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What is the best LOL doll?

Since they went on sale in 2016, LOL dolls have remained among the best-selling toys in the world and the fact that the surprise factor continues to be the key to their success, in addition, each new season brings new products, accessories and more fun to all the girls who want to collect the little ones LOL. For this reason, here we present the most popular models today with relevant data so that you can make a good purchase and give your daughter the best gift on a special occasion.

1.LOL Surprise! Hairvibes S7 Giochi Preziosi LLUB8000

Precautions: This doll is suitable for girls over 3 years of age and due to all the small parts it includes, adult supervision is always recommended to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Main Characteristics: The novelty of the Hair Vibes collection is that with the well-known dolls and their small accessories, 3 hair wigs are added in striking colors and styles to combine, thus creating unique looks. In addition, 4 plastic wigs are included that can also be combined with real hair for more styling options.

Functionality: This toy maintains the wow factor of items hiding under the layers of wrap. So you have to open them all to find out which doll was received from the collection, which is why it is one of the preferred options for girls on their birthdays.

Educational value: The LOL doll allows little ones to develop role plays and imitation, as well as expand their creativity by creating combinations with hair to play hairdresser.

Maintenance: All models support the use of water as a function to change the color of clothing or hair. It is only advised to remove real hair wigs and leave only the accessory which is a plastic turban.

New Edition: The #HairVibes edition is one of the most recent LOL Surprise collections released in late 2019, also known as Season 5, and is made up of 12 dolls that come in a larger ball and 15 surprises in total.

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2.LOL Surprise! Series 5-2A Hairgoals Doll

Precautions: This toy is not recommended for children under 3 years of age and its use must be carried out under the supervision of an adult, to avoid any accident due to the size of the accessories.

Main Features: The #HairGoals collection has the novelty of not coming in a surprise ball, but in a container that simulates a can of hair spray. Some of the accessories, for their part, come in containers that can be used as rollers to wave the girls’ hair, with 15 surprises in total that accompany each set and that preserve the emotion of discovering which character is coming. in the can

Plus, the dolls in this collection come with real hair, in bright colors and different styles. While their bodies change color when submerged in cold water.

Functionality: Hair Goals dolls are great fun for collecting, swapping clothes, role-playing and much more, as girls love creating stories with each character.

Educational Value: These toys stimulate girls’ imaginations as well as fine motor skills, because such dexterity is needed to swap clothes or attach accessories to dolls.

Maintenance: Cold water can be used to immerse this doll, but only the body, so be careful not to get the hair wet.

New edition: The Hair Goals edition was launched in the summer of 2019 as part of the Makeover collection consisting of 10 dolls in total with real hair, to have a more original look, and quickly became one of the most requested toys for Christmas for the girls.

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3. Giochi Preziosi LLU93000 LOL Surprise

Precautions: This product contains small parts, so its use is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Main Features: The Amazing Surprise presentation has been designed to maximize the unboxing experience for LOL doll collectors, so if you are looking for the ideal gift, this surprise box brings a total of 14 dolls, including two from the LOL Surprise edition! omg

Likewise, the surprises are divided into 50 boxes that form an urban landscape and must be opened according to the numbering of the maze, to discover all the dolls, pets, clothes and accessories until completing 70 surprises.

Functionality: The boxes can later be used as a city setting to play fashion stores, and as a complete set each LOL Surprise! OMG comes with his brothers and pets, the game options are very varied. Clearly, this is a pretty expensive gift set, so it’s best to take advantage of it when it’s on sale and buy it from an online platform like Amazon.

Educational value: Being a set with many accessories and a total of 14 dolls, the imagination of girls is encouraged in imitation games, roles and socialization, and which in turn will help in the development of fine motor skills.

Maintenance: OMG edition dolls cannot be immersed in water, while other dolls, including pets, can be placed in cold water to see their hair change color, tattoos or different makeup appear.

New Edition: This set is a limited edition that combines the OMG collection with that of LOL, Boys, Pets and Lils.

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4. MGA Entertainment LOL Surprise! Pop Up Store

Precautions: Due to the small parts included, it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Main Characteristics: Pop Up Store is a very special game set for offering interesting scenarios, which include a very elegant boutique, a cafeteria and a pizzeria, in which you can create fun stories with the different LOL dolls as well as including an exclusive doll, the #InstaGold.

