set for children aged 1 and a half years and older, as its pieces are large enough to be used safely, however, it is recommended that babies play with them under adult supervision.

Main features: One of the benefits of this model is that it includes a pair of dolls, a boy and a girl, which complement the game and can be used as main characters in the creation of stories. On the other hand, the package is made up of 65 brightly colored bricks so that they are easy to identify.

Functionality: It is a version of the classic Lego game, but in its Duplo version for the little ones at home. In addition, it has a guide for children and parents to work together in the creation of figures, in this way, it is an appropriate kit to share special moments with the family.

Educational value: The pieces have engraved numbers from 1 to 3, so that children learn to identify them from an early age. In addition, it allows the development of motor skills, as well as visual perception, creative thinking and helps improve the ability to solve problems.

Maintenance: Being made up of larger pieces, they are more resistant to shocks, falls and continuous use, thus guaranteeing a long useful life. Likewise, it includes a hard plastic box so that children can store the Legos after playing.

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5. Lego Classic Creative Windows New Construction Toy 

Precautions: It is important to know that it is indicated for children from 4 years of age, since some of its pieces could be too compact and delicate to be used by the smallest of the house.

Main features: This box includes 450 pieces with Legos in attractive colors, which favors easy identification by children. Additionally, it has wheels, doors, windows, eyes and hinges so that the buildings have a higher level of realism.

Functionality: To facilitate the creation of objects, it incorporates a step-by-step guide, in this way, the construction of objects can be more fluid and simple, in addition, this allows parents and relatives to participate in the construction, helping the child to follow the steps correctly. Therefore, it is indicated to assemble from houses to robot cabinets with wheels, as well as buildings, animals, means of transport and different objects that can later allow the child to tell stories.

Educational value: One of the greatest benefits of this Lego kit is that it has 3 levels of difficulty in the construction of 9 figures, in this way, it favors the gradual development of the creativity of the little ones.

Maintenance: It has a list on the right side of the box where the number of pieces by color and shape appears to facilitate counting. In addition, it can be used to store the pieces after playing, however, the box is made of cardboard, so it should not be in contact with water.

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6. Lego Classic Extra Large Box of Bricks

Precautions: Because the kit includes some very small parts that are easy to swallow, this product is recommended for ages 4 and up. Also, it is preferable that there is an adult near the children while they play for greater safety.

Main features: This is one of the most complete Lego sets, making it a good purchase option for many users. In this sense, it includes 1500 pieces with some special elements, such as windows, eyes, bricks, wheels, doors and different objects.

Functionality: It is a kit to build any type of figure from scratch. Also, it has an instruction manual to assemble some designs that serve to encourage the imagination. These include a house, a flower, a frog, a car, an elephant, a ship and a plane, as well as some interesting and decorative objects, such as a gramophone, an old telephone or the entrance of a fort.

Educational value: It is capable of fostering the creativity of both children and adults in the creation of figures. In addition, its variety of pieces and colors make it possible to recreate all kinds of stories to keep the mind active, while offering moments of fun for the whole family. Likewise, it is necessary to know that the designs of the manual have different levels of difficulty, in this way, they can be adapted to the age and experience of the user.

Maintenance: Having a large number of pieces, it can be a bit difficult to store them, so it is recommended to have a clean brush and a shovel to collect the pieces more quickly and effectively.

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7. Lego Classic Base Construction Toy

Precautions: Like the rest of the classic Lego elements, this base is only recommended for use by children over 4 years of age, since it has a very solid structure and sharp edges.

Main characteristics: It is a structure that has dimensions of 25 x 25 cm, but in terms of its Lego capacity, it has 32 x 32 pegs, suitable for use with a classic kit. In addition, it has a green surface so that it can serve as grass in the creation of forests, farms, gardens and country houses. 

