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What is the best Lego Creator?

The Lego Creator series has been entertaining children and adults for almost two decades with its many sets that invite creativity and ingenuity to build great structures, full of details and colour. Thus, the different sets in this line can serve as gifts for children and adults who are fans of construction games. And that is why we bring you a selection with the best Lego Creators of 2022. 

1. LEGO Creator Great Dinosaurs 

Precautions: This toy is not indicated for children under 7 years of age because it contains very small construction parts.

Main features: This set invites children to discover three large dinosaurs that they can assemble and disassemble whenever they want. To do this, the game comes with 170 plastic pieces, the traditional building blocks and some elements such as orange eyes, teeth and claws that give more realism to the shapes that will be built. When riding the T-Rex, his arms, legs and tail can be repositioned to give him a more ferocious look. 

Functionality: The possibility of building a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Pterodactyl or a Triceratops is the main functionality found in this toy, which can become a collector’s item for little fans of Lego sets. Also, this product is a good option to give as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion. 

Educational value: With this Creator 3 in 1 set, children will awaken their interest in the world of extinct dinosaurs, learn to distinguish the species while developing their ability to assemble the figures, promoting their intelligence and fine motor skills. 

Maintenance: It is always advisable to keep the figures assembled to prevent the pieces from being lost. To clean them, you can moisten them in a container with water and mild soap, rub them with a scourer or small brush and then rinse them. It is important to let the pieces dry well before playing with them again.

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2. LEGO Creator Seabed Creatures

Precautions: The set contains small parts that could cause suffocation in children under 7 years of age. 

Main features: The marine world and its creatures are so mysterious and interesting that it is original to be able to assemble a Lego figure that represents the fearsome shark that measures 8 cm high, 21 cm long and 9 cm wide, accompanied by a crab and a treasure. For this, the 3-in-1 set consists of 230 pieces, with which other sea creatures can also be built. This toy is suitable for children over 7 years of age and who probably already have experience in assembling Lego structures. 

Functionality: With the 230 pieces in this set, kids, friends, and even your family can get involved in building the big shark, a crab, and the treasure chest. Or, if you prefer, you can ride the big squid with moving tentacles and when you want to do something different you will have more hours of fun riding the big deep-sea fish that tries to catch its small prey. 

Educational value: Children who assemble construction sets like this encourage their concentration, cultivate patience and test their cognitive skills to build the indicated figures until they achieve new combinations, also developing their imagination.

Maintenance: The plastic parts can be washed in a container with soapy water and constantly stirred, if it is not necessary to rub them individually. Afterwards, you can rinse them well several times and let them dry. 

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3. Lego Creator Exploration Drone 

Precautions: Although the game is suitable for children from 6 years of age, it is advisable to maintain the direct supervision of an adult to avoid accidents.

Main features: For action adventures, a scouting drone is the ideal complement that every spy needs. This Lego aerial vehicle has many details that make the structure more realistic, such as a lifting claw that doubles as a landing system, double rotors, an opening cabin and articulated cameras. Once the drone is assembled, it reaches dimensions of 6 cm in height, 12 cm in length and 14 cm in width. 

As it belongs to the Creator 3-in-1 line, this vehicle also becomes a hydrolyser and a classic twin-engine, offering more opportunities for fun and entertainment for little users between 6 and 12 years old.

Functionality: If you are looking for an original gift or you have no idea what a child would like for their First Communion or Three Kings Day, you can choose this versatile construction set because it has an original design, offers different game possibilities and has the support of Lego, which is characterized by maintaining high quality standards in its products. 

Educational value: This toy can be the complement in the action adventures that children recreate with their different Lego sets, promoting imagination, the development of abilities and skills. 

Maintenance: When disassembling the figures, it is advisable to store the pieces in their original box or in a container designated for each set.

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4. Lego Creator Pirate Roller Coaster

Precautions: Direct adult supervision is recommended and prevent children under 9 years of age from accessing the game because there are very small pieces. 

