Make a theme party and surprise your guests

If you have a party planned, you cannot forget the decoration, because beyond giving it a good appearance and making the guests feel comfortable, it adds a very personal touch, which shares the tastes and preferences of the host. Also, theme parties are a big trend nowadays.

When hosting a party, whether it’s a birthday, expecting a baby, etc., we not only want the host to have a great time and enjoy that special day. It is also intended that the guests have fun and take pleasant memories of those hours they shared together. That is why the efforts to make a party successful are not few.

In this sense, one of the best options you could choose are theme parties. In fact, these are the favorites for children’s parties, since around the host there are a series of details that can please everyone. However, adults can also enjoy themed events that can range from the most sophisticated and elegant to the most eccentric and fun. You just have to take into account your preferences and think about your guests.

Choosing the theme

Once you have decided on a party with this style, the first and most important thing is to choose the theme around which everything will revolve. For children, this can be easier, since they are often very clear about who their favorite superhero is, their favorite animated series, etc. In addition, it is very easy to find personalized images and products with such figures, or request that objects be made with such images.

If it is a party for adults, the options can be much more varied, but some very successful ideas can be: historical eras, cultures, exotic places, the host’s favorite movie and more. In addition, we cannot forget the classics of always, which are the parties of cowboys, pirates and traditional stories.

colors and textures

The next step to start structuring the party, and that you can set it properly, will be to identify some elements that represent the chosen theme. This can be achieved by selecting textures and colors that evoke that theme. For example, a tropical beach party can use colorful flowers as elements; very green vegetation with large leaves such as palms and banana stems; plates, glasses and tablecloths in vibrant colors. If it is a cowboy party, you could use elements in desert tones, textures that are associated with the rustic style, wood and objects with an aged appearance.

At this point you can also include food, which is an essential element at any party. The menu can also be chosen according to the decoration. Let’s imagine it’s a space party, you could play with food and use things like cutting fruit pieces and fun shaped snacks. Offer snacks and drinks according to the idea.

Similarly, you can not forget the cake. In addition, if you want to offer a dessert table it can also be a very interesting and delicious way to focus the attention of your party on the theme, at the same time that you can entertain your guests. Another advantage offered by this peculiar table is that they are kept for much of the party as part of the main decoration, until the time comes to consume what is on it.

The music

Continuing with the elements that enhance the party, you have to choose the music carefully. Although there are musical pieces that cannot be missing at any party, because they encourage the guests, it is a fact that you can add some interesting touch. Music will even be a very important component in those parties based on historical periods and movies.

In the event that it is a children’s party, you will have a wide variety of options at hand, since children’s series usually have musical themes that are easy to identify and acquire. The only recommendation is that you avoid excessive repetition of a single musical theme. If you don’t have a wide selection, you can play the important song at very specific times, like at the beginning of the meeting or when the cake is broken. 

prepare the welcome

An element that is also basic for a theme party is the decoration of the main entrance of the party guests. Generally, it is an element that causes a great impact and surprises the guests, but it does not necessarily have to be expensive or complex. You can use a well-crafted balloon arch in the colors of the event and it will be enough to make a big impression. In addition, these types of items are so versatile that you can find them in figures of all kinds, sizes and shades. You can even fold them and create true works of art with a little imagination or inspiration.

Offer a Photocall

Many guests like to have a souvenir of the party and what better than a photo! If it is a birthday of a girl who is fond of LOL dolls, for example, you can put together a simple painting in pastel colors, which has some large images of the best LOL dolls (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from) or your little one’s favourites. This article invites children to come closer and pose more spontaneously, having fun. Thus, your scrapbook will be much more beautiful.

If it is a wedding, the effect is also very positive, since you can even offer some elements such as costumes, which the guests can quickly put on. Wigs, beards, simple suits, hats, etc. Everything is valid so that the result of the photos is spectacular.

the souvenirs

Finally, once the party is over and the guests are leaving, if you wish, you can give a small gift that allows them to bring a physical object that reminds them of the coexistence during the party. There are no limits in the choice of such gifts and you can adjust them to your budget. It could be a keychain, a flash drive, decorated cookies, and more. In the case of children’s parties, you can opt for a small personalized toy with the name of the host and a sticker. It could also be some candy bag decorated with the favorite characters that you have chosen for the party.

Whatever the theme of your choice, remember that the main objective should not be lost, and that is to spend a pleasant moment in the company of your loved ones.

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