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What is the best Lego Ninjago set?

To boost its product portfolio, Lego has created its Ninjago series where fun mixes with the bravery of heroes fighting villains. Among its alternatives you will find quite a variety of structures, characters, pieces and functionalities; that way, it will be easier to find the perfect product for children.

1. Lego Ninjago Lloyd’s Titan Mech 70676

Precautions: Its use is recommended from 9 years old, due to its difficulty and the size of the pieces included.

Key Features: Ninja Lloyd is known to all who enjoy the engaging battle scenes of Lego Ninjago, so fans will want to take down the 4 evil Blizzard Troop minifigures with Lloyd, his friend Zane, and their mighty robot titan supporting him. It will help you win each of the necessary fights. The set has 876 pieces and many of them will be needed to assemble the robot, which has impressive dimensions of 35 cm wide and 37 centimeters high. On top of that, it’s built in great detail, including a giant katana, a shredder that acts as a shield, and 2 spring-loaded shooters on the rear section.

Functionality: With the Lego Life mobile app, children will be able to follow the assembly instructions with ease, so they can complete the process independently. To play, the little ones will be able to face the Blizzard troops together with the ninjas Lloyd and Zane. One of the minifigures will be able to enter the cockpit of the titan robot, which has articulated arms and legs to provide better movement. In this way, it will be possible to simulate great battles between the powerful ninjas.

Educational value: By assembling the product, little ones will develop their logic, creativity and improve their problem-solving ability.

Maintenance: To keep the set in good condition, you only need to clean it from time to time and avoid mounting on surfaces that are too abrasive, so as not to damage them.

New Edition: By combining this product with the sets “Lloyd’s Journey” and “Castle of the Forgotten Emperor” you can get a new larger edition to recreate the adventures of the series.

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2. Lego Ninjago Golden Dragon ninja set 70666

Precautions: Due to the size of the pieces, it is recommended that this product is only used by children 7 years and older.

Key Features: The 3 minifigures in this set include the hero Lloyd, known as the Golden Ninja, and his opponents: the Overlord and the Stone Army scout. Standing next to them is Lloyd’s Dragon companion; It is an impressive figure of 24 cm in length and 26 cm in width. The large creature comes with a mount for the ninja and hides a cannon inside his mouth to surprise villains. To complement the main figures, the set includes accessories such as a golden katana, spear, and crossbow.

Functionality: By following the simple instructions, children will be able to assemble the dragon with each of the 171 pieces. On it is the mount to carry the ninja Lloyd and, for a better gaming experience, the dragon will be able to move its wings, tail and legs. On the other hand, the minifigures will also be able to move their arms and legs; In addition, they will be able to hold the weapons.

Educational value: In group games, communication will advance exponentially by assuming the roles of the characters. In addition to that, ingenuity, creativity, spatial memory and motor skills will be developed throughout the assembly process.

Maintenance: Lego figures are quite resistant, therefore, it is enough to keep everything organized to avoid losing the pieces and that’s it.

New Edition: This product is part of the new series of Lego Legacy products.

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3. Lego Ninjago Jay’s Jet Fighter 70668

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends that it not be used by children under 9 years of age, due to the size of the parts and the complexity of the assembly.

Main features: This 2022 will be a year of surprises for the little ones, as they will be able to get their hands on this interesting set of 490 pieces, which has 4 minifigures and Jay’s supersonic fighter ship. This structure has dimensions that reach 30 cm wide, 28 cm long and 8 cm high; providing enough surface area for the brilliant colors and details to show through. Each of the characters comes with weapons to attack in battle, while Jay pilots his ship from above.

Functionality: To immerse themselves in this imaginary world, kids can open the cockpit of the ship for Jay to sit in, and with the press of a button, the jet will unfurl its wings and swords to attack enemies. In addition to this, the structure also has lateral automatic cannons to give it more dynamism. In addition to working as a toy, this detailed structure will also look great as a collector’s item.

Educational Value: Every minute kids spend crafting is time spent developing cognitive skills like spatial memory, creativity, and ingenuity. Therefore, it is a very educational toy.

Maintenance: Occasional cleaning with a cloth will be enough to keep the plastic in good condition. Additionally, it is recommended to use the special piece that Lego has designed to disassemble the set and avoid damaging the pieces, especially the small ones.