Main features: This set is definitely not the cheapest, but its complexity makes it a challenge for children and young people who enjoy building large sets. It is a mobile roller coaster, with 923 pieces and several elements inspired by the pirate world such as shark-shaped cars, a skull arch, a sunken galleon, an octopus and a palm tree. The game, suitable for children and young people from 9 to 14 years of age, has the option of forming two more attractions, such as the Skull and the Pirate Ship, with which they can recreate fun stories with the included minifigures. 

Functionality: With so much technology and video games, it is not easy to entertain children and young people with a board game. Therefore, this 3-in-1 Lego Creator set offers a challenge, since building each of the pirate-themed attractions is already an adventure. So this set can be a new way for family members to interact, work as a team to assemble the set and have fun together. 

Educational value: It is an intermediate level game that will allow children to develop their intelligence, creativity, social skills and concentration, since they will need a lot of attention to assemble the almost thousand pieces of the set.

Maintenance: The pieces can be washed under the tap if they accumulate a lot of dust.

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5. Lego Creator Submarine Robot 

Precautions: Its use is not recommended in children under 7 years of age and adult supervision is recommended.

Key Features: There’s always plenty of fun to be had in Lego’s underwater adventure, especially with the 3-in-1 Underwater Robot. This Creator set features 207 pieces to build the Robot with posable joints, a dome observation helmet, large feet and ballast, as well as a huge robotic eye that, when removed, converts the dome into a control cabin.

On the left arm, the robot has a claw and a perforated one, while the fingers of the right hand are prehensile. The beauty of this set is that when kids don’t want to play with the sea robot anymore, they can build a submarine or a stingray to enhance the play experience.

Functionality: This game is suitable for children over 7 years of age, being a very wise purchase if you are looking for an educational, entertaining and versatile game to give a gift to the little ones. In addition, children can start to have their own collection of Lego sets or develop all kinds of creative stories to play with the robot, submarine or stingray that they can build. 

Educational value: Children’s spatial memory is developed with construction games like this set, as they must learn where to place each piece and concentrate to assemble the different figures with precision.

Maintenance: When the set is assembled, you can use a makeup brush to remove the dust and avoid disassembling the parts. 

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6. Lego Creator Helicopter Adventure 

Precautions: It is a game for children over 6 years old.

Main Features: The Helicopter Adventure is a set that allows children to create three types of vehicles with 157 pieces, starting with the modern helicopter, highlighted by its tinted cockpit, landing gear, large engines and spinning rotor. When assembled it measures 7 x 19 x 12 cm wide. 

This playset enhances the experience for little users, who can also build a 5 x 15 x 15 cm glider or a 4 x 11 x 5 cm speedboat. The difficulty of this set is medium, so its use is recommended for children over 6 years of age. 

Functionality: In children’s games, many stories can be invented with a helicopter, and more possibilities are there if that vehicle becomes a speedboat or a glider. This is what the Creator 31092 set offers at a bargain price that will be a good investment as a gift for children, adaptable to any occasion or celebration.

Educational value: Lego sets are known as fun and entertaining educational games designed to encourage children’s concentration and ability to solve problems, learn to read instructions and follow them to achieve goals. 

Maintenance: To keep the pieces clean, you can include them in a delicate wash cycle, without spinning, and put them in a mesh bag so that they stay together during washing. 

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7. Lego Creator Futuristic Reactor 

Precautions: Adult supervision is recommended, and that it be used by children over 7 years of age.

Main features: Adventures in space always attract the attention of children. So this set offers the option to build a large futuristic red and white jet with a flaming jet engine, landing gear, tinted cockpit and forward-extending wings. At the end of its assembly, its dimensions are 7 cm in height, 20 cm in length and 22 cm in width. 

Additionally, the figure rebuilds to become a spaceship from the future, and then it can be a large 4-inch-tall robot to star in the great stories kids can create. 

