Looking for the best highchair for the baby

At present, children’s highchairs have become very popular. These special chairs for the smallest diners, facilitate the upbringing of our babies and in the same way initiate them to integrate into the family at mealtime, thus creating a space that provides safety and comfort.

Children’s high chairs are furniture designed to feed babies and have been used for several decades for their functionality. Basically, a highchair is a chair with safety bands to seat the baby and a tray that allows food to be placed. It should be borne in mind that high chairs are indicated for babies older than 6 months, so they can only be used by little ones who are able to sit up on their own and who keep their balance. 

Now, there are innumerable models on the market with different prices, so choosing a specific one is a difficult job, especially when you keep in mind that this product will accompany you and your baby at any time of the day. In addition, it must fit into your home and your lifestyle, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits it can offer you.

At this point, it is normal for you to wonder how to choose the best high chair for your baby? For this reason, we suggest some important elements that any baby highchair should have. 

The essentials in the highchair

Among the different types of highchairs that exist, there are certain elements that they should all have or that you should pay attention to to ensure that you choose a functional, durable and good quality product for your baby. Here we list them: 

  1. The materials: The highchairs can be made of various materials, be it plastic, metal and wood, or a combination of these. The most important thing is that the structure of these is strong to support the weight of the baby, and that it also has great stability, to avoid accidents during voluntary or involuntary movements made by the infant.
  2. The chair: The seat fulfills an essential function, since the safety of the baby is found in it through the harnesses that are incorporated. Considering that the baby will spend some time sitting, it should be padded and lined with plastic, to generate greater comfort and ease during cleaning.
  3. Tray: It is important that each piece is mountable and removable to clean each area of ​​it, mainly the trays that have greater contact with food. In addition, by disassembling the tray you will seat your baby comfortably and you will have the possibility of paying more attention to his safety.

There are other elements that add versatility to the product; however, the most important are safety, resistance and ease of assembly in any comparison of highchairs for babies (In this link you can find some purchase options) that you make. So you should always keep these main aspects in mind to choose the best one for your child.

Know the different types of highchair

Like many other childcare products, highchairs have evolved since their appearance, to adapt to the new needs of modern parents and their routines, which is why different types of highchairs are currently available, which we define below. 

evolutionary highchairs

The evolutionary highchair is a good option to choose, since it can be adapted to the growth of your child by being placed in different positions and at the height you need. There are different models, which are even used as a hammock in a first stage and thus accompany the baby from birth until they become children over 3 years of age.

The most outstanding evolutionary highchair according to users is the Polly Progres5, manufactured by the Chicco company with years of experience in this field. This can be adapted to 8 positions in terms of height. In addition, after being a high chair, it becomes a chair, being able to support 30 kilograms of weight. There is no doubt that it is a modern and removable chair, so after using it you can store it in a small space. 

folding highchairs

Among the most outstanding features of the folding highchair is the ease of storage that it offers, because it can be used and then folded easily in a small place. The ability to be adjustable is also important in highchairs, as they can be placed in different positions and heights.

In this sense, the Star Ibaby Pod Girafe stands out in the market for being a folding high chair with 5 height positions. In addition, it is reclining and its removable tray. It also has an extra tray so your baby can sit longer while you clean the main tray.

These types of highchairs are for babies who can already stand upright and even for 3-year-olds weighing approximately 15 kg.

convertible highchairs 

If you have space in your home, you may like this highchair, since its useful life is long because it can fulfill a double function. In other words, when the time comes when your baby has grown enough to stop using the high chair, you can turn this furniture into a table and chair, where the child can do their homework or play. 

The HomCom 3 in 1 fulfills this function, recommended by users for being a very complete highchair, since it is also evolutionary. In other words, it can be used from the baby’s first 6 months as a high chair and finally it can be converted into a chair and a table for later use.

travel highchairs

If you are used to traveling and want to give your baby the best comfort, you should buy a travel highchair. These chairs stand out for being light and you can transport them anywhere, be it a trip outside the city or an outing to the park. Among them we can find those that are fixed to a common chair, and others that are hooked directly to the tables.

As a travel highchair, many users recommend the Asalvo 14009, characterized by its beautiful colors and light weight, plus the ease of converting into a bag so you can take it with you is a great advantage. To use it, you just have to adjust it to a chair and that’s it, you can seat your child and count on the safety of his straps, thus becoming an ally for your outings.

Fixed highchairs

They are the most basic highchairs and do not adapt in height or position. Some allow you to add accessories and their affordable price makes many users opt for them.

Among these fixed chairs we find one of the Ikea brand, with a strong base and predetermined height. This highchair has been made with polypropylene in almost its entire structure, which allows cleaning to be carried out more quickly.

These are some of the many models of high chairs that are on the market, and we hope that with this information it will be easier for you to choose the best high chair for your child, adapted to your budget and needs, as there is no doubt that it is a very useful tool. useful for your baby to start complementary feeding.

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