Maclaren Quest Reviews

Main advantage: 

There are many positive features of this model, but both its folding design and adjustment mechanism on the saddle, harness and handlebars are two of the most attractive and commented on the web by buyers.

Main disadvantage: 

The locking system for the front bearing area is located in a place where it could be released by some infantrymen. That is why it is recommended to be aware of the child’s height to avoid accidents.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This baby stroller will provide you with great ergonomics when handling it, since it has an easy one-hand folding mechanism. In addition, it incorporates accessories that improve the user experience.

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Main Features Explained

Foldable and adjustable design

The folding system incorporated by manufacturers in baby strollers is a quite attractive feature, which buyers value positively when making the product selection. In the case of the Quest model from the Maclaren house, we will be able to enjoy a practical one-hand folding mechanism, which according to the opinions posted on the different sites is a quite convenient aspect regarding the issue of ergonomics.

This system consists of a safe automated type closure that is executed directly from the handlebar, for which you have a button that you must press while folding the chassis. In this sense, parents will have much more freedom when handling it, being able to hold the child in their arms while they easily open or close the stroller. In addition, it is important to remember the incorporation of a locking pin, to prevent unexpected movements once it has been folded, as well as a fastening rope for transport.

On the other hand, there are the different adjustments that we can carry out in the structure. The first of these is the height of the handlebar, which can be adapted according to the needs of each parent, in order to maintain a good back posture while driving the stroller. Another area that can be adjusted is the baby support seat, where we will find a small side lever that when actuated will allow us to recline the backrest to a maximum of four positions.

In this way, the child can even take a nap when reclining it completely.

Likewise, the safety harness with a five-point design is completely adjustable to adapt to the child’s body regardless of its robust or slim build. Thus, you will provide an adequate level of immobility to your body without sacrificing comfort. These particularities, added to an affordable price, are part of the reasons why the model has managed to position itself among the best baby strollers.

Resistant structures and finishes 

Maclaren is a well-known company of British origin with a consolidated track record in the international market, whose manufacturing hallmark is the durability offered by the raw material used in each of its designs. Proof of this is the Quest model, belonging to its extensive catalog of baby strollers, which has achieved the acceptance of buyers and countless positive opinions on specialized purchase portals.

It is a comfortable stroller aimed at newborn children, designed with a functional and sporty design that you will not be able to let go unnoticed, because it also has a very competitive price.

This model, considered by critics as one of the best baby strollers, has a robust and lightweight aluminum chassis, as well as rigid polymer reinforcements and anti-puncture wheels developed in EVA plastic. In this way, the product offers the necessary stability and ergonomics for safe handling at all times.

Another material to highlight is the one used to make the upholstery of the chair, using this time a breathable polyester fabric with a pleasant soft touch. In addition, said membrane, as well as the foam used to pad the seat, were treated hypoallergenicly to prevent respiratory or skin allergies in the baby. Likewise, we cannot fail to mention the UPF 50+ treatment on the hood, to protect the infant from the sun’s rays. Similarly, the design incorporates synthetic mesh on the lower basket and soft rubber with a non-slip touch on the upper handlebar grips.

Regarding the product finishes, we have that the structure has a stylized line. In addition, the cuts made in the textiles enjoy a lot of pressure and the seams have been reinforced, even being a decorative element within the design.

Accessories and cleaning

Although the accessories are not mandatory elements when purchasing a baby stroller model, their presence is completely appreciated by buyers. For example, according to the opinions of the vast majority of buyers, the best baby stroller is not only the one that offers high quality standards in its manufacture and an attractive functional aesthetic. 

In the same way, it is vital that it incorporates accessories that are capable of significantly improving the user experience, both for the parents and the child. Of course, the issue of the purchase price is also relevant, since many times we make the purchase based on the economics of the product and do not evaluate the extra expense that comes with obtaining the accessories. In this sense, it would be better to sacrifice a little more budget to bring home a comprehensive product.

In the case of this Maclaren Quest baby stroller, when you open the purchase package you will find a series of accessories aimed at providing protection and comfort to the little one. Among them, a practical rain hood stands out, made of transparent polymer so that the child is not left in the dark.

In addition, said material is respectful of the environment, so it is safe to be in contact with the little one without generating any type of allergies. Together, you will have a waterproof universal organizer that you can easily hang on the handlebar area to have your personal items, food or toys always at hand. Likewise, the lower basket is attached for placing purchases, while for the chair area you can have a headrest, footrest, reversible mat and a reducer.

However, regarding the method of cleaning the stroller, it is worth knowing that the entire area of ​​the upholstery of the chair is removable, which will allow us to wash the covers by machine or manually. However, be careful using neutral detergent and respecting the temperature suggested by the manufacturer for the washing cycle.

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