Lego Hidden Side

What is the best Lego Hidden Side?

Hidden Side is a Lego collection that stands out for being compatible with the brand’s mobile app and providing fun with augmented reality. There are many outstanding models from this line of products, such as these 10 that can be adapted to children of all ages.

1. LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted Institute

Precautions: Due to its level of difficulty, the brand recommends that its use be given from the age of 9, under the supervision of an adult.

Main Features: This Lego set can be a good birthday gift for children who enjoy building and building Lego structures, as the model comes with 1474 high-quality plastic parts to build the Haunted Institute. The inside has an open space for easy play and the 6 minifigures are easier to manipulate in all areas. In addition, the set is equipped with all accessories.

Functionality: This new model has the relevant characteristic of combining the physical game with the virtual one. In this way, using the Lego Hidden Side application, you will be able to discover the secrets of the institute and even hunt virtual ghosts while playing. In addition to this, the rotating lever found in the central part of the structure will allow you to transform the windows into a terrifying green monster.

Educational value: By assembling each piece of this set, children will be able to develop their motor skills and coordination while, at the same time, developing their logic and creativity. The mobile app will also allow children to improve their knowledge of new technologies.

Maintenance: In order to keep the product in good condition, it is only necessary to dust it from time to time, put away the small parts when you finish playing and turn the lever gently.

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2. LEGO Hidden Side Intercept Bus

Precautions: To avoid accidents, this product is not suitable for use by children 3 years of age or younger. Under the supervision of an adult, its use is recommended from the age of 8.

Key Features: Made from the highest quality plastic for fun and interesting days, this 689-piece set will allow you to assemble an eye-catching school bus that will not only take the minifigures to Newbury High School, but will also be used to hunt ghosts, thanks to the different accessories included such as the deployable cannons and scanners. The set comes with 6 minifigures, of which 4 can be inside the bus; it opens to give children more space to play.

Functionality: Regarding its functionality, this product follows the trend of the Hidden Side collection and provides a mobile app to use augmented reality and imagine fun scenes. An amazing detail is that the portable toilet can turn into a ghost, to add more fun.

Educational value: Children will learn about augmented reality from the first moment with this toy, as they will explore the structure and find various hidden details. In addition to that, your logical and creative abilities will be unconsciously developed while playing. Imagination, on the other hand, will be one of the most reinforced qualities, since the children will be able to assume different roles and act out different scenes.

Maintenance: To keep the product in good condition, it is advisable to keep all the small accessories that can be damaged and to clean the bus from time to time.

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3. LEGO Hidden Side 70418 JB Newbury’s Ghost Laboratory

Cautions: This is one of the easiest Lego sets to suit children from 7 years of age.

Main features: A cheap product can also be original, and this LEGO model proves it. The set, with only 174 pieces used to make assembly very simple, allows you to create a very creative ghost laboratory. The approximate dimensions of the product are 19 cm high, 9 cm deep and 18 cm wide. In this way, the fun will come hand in hand with the ease of storage and mobilization. The set has 3 minifigures and a small dog, so everyone can do their job on the spot.

Functionality: Augmented reality will become an essential part of the game when children download the Hidden Side mobile application, as it will allow them to carry out other interactive activities and complement the game with the laboratory. Thanks to its varied accessories, children will have more opportunities to play. Finally, it is important to note that it is a completely open set to facilitate handling.

Educational value: Legos are one of the most educational toys, as they work different cognitive skills simultaneously without the child realizing that they learn by playing. These include imagination, creativity, logic, spatial memory, problem solving, etc.

Maintenance: Storing small accessories, treating the set gently and dusting it occasionally could be a good way to keep the product in good condition.

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4. LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery

Cautions: This product is intended for children ages 7 and up, however parental supervision is recommended at all times for safer play.

