Main advantage:

The best thing about this set is probably the amount of characters included and their importance in the franchise, as there are 24 minifigures including Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Chewie, R2-D2, Darth Vader, etc.

Main disadvantage: 

This could be one of the most expensive Lego sets, as it is one of the largest and most complex. This raises its price, so it is necessary to invest more money.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is one of the most detailed, complex, and multi-piece Lego sets, so Star Wars fans will have a blast completing this project for display.

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Main Features Explained


The famous “Death Star” is an important part of the entire Star Wars franchise, as it is a large gray space station with a fluorescent green laser cannon ready to kill enemies. In this case, all these details have been taken into consideration to make the structure as realistic as possible.

The product has 3 sections divided into several independent areas, where the included minifigures and all the accessories that complete the areas can be used. With a weight of 9.53 kg and dimensions of 41 x 42 cm, you will have space to play comfortably. In addition, you will be able to fill the cell, the conference room, the hangar, the control room and the maintenance room with accessories included in the purchase. In addition, the TIE ship is included as a 9 cm long bonus that will add to the fun.


Unlike Lego Star Wars sets that are low priced and intended to be used as toys, this model is considered more of a collector’s item due to its level of detail. As always, the material used is plastic of the highest quality and, as there are 3,803 pieces included in the package, the manufacturers recommend its use from the age of 14, as it is an item that requires difficult assembly.

Assembly can take a long time, however, with this in mind, the brand offers an instruction manual that details each step necessary to assemble.

Additionally, the reason why this model qualifies as one of the best Lego Star Wars sets is because of the inclusion of several iconic characters from the franchise, to reach the figure of 24 minifigures with accessories included. These have received positive reviews for their variety. Some of these minifigures come with signature accessories that add detail, like Han Solo in his Stormtrooper uniform.

educational value

The education offered by Lego products is not only useful for young children, but also young people and adults can learn while having fun assembling these figures piece by piece. Playing with these complex sets is a good way to let go of stress and focus your mind on something productive, which definitely improves some cognitive skills and serves as a release.

If this product is assembled as a team, people will be forced to communicate, which will also have a positive influence on socialization. In addition to this, assembling this set will make problem solving easier, which directly affects the person’s logical ability. 

This is complemented by a progressive improvement in spatial memory. All of these things together add up to the benefits of playing with Legos, and in these cases, this educational fun is not limited to the little ones.

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