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After knowing some basic rules of the world around them, children are able to develop logical thinking. Such skill is indispensable and is applied to multiple daily situations. If you want to offer help to your children or students in this regard, there is a wide variety of resources available.

For children, achieving logical reasoning is a very important goal. Although it is fun to listen to a young child raise a situation that is out of reality, at the same time we can realize that she needs to be clear about some basic concepts in order to understand the world around her and act accordingly. This will help you avoid more or less important mistakes in the future and make the right decisions. 

This might seem complex, but if we take into account that children have a natural interest in acquiring knowledge; and if this is combined with a bit of fun, then we have an effective formula for them to learn without even realizing it, while spending several hours entertained.

In this order of ideas, we could say that the most entertaining and easiest way to help them is through different didactic strategies such as brain teasers or riddles for children. These resources, of course, must be designed for their age or mental maturity and will also have to increase their level of difficulty as the child develops her abilities and becomes interested in solving difficult puzzles.

Once we have raised the great importance and benefits that children can obtain by using resources that help them develop logical thinking, it is worth mentioning some to take into account. In this way, when you ask yourself the question, what to give a child? you will have more options.

Logic games for kids


On many occasions we separate the concept of logic from that of creativity, which is not necessarily opposite. There are many construction games such as blocks, legos or, for older children, a Lego Technic set (check some options to buy at this link), which allow children to develop the ability to plan, design and develop an idea to an amazing project as a result. These are abilities that in adulthood will be of great use to anyone.

Another advantage of creative games is that they do not necessarily have to be developed individually, they can also be played in groups. In this way, while developing motor and creative skills, you learn to work as a team.

thinking games for kids

Although developing a construction project also involves activating logical thinking, we have left a section for games that work on this area intensively. Here we will talk about mind games, riddles and logic problems, among others. Below we show you several options that could interest you in this classification.

number games for kids

Knowing the place values ​​of numbers and understanding the meaning of numbers is one of the skills that children need. Furthermore, they will use this knowledge throughout their lives. To strengthen these bases, games can be used in which the child performs actions such as the following:

Identify figures and their correspondence

Children in their early school years need to work with real objects to understand abstract concepts. Therefore, games that show figures from the real world help them make the corresponding associations with their numerical representation. For adults it may seem like a very simple activity, but it offers a great contribution to children.


Organizing objects according to common characteristics is also a theme that can be exploited in many interactive games for children. With them they can master the basic theory of sets and the play stores of various brands such as iPads or tablets offer this type of game very frequently. Similarly, you can find various games online, so it will be easy for you to find a version according to the school level of your children.


A fun way for children to reflect and reaffirm concepts related to History, Science and Mathematics is through puzzles. In this type of resource, children can complete diagrams or answer puzzles. When proposing this type of activities, children must investigate the knowledge learned and organize their ideas, this creates more brain connections related to such knowledge, preventing them from being forgotten; thus giving rise to a more meaningful and solid learning. Some games of this type are:


This math puzzle game can be played on mobile devices or on paper as well. It will be enough to know the basic rules of the game so that, on the number board, you can begin to discover the missing figures. This game is an excellent brain gym that keeps your brain stimulated and alert.

Question and answer games

These games generally come in the form of boards where you can advance to another square if you manage to give the correct answer. You can play with other people or alone. Although it could be more entertaining if other people get involved in the activity.

Brain teasers, like other games, can be adapted for both young children and teenagers. For this reason, you could find riddles for preschoolers, but also some puzzles for 10-year-olds, for example. In the same way, you will have at your disposal both applications for tablets, mobiles or online games to solve on the computer.

As an important conclusion, we want to emphasize that the feeding of children in the school stage cannot be neglected, since it is a priority so that they can develop their full cognitive potential. In this sense, some foods such as maca have proven effective in helping the brain and help improve school performance due to its high nutritional content. If you wonder what the best maca is, you can consult a buying guide and analyze the aspects that help you identify it. Similarly, do not forget to offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are the freshest and represent an important contribution of vitamins for children.

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