Medela Freestyle Reviews

Main advantage:

This breast pump has small dimensions as well as a light weight, making it easy to transport from one place to another. Also, it is a double model, so you can carry out the suction process much faster.

Main disadvantage:

About this breast pump we could mention as a main disadvantage that it is one of the most expensive models of the Medela brand, therefore, its purchase could mean a considerably high expense for your pocket.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a Medela breast pump with which to carry out a double expression process, this could be your ideal option.

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Main Features Explained



In this opportunity we will talk about the design of one of the Medela breast pumps, the Freestyle model, characterized by being compact, practical and easy to transport, this is due to the fact that it fits in the palm of your hand when handling it, therefore, you could easily store it in your bag to take it to work, the mall, the park or wherever you are going at any given time. Likewise, its weight is less than 300 grams, which means that you should not make any kind of effort when using it.

On the other hand, this could be the best Medela breast pump for including a digital control panel that, in addition to being illuminated, allows you to carry out some special functions so that you can have maximum control of this product.

In this sense, starting or pausing the milk expression cycle that you decide to carry out at any time will be possible, as well as changing the expression mode if you want to adjust the vacuum levels.

Likewise, it is important that you know that you can also activate the practical delay start function, by using this control panel, therefore, you will have a maximum time of 10 seconds for the extractor to start up.

According to the opinions of many users, this is a very useful option that the breast pump provides whenever you decide to use the double pumping method, since you could have your hands free to adjust the funnels without rushing on each nipple.


Like all Medela breast pumps, this one also includes some technologies and functions that make it more practical and functional with each use. Among them we could mention the 2-Phase Expression that properly simulates the baby’s sucking rhythm every time he is breastfed. In this way, the mammary gland is stimulated to give way to milk production. Then the process slows down a bit for a more natural feel with each draw.

On the other hand, you would have the opportunity to enjoy the double expression function, this would help you considerably reduce the time in which you could collect a reasonable amount of milk, being able to obtain an average of 18% more liquid, compared to the expressing milk by carrying it out breast by breast.

This model also has an anti-overflow protection, thanks to its closed system that helps prevent the breast milk that you express every day from spilling into the pump motor, thus causing it to break down and stop working.

Best of all, we are talking about a smart breast pump that you could connect to your mobile through the MyMedela app in a few simple steps. In this way, you would have the possibility to time each expression session that you carry out, as well as comfortably record the amount of milk that you express. It should be noted that said application could also notify you by means of a notification when the battery is running low so that you can easily recharge it.


Being able to acquire a good breast pump for an affordable price is possible and this is no exception, since the Medela brand offers you the Freestyle model which has a good cost, even when it is a quality product.

This is supplied with several accessories that make its use much more comfortable and safe, being the same 4 bottles of 150 milliliters each, so you can extract a good amount of milk, two connectors, a USB cable, as well as 4 funnels and a cooling bag, which will help you keep the expressed milk in perfect condition for a reasonable time. It should be noted that these funnels are divided into two sizes, these being size S and M so that you can adapt them to your breasts.

In this sense, you could have at your disposal all the necessary tools to comfortably extract and store each drop of milk, without forgetting also the integrated rechargeable battery, which could give you an autonomy of 8 double expression sessions without interruptions. In this way you would avoid having to plug the breast pump into an outlet every time you decide to use it.

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