Manduca Pure Cotton Reviews

Main advantage: 

Newborns will feel as comfortable as in the arms of their parents, as this product comes with all the necessary accessories to adapt to their little bodies, giving them protection, safety and a suitable position for them.

Main disadvantage: 

Resetting for an adult with a different body than the primary pack wearer is somewhat complicated and time consuming, therefore this process can be tedious if this has to be done multiple times.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The positive opinions of this baby carrier highlight it as one of the best in terms of adaptability for newborn children. It provides ergonomics and comfort for the little ones and also for their parents.

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Main Features Explained


When looking for a baby carrier, the ergonomics that it offers is more important than qualities such as its size or weight. One of the things to pay attention to is the baby’s posture, as there are certain models that do not offer the right position for the child’s spine and hips, which can cause damage or malformations in their development process. Fortunately, manducas are characterized by taking efficient care of the baby’s body and their adaptability allows comfort to go hand in hand with protection.

This model comes with all the right components so that any newborn can safely use the product. For example, the backpack comes with a seat reducer so that the baby has adequate space for her body, while the included headrest will give rest to the child’s neck, preventing him from carrying his own weight in the position in which he is sitting. that is found For its part, the Size-It reduces the bridge to fit the body of newborns.

The backrest comes with a patented backrest extender to cover a child’s back, while the Zip-In Ellipse extender makes the seat bigger and provides more comfort for older children.


You will finally be able to crown one of these products as the best manduca in terms of ease of use. Opening and closing the product to position your little one is simple, since with its optimized three-point buckle system, it will no longer be necessary to spend a long time trying to place your baby or opening the backpack to remove it. This technology also minimizes the risk of accidental opening, providing greater security.

Without negatively affecting the natural position that the child should take and protecting the health of his hip, this baby carrier gives you the opportunity to accommodate the product in three positions: on your back, on your hip or facing you. As the baby grows, you can place it in the place that gives it the most comfort. All children from birth to approximately 4 years old will be able to use this backpack, as it has a maximum support of 20 kilograms.

It does not matter the age of the child, nor its size, because the optimal distribution of weight on your shoulders, waist and back will be the same. This means that your posture will not be affected and that you are less likely to develop pain from carrying the weight in the wrong way. This product fits parents of different sizes and sizes alike.


Your comfort is invaluable, therefore, despite the fact that the price of this model is a little higher than other options, the fact of feeling good when wearing it adds many positive points, because just as your little one benefits, you too you will do it. The first thing you will notice when using the product is that it is made of soft canvas with organic cotton. This delicate, lint-free texture protects your skin and that of your child, avoiding irritation or discomfort.

As it weighs only 599 grams, the baby carrier will not add much burden on top of your child’s weight, making it easier to move around. In addition, being soft, light, and having approximate dimensions of 34.5 x 12 x 22 cm, it is much easier to store it when it is not in use.

In addition to optimal weight distribution, the reason the backpack is so comfortable to wear is because the shoulder and waist straps are fully padded to provide better weight cushioning. The hip belt also stands out for adapting up to a circumference of 140 cm without any problem. The user manual included in your purchase will give you all the necessary information to obtain a more efficient and comfortable use.

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