Main features: It is a good idea to give this set to the bravest, because only they will dare to play in Newbury Cemetery. If your child has courage, this online purchase can give them great fun with the 4 minifigures included and the various details that are hidden in it. Thanks to its light weight, you will be able to mobilize the product when you need it, after assembling the 335 pieces included in the offer. To add to the fun, the collapsible tombs will let the skeletons out, while the haunted tree waits to attack any approaching ghost hunters with its moving branches.

Functionality: Like any Lego set, children can have fun assembling the product. However, the novelty of the Hidden Side models is the possibility of playing through the mobile app, using augmented reality to discover ghosts and catch them. By scanning the color wheels, you can visualize effects of different types on the phone, bringing more fun.

Educational value: In addition to the knowledge that is usually acquired with Lego products, such as the development of imagination, creativity and logic, the little ones will also expand their knowledge and lexicon, by learning about cemeteries, augmented reality, etc..

Maintenance: As long as the product is treated delicately, nothing else will be necessary.

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5. LEGO Hidden Side Stranded Shrimp Boat

Precautions: This is a product recommended for children 7 years and older, as it is easy to assemble and also comes with an instruction manual to facilitate assembly.

Main Features: Any Christmas will become an adventure at sea with this set, giving any child what they need to navigate an imaginary ocean with their favorite Lego figures. This 310-piece plastic product has everything you need to assemble a detachable shrimp boat to hunt ghosts and sea monsters. In addition, it will also be possible to kayak until you find the haunted cliff to discover greater secrets. In addition to the main characters, two small animal figures are included: a dog and an albino crocodile.

Functionality: Together with the Lego Hidden Side mobile app, children will be able to complement their game with the world of augmented reality by using the phone to discover ghosts. This will be achieved with the scanner that will activate different effects depending on the area that is viewed. Another positive aspect is that, since there are three different structures, it is possible to play with all of them or with just one, if desired.

Educational value: While playing, children will be able to learn different things about shrimpers, as this boat is made in great detail. Additionally, they will develop different cognitive skills important in childhood such as imagination, creativity and problem solving.

Maintenance: Lego-brand sets are built to last, so cleaning only occasionally is necessary to preserve it.

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6. LEGO Hidden Side Stunt Truck

Precautions: All children, from the age of 8, can have fun using this Lego set.

Main features: In 2022, this set is still one of the most outstanding, as it includes 428 plastic parts to assemble a large truck for the ghostly chase of two biker spirits who enjoy the escape. Thanks to its suspension mechanism, the truck will be able to perform stunts to quickly catch up with the ghosts. In total, there are 4 minifigures included and each vehicle has space for 2 of them, as well as a funny ghost dog that will accompany the characters. In addition to its bright red color, the truck also comes with eye-catching details like an unbewitch cannon.

Functionality: In addition to the fun that comes with assembling each structure, the fact that they are cars makes the game opportunities wider, since children can incorporate the cars into other similar toys. In turn, like all Hidden Side sets, this model comes with the very good alternative of working with augmented reality through the mobile application. This app will allow you to hunt ghosts, collect objects, etc.

Educational value: By assembling the structures, children will learn a little more about the different vehicles and their components. In addition to this, discovering where each piece goes and placing it correctly helps with coordination, logic and problem solving.

Maintenance: It is recommended not to use the vehicles outside on difficult terrain, to avoid wear on the wheels and keep everything in good condition.

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7. LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Express

Precautions: Due to the complexity, this product is recommended for children 8 years and older. The little ones could use it under the company of an adult.

Main Features: This Express ride will be quite special, as children will be able to assemble a haunted train that will spread its wings and open its mouth when using the lever. With 698 pieces, it will take a few hours to assemble, however the instructions will make things easier. In addition to the Express, the train station can also be assembled so that the 5 included minifigures have enough space to wait for the train. Inside the train, characters will be able to use accessories such as the unbewitching cannon and the hidden camera.

Functionality: The combination of the mobile application with the Express gives the child different ways to play. With the train you can assume the role of the conductor, play as a passenger and act as a ghost hunter when the Express turns into a monster. Meanwhile, the app will make it possible to see things in augmented reality that will complement the game and make the set “come alive” by showing ghosts and other hidden details.

