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What is the best Lego train?

Although Legos are popularly known as building blocks, they currently offer the possibility of making very complex designs that can be attractive to both children and adults. Among the best known options are the Lego trains, but it is true that when buying a model we can feel overwhelmed by the great variety that exists, therefore, we will only mention 10 of the most outstanding kits of the moment.

1. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Toy Train

Warnings: This set is suitable for children between 8 and 14 years of age, however, it is an original Lego collectible model, so it is appropriate for adult Harry Potter fans.

Main features: If you are looking for a special gift to give to a fan of the popular saga, this may be one of the best options, since it is a miniature version of the magical Hogwarts Express and platform 9 and ¾. In addition, it includes 6 figures including Hermione, Ron, Harry, Professor Lupin, the Lady of the candy cart and a terrifying Dementor. Among its outstanding details is a newsstand, luggage, wands and even a poster of the most wanted wizard.

Functionality: By having the main characters and a couple of villains, it is suitable for playing with parents or friends and allows hours of fun assembling each scenario. On the other hand, its structure has different passages and secret compartments to move the characters, including 4 seats inside the train.

Educational value: It is indicated to inspire the imagination of children by recreating the adventures of the popular magician and generating infinite possibilities. Similarly, it allows the structure of the platform to be modified to encourage the child’s creativity in the construction of new scenarios.

Maintenance: To keep the pieces in good condition, it is possible to use hot water and degreasing soap to remove dirt from each surface.

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2. Lego Duplo My First Number Train

Precautions: The manufacturer indicates that children can play with this set from an early age, from 1 year and a half to 3 years, so it can be used to introduce little ones to the world of Legos. However, for greater safety it is recommended to use it under the care of an adult.

Main features: This Lego train is one of the cheapest on the list and is made up of 4 cars with 9 colors, so it is attractive. In addition, it includes 3 characters; a girl, a boy and a black cat, in this way, you can easily catch the attention of children.

Functionality: It is indicated to build the 3 rear cars of the train using Lego blocks, which serve to stimulate the child’s motor skills, helping to better coordinate their eyes and hands.

Educational value: It features numbers from 0 to 9, which allows children to learn to count, while helping them to differentiate colors. Also, through play they can develop their instinct for exploration and creativity to build imaginary scenarios.

Maintenance: It is necessary to clean these pieces at least once a week, since it is a type of toy that children use constantly and it is likely that they put some pieces in their mouths, so it is important to disinfect each piece with hot water. and use a disused toothbrush to remove dirt.

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3. Lego City Passenger Train Model Railway Toy

Precautions: Its use is recommended mainly for children between 6 and 12 years of age, since many of its pieces can be very small, which can be harmful to younger children.

Main features: This set can be a good purchase option to give to the little ones in the house, since it has a large number of details, which increases the realism of the game. It is a train that incorporates seats, removable tables and an internal cafeteria. Also, it includes 4 characters, among which are 2 passengers, 1 stewardess and 1 driver. On the other hand, the train track can be built in a circular way thanks to the 16 curved sections included in the package.

Functionality: It has a Bluetooth technology remote control to control the locomotive, it also offers 10 speeds, which increases its versatility so that children have more game options. On the other hand, the roof of the train can be removed to access the interior of the cars.

Educational value: It favors the building capacity of the child, since it allows him to modify the space according to his imagination for a freer game.

Maintenance: The plastic parts must be cleaned with a toothbrush and liquid dishwashing soap, to finally rinse with lukewarm water. However, the parts with stickers and internal mechanisms must be cleaned with a dry brush to remove dust and a damp cloth to remove dirt.

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4. Lego Creator Expert Christmas Train Building Set

Precautions: It is a collectible construction set, appropriate for young people between 12 and 15 years of age, since the package includes a large number of pieces of reduced dimensions and delicate structure, so it is necessary to treat them with due care during use. play.

Main features: If you are looking for a special Christmas gift, this is a Lego kit with 734 pieces, which allows you to build a Christmas train made up of 4 wagons, including the locomotive area. On the other hand, it has 4 characters and 1 robot to be the crew of the train, it also incorporates 16 sections to make up the track and a large number of accessories.

Functionality: After fully assembled, it can be used to decorate the Christmas tree or display on a mantel. In addition, it is possible to disassemble it for storage or to build it again and it has an instruction manual to make the game easier.

Educational value: It encourages the imagination of both adults and children and is suitable for use by 2 or more people simultaneously, in this way, it can help strengthen family and friendship ties.

Maintenance: To maintain the color and integrity of your pieces, it is advisable to clean them thoroughly once a year or when they begin to yellow. For this task, it is good to use a container large enough to fit all the pieces and add 60% water and 40% hydrogen peroxide, letting it soak for at least 24 hours.

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5. Lego City High Speed ​​Passenger Train 60051

Precautions: The recommended age to play with this set is 6 years and older, since many of its pieces have a small size that could be dangerous for very young children.

Main features: It is a new Lego train that can be controlled through a remote control included in the package. It is made up of 3 wagons that include tables, seats and a control panel. Plus, this set includes 3 minifigures; a commuter, a cyclist and the train driver, who can be transferred from one car to another or be placed in the waiting station on the side of the track. Also, it allows building the train rails using 4 straight sections and 16 curves to make tracks of different shapes.

Functionality: For greater functionality, the roof of the cars is removable and the remote control offers 7 speeds, in this way, the child can drive the train according to their tastes. On the other hand, the crossing for cyclists incorporates electric contact point lights to alert the approach of the train.

Educational value: It is indicated to help children develop their imagination, their ability to tell stories and encourage creativity.