Functionality: This is an appropriate base to complement any Lego set, so its main function is to serve as a starting point when starting the game, in addition, it is one of the cheapest products of the famous brand. Also, you can get it in other colors and sizes, in this way it is possible to combine it according to the type of construction you want to carry out.

Educational value: It is an easy-to-use toy that favors inspiration and gives a better finish to any construction made of Legos, thus avoiding the restrictions of the imagination and allowing you to create from scratch.

Maintenance: It may be necessary to clean it from time to time to extend its useful life, for which you will only need a damp cloth to remove dust. It is important to wait for it to dry completely before storing to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

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8. Lego Duplo Classic Deluxe Brick Box

Precautions: Unlike classic bricks, these pieces can be used by children from 18 months of age, since they have a larger size to prevent suffocation and other accidents. Similarly, it is most appropriate for children to play with these pieces in the company of their parents or under the supervision of a caregiver.

Main features: It is a kit made up of 85 brightly colored bricks, so they easily attract the attention of the little ones. Additionally, it includes 3 dolls that can star in stories, a boy, a girl and a dog. As if that were not enough, it has some special elements, such as the structure of a car, wheels, flowers, windows and doors.

Functionality: Its multiple pieces make it an appropriate model for children and adults to share a pleasant moment in the creation of different figures. In this sense, it allows the construction of trees, houses, cars, gardens and playgrounds, so that children can tell their own stories from an early age.

Educational value: It is able to stimulate children’s sight and mind, to encourage creative construction. As if that were not enough, its pieces are identified with numbers from 1 to 3, so that they learn to memorize them with great ease.

Maintenance: It is important to occasionally clean the parts to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. In this sense, it is only necessary to rub them with a toothbrush and a mild degreasing soap, then you can submerge them in warm water to remove the soap and dry them well with a towel.

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9. Lego Classic 10704 Creative Building Set

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends not offering this model to children under 4 years of age, since many of its pieces have very small measurements that in the worst case could cause mechanical suffocation.

Main features: This kit has a large number of shades distributed in its 900 pieces, which makes it possible to build all kinds of objects using the colors of the rainbow. Similarly, its variety of colors makes it an appropriate kit to complement other Lego sets.

Functionality: It is a practical kit that has a set of doors, wheels, windows and eyes that provide greater functionality and help in the creation of different buildings, means of transport, fantastic animals and even mobile phones made with Legos. In case you run out of ideas, it is important to know that it is possible to acquire new content online through the Lego website.

Educational value: Being a device suitable for any age, it offers an instruction guide with three levels of difficulty, in this way it can be adapted to the experience of each user. In addition, it allows both children and adults to keep busy in an entertaining activity, so it is a good idea to promote bonding between parents and children.

Maintenance: It is made up of many small pieces, so it is advisable to keep the pieces that are not used in the box, in this way, you can avoid losing any during the game. In addition, it is advisable to clean the parts periodically to maintain hygiene.

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10. Lego Classic Bricks on Wheels Construction Toy

Precautions: Although many of its pieces have attractive colors for children, this set should not be used by children under 4 years of age, in any case, it is recommended that they play under the supervision of an adult, since many of its pieces they are sharp, delicate or very small, so they can cause various accidents.

Main features: It is a kit of 442 Lego pieces, among which we can find some with special features that provide a better finish to the creations, such as wheels, eyes, doors, windows, among others. For greater practicality, it includes a separator that facilitates the disassembly of the pieces.

Functionality: It offers an instruction manual to create pre-designed figures step by step, they are classified into 3 levels of difficulty, which can give children the necessary experience to imagine new forms. Among the options it provides is an ice cream cart, a motorcycle, a gas station, a dog on a skate and a caravan.

Educational value: It is indicated to encourage unlimited creativity, while keeping the child entertained and occupied. Similarly, it provides an activity that allows you to share with other children to encourage teamwork.

Maintenance: To prevent parts from being lost, this set comes in a cardboard box with a handle, which is an attractive presentation to give as a gift and to store the Legos after each game.

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