Educational value: Educational value is an aspect that is present in all Lego sets. However, in the case of this model, education will be more comprehensive. In addition to the development of cognitive skills provided by the assembly of these products, children will also be able to learn more about the trains.

Maintenance: Preserving the product is achieved by giving it an occasional cleaning and treating each piece with delicacy.

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8. LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack

Precautions: Manufacturers recommend its use from 8 years.

Main Features: The ghosts are hidden and it will be your duty to find them in this restaurant. With 579 pieces, the set will allow the assembly of a food place and a small car with space for two characters. However, by using the virtual reality mode, different ghostly secrets hidden in the place can be discovered; so children can prepare for a new adventure. The product comes with 6 small figures that include accessories such as smartphones, trays and kitchen utensils. As long as no ghosts appear, children can play in the small restaurant, until it’s time to hunt down spirits and un-haunt them.

Functionality: In order to access augmented reality, it will be necessary to use the Lego mobile app. This will allow you to use the camera to scan the place and show ghosts, along with other details. The car also offers the possibility of being used individually, together with other similar toys. This will give the child more freedom when playing.

Educational value: Buying a Lego set is a good way to allow the child to learn without realizing it, since assembling, disassembling and playing imagining fun scenes are activities that benefit cognitive development from logic to creativity. This is not counting the fact that coordination will be easier when dealing with small pieces when playing.

Maintenance: Occasional cleaning and organization of the parts will be all that is necessary to keep the product in excellent condition.

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9. LEGO Hidden Side Welcome to the Hidden Side, Ghostbusters

Precautions: This set does not come with so many pieces, therefore, it is a suitable product for children 7 years of age and older.

Main features: Although this model is one of the cheapest and simplest in the Hidden Side collection, this does not make it any less fun, as the haunted tree will keep children entertained for hours. This 189-piece set measures over 8” (22cm) wide, 6” (17cm) high and 5” (13cm) deep for easy movement and storage. To play, the model has 4 minifigures and different details such as spiders and bats. As for the design, its contrast is quite striking, as it combines black with blue touches and fluorescent green to highlight the face of the tree.

Functionality: By using the mobile app, available for iOS and Android, children can become ghostbusters and collect them. The more you interact with the set, the more secrets you’ll discover, and best of all, augmented reality can be used by multiple players simultaneously. In turn, children will have fun assembling each piece of this set.

Educational value: Playing with friends is a good way to increase emotional intelligence, improve communication skills and promote camaraderie. However, this is not all that Lego offers, as the set will also benefit the cognitive development of children.

Maintenance: As long as you treat the parts with care and give them an occasional cleaning, you will have no problem keeping the product in good condition.

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10. LEGO Hidden Side Haunted Fair

Precautions: To make playing easier, Lego recommends that the product be used by children aged 8 and over.

Key Features: Even the funniest fairs are haunted in the world of Hidden Side. For this reason, after assembling the 466 pieces of the set, children can begin to discover all the things that this space hides. The fair comes with a roller coaster, a free fall tower and 5 mini figures for fun. In addition, having approximate dimensions of 28 cm high, 35 cm wide and 27 cm deep, it will not be so difficult to find a place for the set. After assembling the product, just scan the structure using the Lego mobile app to have fun on your phone.

Functionality: With the ability to link multiple phones simultaneously, this product will allow augmented reality to be something that children can share when playing with the set. Thanks to the scanner of the app, it will be possible to view and hunt the ghosts, providing more freedom of interactive game. However, the set works correctly even if the digital mode is not activated.

Educational value: By playing with this toy, especially as a team, children will benefit in many ways. Those who play with the product will improve their creativity, logic, problem solving, communication, imagination, motor skills and other cognitive skills.

Maintenance: This model comes with several small parts, which it is recommended to save to prevent loss or damage. This, and a sporadic cleaning, will be enough for its maintenance.

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