Functionality: In this 2022, it is easier to buy toys, gifts, clothes and everything we need online, especially for children. And when it comes to an educational and entertaining gift, Lego is always one of the first options to consider, as it remains current by offering the most fun or updated construction sets. Such is the case of the Lego Creator Futuristic Reactor that is assembled without much difficulty and becomes a robot or a spaceship to improve the gaming experience. 

Educational value: Children strengthen their fine motor skills by assembling the pieces, they learn to concentrate, follow instructions and cultivate patience to achieve their goal: to assemble all the possible figures that the Creator 31086 allows.

Maintenance: You can wash the pieces by hand and let them dry outdoors.

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8. Lego Creator Sand Buggy

Precautions: It is not suitable for children under 6 years of age and adult supervision is recommended during use.

Main Features: The Creator 31087 set features a sporty Sand Buggy, in a blue, black and yellow color scheme with white and red details. Its many details add to its appeal, such as fat tires, a movable safety cage, a driver’s cab, a visible rear engine, a spoiler and a rear exhaust, among other elements, measuring 7 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm.

The versatility of this set is that it can also be converted into a 5cm x 8cm x 6cm ATV or a 6cm x 13cm x 14cm airplane. In total, there are 147 pieces that this set has and that alternate to form any of these figures that will surely provide a lot of fun to children. 

Functionality: For adventure games, one or more vehicles are always needed to transport the villains, heroes and protagonists of the story. Thus, this Lego set offers three alternatives to build: a buggy, a quad and a plane that children can assemble and disassemble as many times as they want to always have the ideal means of transport for their adventures. 

Educational value: Children increase their concentration in the assembly of Lego sets, learn to solve problems, develop their fine motor skills and increase their imagination, developing new stories and games. 

Maintenance: Dust off assembled sets using a brush or makeup brush.

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9. Lego Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle

Precautions: It should be kept away from children due to the risk of suffocation.

Main features: The Lego brand does not offer games just for children, on the contrary, it has fans of different ages all over the world and for the most experienced, the Creator Expert line arrives. In this edition, the challenge is to build the classic Volkswagen Beetle, a set with 1,167 pieces, suitable for people over 16 years of age and with knowledge of assembling scale models.

This set stands out for its numerous details to emulate all the characteristics of the Beetle, starting with the flat windshield, curved bumpers, a cooled 4-cylinder engine and the respective fuel tank. Inside the car are the beige reclining seats and the traditional steering wheel. The whole style of this set is inspired by the 60’s and surf style. Therefore, a surfboard, a portable cooler and a beach towel are included as accessories. 

Functionality: This could be the dream gift for a fan of Beetles and, in turn, Lego. It is also a good acquisition for collectors, as it is an attractive scale model with many details that enhance the characteristics of the classic Volkswagen car.

Educational Value: Assembling this set is a test of skills, concentration, patience, and fine motor skills for young and old. 

Maintenance: The assembled figure can be stored in an acrylic or glass box to keep it free of dust. 

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10. Lego Creator Flaming Dragon

Precautions: Its use is not recommended in children under 7 years of age, and adult supervision is advised during its use.

Characteristics: In a battle of medieval knights, the epic fight against the ferocious dragon that guards the treasure cannot be missed and that is what children can assemble with the Lego Creator 31102, a set of 234 pieces.

When finishing the figure of the dragon, some details are observed, such as the articulated body parts, as well as the flame of fire that comes out of its mouth, large wings and an attack position prepared to prevent the treasure from being taken. But, in this adventure they will also be able to ride other beasts such as the fearsome saber tooth or the agile scorpion. 

Functionality: This game is designed for children over 7 years of age, as its level of difficulty is appropriate for children above this age range. It is a set that can complement games of knights, castles and princesses in which the fearsome dragon or other beast that must be defeated or dominated cannot be missing. So it can be an appropriate gift for girls or boys alike. 

Educational value: A game of this style teaches children to cultivate patience, follow instructions and increase their concentration to put the corresponding pieces in their place, reaching their goal of assembling any of the 3 beasts of the Creator 3 in 1. 

Maintenance: The parts should be washed regularly with soap and water so that they do not accumulate dust.

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