Manduca XT Reviews

Main advantage: 

The design of this product has been made with the comfort of parents in mind when carrying their little ones, therefore, the padded and adjustable belts, together with the distribution of weight, constitute its main advantages.

Main disadvantage: 

The price is a bit high compared to other Manduca alternatives, therefore it is not the best option for those who want to save some money.

Verdict: 9.9/10

With this Manduca baby carrier you will get comfort, protection, safety and style in one place. It is an ideal investment for those who want a product that will accompany them for years.

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Main Features Explained


If you give yourself the task of looking for opinions from parents about baby carriers, you will find mixed reactions, because while some consider that they are innovative products, there are others who are concerned about the negative effects that may occur on the baby’s body due to their use. However, when it comes to manducas, we must not forget that these baby carriers are made with attention to the needs of the little ones and, for that reason, the position adopted by children in a manduca is correct.

When they are older, children will enjoy a position that aligns their hips and back comfortably and, to allow newborns to position themselves in the same way, this product comes in a shape that ensures optimal adaptation to their spine both in height with in width. Its advanced ergonomics means that it is not even necessary to incorporate a seat reducer.

The adjustable base has a wide measurement range that goes from a minimum of 16 centimeters to a maximum of 50 centimeters. This will make the backpack grow with your baby. Additionally, as this adjustment is simple and does not require knots, buttons, velcro or different systems, if you have two children, you can quickly adapt the manduca to each of them.

Materials and design

This product makes every euro of its price an incredible investment, as the design is so focused on comfort and looking amazing that it will be a positive experience for babies and parents as well. Its design is really modern, as it comes with easily combinable dark colors and certain orange details that make the structure stand out. Its ability to adapt to different styles and adapt to different body types makes it considered a unisex product.

This product is made with a completely organic fabric composed only of cotton, which gives an extra soft texture so as not to bother the sensitive skin of babies. The leg area is padded so that the baby feels comfortable maintaining a suitable position at all times. This comfortable padding can also be found in the straps and belts for parents, to also guarantee their well-being.

The structure is made in a detailed way in which the weight manages to be distributed correctly between the shoulders, hips and back of the parents. This prevents muscle wasting, aches and pains. In turn, these support straps are ergonomically adjusted to the father’s body, with adjustable circumference from 65 to 140 centimeters. 


The best manduca will always be the one that makes you completely forget that you carry an extra weight with you. This model, fortunately, contributes to that. Any child who is between 3.50 kilograms and 20 kilograms, that is, from her birth to approximately 4 years old, can use the manduca. And thankfully, because this is one of the lightest models, weighing just 231 grams, you’ll only feel like you’re carrying the net weight of your baby with you.

The dimensions of the product, together with its flexibility, contribute to the correct adaptation to children’s bodies and also facilitates its assembly, handling and storage when it is no longer in use. The 3-point buckle system also helps, as it will make taking the pack off and putting it back on a quick and uncomplicated process.

The Manduca XT allows an adjustment in three different heights to follow the development of the little one at all times. Its backrest will also be able to adapt to the child with the same ease, which will give it adequate support no matter what position you carry it in. For greater versatility, the model can be placed on the chest, back and hip, all depending on what you need.

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