Maintenance: To clean the train, it is only necessary to use a dry brush to remove the dust. In addition, it is necessary to avoid contact with water for durability.

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6. Lego Duplo Steam Train Educational Learning Toy

Precautions: It is a game for children from 2 to 5 years of age, since most of its pieces are large enough to facilitate holding and guarantee a safer game. Similarly, it is recommended to use it with an adult present for greater safety.

Main characteristics: If you are looking for a good offer to give a toy to the little one in the house, it is convenient to know that this is an affordable locomotive that integrates a Push & Go motor, powered by 4 AA batteries, which allows it to produce lights and sounds. Additionally, it includes the figure of a child and a driver, as well as a squirrel, a shovel, a fuel can, five colored bricks, a tree, a railway station, among other elements.

Functionality: The child can start the train with just a slight push, which makes the game easier. Similarly, it has a free interactive application that you can download online to control the train from a distance.

Educational value: It offers a playful experience in which the child can develop their creativity. Also, it is capable of contributing to the formation of language and literacy skills.

Maintenance: Being a product with electrical mechanisms, it is necessary to separate the parts made only of plastic and those with internal circuits. For the latter we can use a dry brush to remove the dust, while the rest of the pieces can be placed in hot water to eliminate bacteria.

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7. Lego City Freight Train 60198

Precautions: Its use is indicated mainly for children between 6 and 12 years of age, since this kit has a large number of delicate pieces and small details, therefore, it requires the care of children and the supervision of parents during use. play.

Main Features: Unlike other models, this is a sturdy designed freight train, which could be an original and attractive gift idea for children. In this sense, it has 1226 pieces among which are 4 worker minifigures, 1 thief, 1 security agent, 1 locomotive, 3 wagons, 1 armored truck, 1 control center, 1 wheelbarrow, 3 trunks, 12 ingots of gold, among others.

Functionality: The roof of the train can be opened to access the locomotive, plus this set offers a motorized operation that allows children to control the train with the use of a remote control with Bluetooth technology.

Educational value: Children can exercise their imaginations by acting out the characters and interacting with the scenery. Plus, it helps them distinguish bad actions from good ones, thanks to the minifigures’ contrasting personalities.

Maintenance: The maintenance of this set should be done only with a dry brush or a brush, using them only to remove dust. For the most difficult dirt, you can use a damp cloth with a little liquid degreasing soap.

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8. Lego City Passenger Train 7938

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends its use specifically for children from 6 to 12 years old, because it may require a certain intellectual level for full enjoyment. Similarly, it is necessary to mention that the train and the remote control need a total of 9 AAA batteries to work.

Main features: It is a set of 669 pieces that includes 16 sections or rails to build the train track. The latter is made up of 3 red cars that can be assembled from scratch for more fun. Additionally, it has 2 passengers and 1 driver, indicated to go inside or outside the train. It also includes a traffic light and station for the minifigures, making it the best Lego train of 2022 by many.

Functionality: The train can be controlled by an easy-to-use remote control, allowing children to interact more directly with the game setting. On the other hand, the sections of the track are flexible, so they can be placed in a circular or straight way according to the imagination of the players.

Educational value: It is a kit created specifically to put into practice the ability of construction and design of children, helping them to improve their attention to small details.

Maintenance: For greater durability it is necessary to store all the pieces after the game. Likewise, they can be cleaned with a dry brush with hard bristles to remove dust and dirt.

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9. Lego Creator Blue Express Train Building Toy

Precautions: The box of the set indicates a specific use for children between 6 and 12 years of age and prohibits it for children under 3 years of age, since its pieces are so small that if they are accidentally ingested they can cause suffocation.

Main features: This is an innovative 3-in-1 set that you can give to a child for their birthday or on a special date, as it includes more than 70 pieces to assemble 3 different vehicle models. It also offers pieces in blue, black, gray and others with some red details, so they are easy for children to combine. It is worth mentioning that the train features a classic 6-wheel design, front bulb and two bumpers.

Functionality: Allows you to build a Blue Express, a high-speed train or a float, so it can provide many hours of fun. In addition, it includes an instruction manual to guide children through the process and that parents can participate.

Educational value: Provides an engaging and educational building experience for children, while encouraging their creative ability to build totally different objects using the same parts.

Maintenance: Cleaning can be done easily with the use of a disused toothbrush and degreasing liquid soap. It is only necessary to spread the brush with a little soap and brush each part and surface of the train structure. Then, let the pieces soak in warm water and finally dry.

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10. Lego Hidden Side Ghost Express Construction Toy

Precautions: The appropriate age to play with this set is 8 years and older, either for one or several children. However, it is recommended that a responsible adult be present during the game for added safety.

Main features: This model could be one of the most interesting kits of the Lego brand, since it has 698 pieces to assemble an augmented reality Ghost Express, which improves the experience for both children and adults. In addition, it includes 5 figures including Jack Davids, a technological genius, Chuck, Parker L. Jackson and Mrs. Santos, as well as multiple accessories to make the train more versatile. On the other hand, it is set in Newbury, the city where ghosts haunt people and haunt the buildings.

Functionality: Allows you to completely build a train station, the locomotive and 2 wagons. Additionally, kids can install the Lego Hidden Side app on a smart mobile device and point the camera at the train for a more interactive experience.

Educational value: Encourages the creative development of children while helping them to be interested in technology. In addition, it allows them to share with friends or family to strengthen emotional ties.

Maintenance: The pieces can be kept in good condition just by soaking them in hot water at least once a month if the set is constantly used by children.

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