New Edition: Being from the Legacy range, this set is a new edition to the series of previous toys in the Lego Ninjago series.

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4. Lego Ninjago Robot Samurai 70665

Precautions: This figure has a level of difficulty suitable for children 7 years and older.

Main features: For those who want to save money, the online offer of this product has a cheaper price than other Lego Ninjago sets because, despite being very fun, it only has 154 pieces. The purchase includes the skeletons Kruncha and Nucklan, along with the great samurai X: Nya. Each of the villains have weapons to defend themselves, such as the sword and the axe; Meanwhile, Nya will manage to climb into the robot’s 14 cm high and 11 cm wide opening cabin to fight like a pro. This robot comes equipped with a large katana in one hand and a double katana in the other; Additionally, it has 2 cannons on the back.

Functionality: This imposing samurai robot could be fantastic as a toy, as it has posable limbs so it can move fluidly and attack villains. However, being so detailed, it can also be kept as a collectible figure for adults who enjoy the Lego brand.

Educational value: By assembling this toy, children will be able to practice their concentration, patience and fine motor skills. In addition to that, they will learn to be more logical while discovering the correct place of the pieces.

Maintenance: Being made of plastic, this toy is quite resistant and, to clean it, it will be enough to remove the dust and avoid throwing it, so that the pieces are not damaged.

New Edition: This toy is included in the Legacy range, making it the second edition of Lego NINJAGO toys.

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5. Lego Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670

Precautions: This set is quite difficult for young children, so it is recommended for use by children over 9 years of age.

Main features: Composed of 1070 pieces, this LEGO Ninjago set is one of the most detailed and complex in the brand’s portfolio. The purchase of this product will be a special gift for children who accept challenges, as this 30cm high and 36cm wide monastery has many details to give it the best possible realism. The striking combination of red, white and black colors gives a good contrast so it will be easy to notice the details of the 3 rooms, the tower, the training station and even the symbols on the walls. In addition to this, the set brings 8 minifigures that are complemented by different weapons such as a fire sword, shurikens and nunchucks.

Functionality: This product has spacious areas to play comfortably and also provides different ways to interact with the main structure. The door can be opened easily, the training station is rotatable and, in addition to this, an eye-catching accessory is the hidden knife blade trap that can be operated with a lever.

Educational value: With so many pieces, children will quickly develop spatial memory, ingenuity and logic.

Maintenance: It is necessary to treat each piece delicately to keep everything in good condition. In addition, it is recommended to clean the product occasionally.

New Edition: This product is a new version of the toys from the previous season of Lego Ninjago, as it is from the Legacy series.

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6. Lego Ninjago Shuricopter 70673

Precautions: The manufacturers recommend that children under 8 years of age do not use this product alone, as the assembly process will be difficult for them.

Key Features: Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, any Lego fan could be thrilled to receive this 361-piece Shuricopter set with three playable minifigures as a gift. The characters have different weapons, such as the silver katana and shurikens; In addition to that, they bring accessories such as the katana support, armor and a mask. On the other hand, the helicopter, in addition to its beautiful design that combines white with blue, comes with different qualities for combat.

Functionality: The characters can move their arms and legs so that children can simulate all the fights, and Jay stands out for coming with a tornado so he can attack quickly. For added fun, the helicopter has spinning rotors, cannons on each wing with 6 studs, spinning shurikens, plus a cockpit for Zane to ride in. In addition to all this, this toy can also be used as a collector’s item.

Educational value: Imagination and creativity will progress with each second of play, however, this will complement the improvement of logic, ingenuity and spatial memory when assembling the helicopter piece by piece.

Maintenance: It is recommended to keep the helicopter in a safe place while you are not playing with it, as certain details could be damaged if it falls. In addition, it should be cleaned occasionally to remove dust.

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7. LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Blade Bike 70667

Cautions: Due to small parts, this product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Main features: With 376 pieces, this product is a good gift idea for children who enjoy cars but also like to assemble Lego toys. This set comes with two motorcycles and 4 minifigures: Kai, Lasha, Spitta and Zane. Kai’s motorcycle stands out for its red decorations with yellow details, while Zane’s snowmobile stands out for its bright blue color with white details. In addition to the vehicles, the set also comes with accessories such as each character’s weapons, a combat platform, dynamite, and other accessories.

