Mini crib vs Moses. Which to choose?

Although it is true that during the first months of life babies spend their time sleeping constantly, it is also true that mothers like to keep them close and be able to look at them from time to time, very often if we are honest.

That is why many women decide to buy different types of products that help them maintain vigilance, especially if they are in a large space that they cannot travel from time to time.

In this sense, you can choose between two items in particular: the mini-cradle and the bassinet. Both are designed to protect your baby and be easy to transport, making it easy for you to have no problems moving with your child from one place to another.

Give baby comfort

It is common that within the first 4 months of life your child wants to sleep a little tucked up, so using large cribs can be a bit overwhelming for them. Also, it is not recommended that you try to dwarf the structure by placing cushions or dolls, as this increases the risk of death by suffocation.

For this reason, having a slightly more compact space, such as a mini crib or bassinet can be beneficial, so that your little one feels comfortable and you can keep him close.

How to choose one of the two?

The decision of which of the two can work better for you is entirely yours, so we advise you to think carefully about what suits you. Despite this, we wanted to help you a little with the analysis of both alternatives by providing you with relevant information about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


It is a basket made of wicker or canvas in the shape of a long oval, which includes handles on its sides so that you can transport it easily. Its structure incorporates folding legs so that you can count on a good height whenever you need it.

Its interior promotes the child to feel much more protected, thus helping him to sleep better during his first months of life.


  • It is compact in size.
  • Its handling is much easier, because its manufacturing materials allow it to be light.
  • It makes it easier for parents to take their child from one place to another, since it provides greater freedom of movement without having to leave the child alone at any time.
  • The bassinet can be easily detached from its legs, making it easy to transport and place anywhere.
  • You can sleep with your child on one side of the bed, which is convenient to care for him at night.


  • Because children grow quickly, the bassinet will only be useful to you during the first months of life, making it inevitable that you will have to change it to the crib.
  • Storage can be an issue as the frame is not collapsible and cannot be reduced in size in any way.
  • May have poor stability.


Sometimes confused with cribs, mini-cribs maintain a characteristic rectangular shape although with much smaller dimensions, being able to adapt to the size of the baby from birth until it has a certain amount of weight limit, which is determined by the manufacturer for baby safety. product and the infant.


  • Its size is larger than that of the bassinet, so you can count on it for longer.
  • They can be easily moved around different areas of the house, as well as installed in the parents’ room at night to improve access during these hours.
  • It usually takes up very little space, making it easy to store and less cumbersome once it is no longer used.
  • Currently, most are foldable, allowing you to take them wherever you want without making a big bulk in your luggage.
  • It is also very common that cribs can function as co-sleeping, helping you keep your child very close to you, in a safe and protected way.
  • You can find convertible models that with some adjustments become sofas, desks, toy racks, among others.


  • It is not possible to move the shell without the legs, so it loses some of the ease of handling.
  • It can become another object to store from your child’s childhood.
  • There are cribs that do not have wheels, making it difficult to move the product.
  • Some models of co-sleeping cribs may be incompatible with some types of beds, which is usually a problem.

smart decision

You may feel undecided between both options, so we advise you to decide on the one that causes the least problems for you. We can also give you a little more help with tips and tricks so you can buy just what you need.

One solution that may work for you is to choose a crib that can become a crib over time. That is, you can expand it as your child grows. In this way, you can achieve two functions with a single product.

Likewise, you can find models that can be used for co-sleeping, making it a much more complete investment and allowing you to obtain everything in a single product without so many headaches.

On the other hand, if storage is a problem, you can choose to use emerging measures such as the stroller. This element is very necessary when you have a baby and can be useful for your little one to sleep during the day. Its wheels make it easy to move and are spacious and comfortable so that the child can be safe and comfortable.

You can also get convertible cribs that can be used in other ways when the child grows and goes to bed, such is the case of auxiliary furniture for the infant’s room.

Likewise, you can opt for a crib that can be converted into a bed over time and that includes drawers, allowing you to use the space more wisely and giving it a long time of use, as long as the care is adequate so that it can withstand the passage of time, securing your investment.

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