Of the outstanding features of this model we must highlight its production in plastic with shiny finishes, which combine very well with the style of the exclusive doll. On the other hand, in this set there are different surprises to discover that will complement the play possibilities with all the dolls in the collection, including the pets.

Functionality: This toy has been designed with three functions: to serve as a playset with different scenarios to recreate fun stories, to be used as a display platform with four levels where a whole collection of LOL dolls can be placed, and finally, as a practical transport case, since it incorporates a handle at the top.

Educational value: With this product, the imagination of girls is developed, as well as the sense of order and care of their dolls, to keep them organized on the exhibition platform.

Maintenance: The Pop Up Store can be cleaned with a soft cloth, since it is a plastic case. As for the doll, it can be placed in cold water to see if it changes color.

New edition: The doll that includes the set is totally exclusive to this edition, so it is not available in the surprise balls or capsules.

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5.LOL Surprise! Pets Spy Series Pet 7 Surprises

Precautions: Do not leave within the reach of children under 3 years of age and always maintain adult supervision during games, since the accessories are very small.

Key Features: LOL dolls also have fun family pets that are just as glamorous as they are and come in this ball of 7 surprises. In this series of Spy Pets you can find a secret message sticker, the collector sticker sheet, the fancy water bottle, shoes, accessory, outfit and the LOLPets pet.

The idea of ​​this edition is to solve a mystery and for which it will be necessary to get hold of the entire Spy collection, to discover the secret messages hidden in the wrappers.

Functionality: Some pets change color with cold water, while others include a bottle of bubble liquid. For its part, the ball becomes a sandbox, the contents of which can be removed.

In addition, the pets can include the function of crying, peeing or spitting and their physical characteristics are adapted to a specific doll of the LOL Surprise! It is worth mentioning that this is one of the cheapest unboxing of this brand.

Educational value: The LOL pet game encourages imagination and love for animals in a fun and very creative way, as pets can also pee and play in their sandbox.

Maintenance: The toys in this series support the use of cold water to change color or display their functions such as peeing, crying and spitting.

New edition: The Eye Spy series that this edition of LOL Pets belongs to is from season 3, so it will be very exciting to try to reunite the dolls with their pets, to discover the mystery hidden in the secret messages.

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6.LOL Surprise! OMG Fashion Dolls

Precautions: This toy is suggested for ages 3+ for safety reasons.

Main Features: 4 older sisters of the LOL Surprise are presented in Series 1 of OMG, 4 collectible dolls that you must purchase separately: Lady Diva, Royal Bee, Neonlicious and Swag. In each surprise box there are 20 wrappers to discover accessories, clothes and other accessories for the doll.

In this opportunity, each LOL sister is distinguished by having beautiful real hair, being articulated and measuring 25 cm. In addition, the package becomes a dressing room so it should not be thrown away, as it will serve to store the doll’s hangers and accessories.

Functionality: These dolls are larger than conventional LOL dolls and their limbs are articulated, so the possibilities of play are expanded. The box can be used to be part of the game scenarios and the different accessories can be exchanged between the dolls.

Educational value: Developing the imagination, the socialization of girls and their participation in role-playing and imitation games is the learning of this toy.

Maintenance: Unlike their smaller sisters, OMGs should not be immersed in water, as they do not change color.

New edition: This edition of the LOLOMG was the sensation the year of its launch, but it remains in this 2022 as the toys in trend and most requested by girls who also want to have the older sisters of the little ones LOL

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7. MGA Entertainment Bubbly Surprise Pink LOL Toy

Precautions: It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age and adult supervision is always advised because the doll and its accessories are small.

Main Features: When we thought that the LOL brand had completely surprised us, this giant bathroom ball appears that optimizes the unboxing experience. To begin with, the suitcase includes 6 small balls of surprises, of which 3 have sand inside that must be removed to discover what they keep. But, the most impressive thing is the main ball with the shape of a heart and with the effervescence design, so it must be submerged in water so that the box that contains the doll appears.

In the Bubbly Surprise Pink comes Captain BB with her pet. Both toys can be immersed in cold water to see their body change color with a new outfit and tattoos appearing on their skin.