Functionality: Regarding its functionality, children will be able to interact with each of the objects to provide more fun. Motorcycles, in addition to being able to carry their respective driver on board, also have functional weapons. One of them features foldout golden swords, while the other comes with ice shurikens, and two cannons ready to fire. As if this were not enough, the turntable of the characters allows the famous tornado fight from the Lego Ninjago series to take place.

Educational value: Children will be able to play with friends and develop their communication, imagination and social skills. Meanwhile, assembling will give them more ingenuity, motor skills, and logical skills.

Maintenance: There is no relevant aspect regarding its maintenance, as it is a resistant product. However, to keep it in better condition, it should be carefully disassembled, if necessary.

New Edition: As part of the Legacy series, this toy is the new version of old Lego Ninjago models.

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8. Lego Ninjago Katana V11 70638

Precautions: The product is recommended for children from 7 to 14 years of age and is not recommended for use by children under 3 years of age.

Main features: This 257-piece set, although somewhat simpler than other Lego brand toys, is still an original model to have in your home. Kids can have fun assembling a super-sized ship with contrasting colors like red and mustard, and when they’re done, the two Kai and Luke Cunningham minifigures can join in on the action. To complement the set and be able to recreate the scenes from the series, the characters have their weapons such as Kai’s 2 katanas and Luke’s saber. One of them can pilot the ship, while the other drives the fast black motorcycle with attractive details.

Functionality: In addition to being able to ride the bike and fly the ship, the latter vehicle comes with fold-out boosters and an opening cockpit for Kai to sit in and fight from. Complementing its qualities, the structure has a storage compartment and two hidden automatic cannons. In addition, it should be noted that it is also possible to use it as a collector’s item.

Educational value: Playing with Lego products is an educational activity, as they promote creativity, concentration, imagination, and develop logic, spatial memory and ingenuity simultaneously and effectively.

Maintenance: By removing the dust from time to time you can have the product in good condition for a long time.

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9. Lego Ninjago Cole’s Dirt Bike 70672

Precautions: Due to its level of difficulty, this product is designed for children 8 years of age or older.

Key Features: Made of durable plastic, this set contains 212 pieces to properly assemble an off-road motorcycle with large wheels and gold accents; in addition to the ninja flag to identify the owner of the vehicle. The product comes with 3 minifigures: Cole, the famous Kai and the Pyro Destroyer, each with their own weapons. Cole and Kai will be equipped with katanas and hammers, while the Pyro Destroyer uses the scimitar, his shield and armor. Regarding its dimensions, the motorcycle measures 19 cm long, 6 cm high and 6 cm wide.

Functionality: To start off on the right foot, the Lego Life app is compatible with this product and provides all the necessary instructions to build the motorcycle. When it is ready, then you can place one of the ninjas on it to activate the two cannons found on the sides.

Educational value: The digital instructions in the app will give children a sense of independence that will make them feel more confident. In addition to this, assembling the motorcycle will require great attention, concentration and fine motor control; all this will contribute to the development of other cognitive skills such as creativity and ingenuity.

Maintenance: As long as you treat the motorcycle gently and wipe it down with a cloth on occasion, you will be able to keep it looking like new.

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10. Lego Ninjago Cole’s Driller 70669

Precautions: The manufacturers of the set advise that it be used by children 8 years of age or older.

Key Features: Multiple players will enjoy this product as this 587-piece set comes with 4 minifigures: Ninja Cole and Kai, and two Stone Army warriors. In addition to that, the giant stone warrior will be the most dangerous rival that the children will have to face. As for the drill, this vehicle has two small wheels and two massive rear wheels to give it stability; In addition, it has a cabin with space for the ninjas. To finish, this original product brings weapons for each of the characters such as the sickle of tremors, 4 katanas and a cannon crossbow.

Functionality: The Driller comes with a rotating auger and spring-loaded shooters ready to attack enemies, while the Giant will seek to defend himself with his 2 large katanas and posable limbs. As you drive the vehicle, the auger will spin alongside the motors to defend the ninjas found inside its opening cockpit. To offer a more complete use, both the giant figure and the driller could serve as collector’s items.

Educational value: Creativity, ingenuity and fine motor skills will be the most advanced skills when playing with these toys.

Maintenance: Just enough to remove the dust from the set to keep it in good condition.

New Edition: This product is part of the new versions of Lego products, found in the Legacy series. In addition, it can be combined with other Lego sets to play with a more complete edition.

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