Medela Swing Reviews

Main advantage: 

The raw material used to manufacture this breast pump has attracted the attention of buyers, as it is a polymer free of toxic agents, making it completely safe for both mother and baby.

Main disadvantage: 

After several sessions of use and if the corresponding care is not taken, the suction mechanism tends to lose strength in its operation.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an electric breast pump with a compact design and light to handle, designed to offer rapid extraction, and can be adjusted to the bottle bottle for greater practicality.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing materials

When selecting a breast pump we initially look at its design, format, extraction capacity, among many other aspects of interest. However, we let the issue of manufacturing raw material go unnoticed, which is of great importance for the well-being of both the mother and the child.

This type of equipment is generally made of some type of polymer or special silicone, which offers a pleasant touch and resistance. These are the indicators that we usually recognize when making a purchase, but we forget that it is a synthetic material that was exposed to a series of chemical processes during its manufacturing process. In this sense, it is necessary to know if it really is a polymer that respects the environment or, what is the same, that it does not incorporate any type of toxic agents that could be harmful to human contact.

The Medela house has a long history in the manufacture of breastfeeding articles, as well as in medical research. For this reason, its developers are aware of the consequences of using low-end and non-certified materials for their products. For example, for the construction of the Medela Swing breast pumps, polypropylene was used, which is a food plastic that does not have any chain of BPA or Bisphenol. This means that it is a plastic from which no type of contaminating particle will be released.

energy feeding

Before buying an electric breast pump, it is important to evaluate certain aspects such as the issue of energy supply, which in turn leads us to think about whether it is necessary to connect the equipment directly to an electrical power source or simply require some type of battery. Likewise, the autonomy time offered for the extraction process. 

In this sense, you should take into consideration that having the best breast pump will do you no good if it is not capable of offering comprehensive benefits. Let us remember that there are devices with a high level of power at the time of suction, but they have a slightly high energy consumption, which would cause us a constant extra expense when purchasing batteries.

In the specific case of the Swing breast pump from the renowned Medela house, you will be interested to know that it has been provided with a small and powerful motor made of copper filaments, which is a material that is resistant to overheating. For its start-up it requires a power supply of six volts, provided by two pairs of AA alkaline batteries. Each energy accumulator is 1.5 volts and the sum of the four results in the necessary and initially mentioned charge.

With regard to autonomy, you can enjoy a maximum of three hours, which is enough time for several extraction sessions.

Design and storage

Medela Swing is a breast pump that has successfully positioned itself in the breastfeeding market, as it offers an ergonomic and safe design that easily adapts to the mother’s breast, for quick and efficient milk suction. In addition, it has a really competitive price according to the opinions of the buyers.

This breast pump is made up of a funnel with a size “M” shape, which easily adheres to the woman’s breast. Likewise, it incorporates a small control knob with buttons identified for turning on, off, increasing and decreasing the suction force. 

In the same way, the small motor is protected within said casing, which after starting up generates a certain level of suction conducted through a tube to the valve head in the funnel.

The design attaches a bottle with a 150-milliliter collection capacity, which fits directly onto the membrane securely. In addition, you will have a non-slip base so that you can keep the breast pump standing.

On the other hand, the manufacturer decided to incorporate a practical transport and storage bag with a drawstring closure into the purchase package, being an accessory that will help you maintain the hygiene and good condition of the product.

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