Functionality: This new LOL set maintains the expectations of the unboxing, but adds a different entertainment: the fact of submerging the effervescent ball in water to discover the doll it comes with. For its part, the packing case is entirely made of plastic and can be used later to move the dolls and their accessories from one place to another.

Educational value: With the Bubbly Surprise, the creativity of girls is encouraged, the emotion of seeing the effervescent ball and discovering its interior, as well as playing with the sand are activities that promote motor skills in little ones.

Maintenance: The doll, pet and accessories can be immersed in water for play and washing.

New edition: Two presentations are available from this Bubbly Surprise series: the Pink and the Orange, each one comes with an exclusive doll and its respective pet.

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8. LOL Surprise Dolls Dance Dance Dance

Precautions: These are dolls that should not be handled by girls under 3 years of age, since many of them contain small parts.

Main features: This is the Surprise Dance Dance Dance collection, which consists of 12 LOL dolls each packed in its respective sphere. With the purchase, you will receive any random model; however, they all have an attractive and glamorous design, since they are dressed in different styles and equipped with accessories that make them look elegant, original and fashionable. They also come presented with hairstyles in different colors. For this reason, your daughter will be delighted to have the entire collection of these successful dolls.

Functionality: Each doll in the collection offers 8 surprises for the girl to discover. Among them, a black light stands out that allows you to clearly see the neon paint that the doll has. They also each feature a spinning dance floor, dance card, and holographic art for their moves.

Educational value: With this toy, girls learn to play roles, create their own fantasies, share with their friends and create a world of magic and fun.

Maintenance: Once the game is over, it is advisable to store all the accessories with the doll in their respective case, in order to avoid losing any part.

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9. LOL Surprise! 564119E7C Furniture Boutique with Queen Bee

Precautions: The use of this toy is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Main Features: All LOL Surprise dolls! They are very special, but if there is one that is among the girls’ favorites, it is Queen Bee because of her style full of glitter and glamor. For this reason, the queen of bees is part of the Furniture series to introduce us to her own boutique.

The game set is discovered when opening the box, as it unfolds completely to reveal all the details of the setting, a shop with showcases, a mirror, a wardrobe and a very fashionable combination of black, gold and stripes. This set includes Queen Bee with her accessories, as well as other accessories to prepare the boutique and wait for the visit of the LOL Surprise customers!

Functionality: The Furniture box works as the boutique when it is open and when folded again it can be used to store all the accessories of this edition, as well as other toys. For its part, the included hangers serve to hang the clothes of the other LOL dolls, while in the closet drawers you can store the accessories and keep several of the LOL toys organized.

Educational value: Role-playing and imitation are encouraged, since the girls will be able to play at having their own store, fix the clothes to sell and receive their clients.

Maintenance: Care must be taken not to get the box wet, as its function as a folding tent would be damaged.

New edition: There are only four presentations of the Furniture series: Queen Bee Boutique, Beauty Salon with Diva, Cozy Coupe & Swag and Spaces Pack Bedroom & QT

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10. LOL Surprise! Ooh La La Baby Surprise

Precautions: This toy is not suitable for children under 3 years of age, as it has plastic packaging and small accessories, and adult supervision is advisable for its use.

Main Features: With a drastic change in the size that we are used to from LOL dolls, this Ooh La La Baby Surprise edition comes with the Lil Sisters in a size of 20 cm. The presentation of this product is also surprising, since it is a giant ball inside which is a very nice and functional bag with the baby.

Plus, the surprises continue with accessories, makeup and more so kids can take care of the Lil Sisters while keeping their style on point using the included lipstick and highlighter.

Functionality: The large bag allows the doll and all its accessories to be carried wherever the girls want, as well as to collect the three babies of this edition.

Educational value: This set encourages the development of the imagination of the little ones, as well as representative and imitation games.

Maintenance: No rules are specified for its maintenance on this model, we just have to clarify that the dolls do not change color in cold water, so it is not necessary to submerge them.

New edition: In May 2019, the Lil Sisters edition of series 3 was released, but in a larger size with three different dolls: Lil Kitty Queen, Lil DJ and Lil Bon Bon.

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