Motorola MBP 33S Reviews

Main advantage: 

The screen of this product has everything you need to offer clear images that allow you to see all the details of your baby. High definition, night mode, bright colors and 2.8 inches of space.

Main disadvantage: 

Unlike some products that turn on the screen only in response to noise, this model doesn’t have that quality. This causes the battery to wear out more quickly.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This baby monitor is one of the most complete devices that can be found on the market. Two-way communication and the inclusion of lullabies demonstrate the manufacturers’ intention to prioritize the early calm of babies and the peace of mind of parents.

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Main Features Explained


Motorola is a brand that not only makes great mobile phones, but the company has also excelled in creating some of the best baby monitors on the market today. This is the case of the MBP 33S model, a product that has received positive opinions due to its qualities. For example, a feature for which many decide to purchase this product is its technology that, in order to offer a totally private and secure connection, blocks all kinds of interference that may occur from other similar devices.

The signal used in 2.4 GHZ wireless technology is fully encrypted, to give you the peace of mind that only you can have the audio and video recorded by the camera. In addition to privacy, energy conservation is also a standout quality when it comes to connection. This product has the option of operating under the ECO mode that will exponentially reduce the energy consumption of the product, minimizing the transmission power, without affecting the quality of the recording. However, this is completely optional, so those who do not wish to use it are not obliged to do so.

For the well-being of parents and children, Motorola has designed a product that provides a fully two-way connection between the camera and the receiver, making communication between the baby and parent units easier. Both electronic devices have a microphone and speakers to transmit audio. That way, parents can talk to little ones through their unit and they can hear and respond from wherever they are. This aspect is not only fun for children, since the ease of communication also makes it possible for the little ones not to feel alone and that they can calm down more quickly when hearing the voice of their parents.

Visualization and materials

Whether a camera is good or bad depends a lot on the quality of the image it offers. Therefore, the visualization you have of the recordings is a very important aspect that you must take into account when making the purchase. For this, this baby monitor comes with a suitable structure so that you can view images in full color. It is an LCD screen with HD technology of the highest definition that reaches 2.8” in size, to show a more complete image.

The night vision recording mode adapts the camera, using infrared, to adapt to the dark environment of the room and continue to show the image of the baby at all times, despite the lack of lighting. That way, you won’t lose sight of your little one while he’s asleep, and you won’t have to go to her room to check that everything is okay. All this is complemented by the remote zoom that manages to zoom in until you get all the possible details. This is easily done from the parent unit.

The autonomy of the battery manages to reach several hours so that you have uninterrupted vision of the child’s room for a considerable time, during the day or at night, without the need to charge the battery. Because the weight of the parent unit does not exceed 300 grams, you will not feel any discomfort carrying the screen in your hand at all times.

Although it is recommended to avoid falls and bumps, this product is made entirely of the best quality plastic, which will provide resistance so as not to be easily damaged due to constant use and small accidents that may occur. This is especially important considering that you will be around children.

Structure and extra qualities

Most of the time, when buying a new product, many people look at the price of it. However, Motorola has managed to manufacture devices that offer more than usual and that make people look at all the qualities and accessories included in their purchase, before verifying its cost. This is what happens with this baby monitor, because, despite complying with everything that a product in this category from other brands would do, it also manages to offer various qualities that make it quite attractive.

For example, an extra aspect that stands out about this product is the fact that it comes with a series of lullabies included so that babies can calm down or distract themselves with them and can even enjoy the melodies as background music while they play and have fun. These lullabies can make all the difference at bedtime. The best thing is that you will have complete freedom to choose the volume at which the melodies will be played, to avoid interrupting your baby’s sleep or disturbing her daily activities.

In addition to that, the baby monitor also comes with a temperature sensor that will tell you on the screen how many degrees the room is. In this way, you can have more effective control over the environment of the room.

The structure of the parent unit is intuitive enough to use all these qualities. Around the screen you will see 8 buttons that will allow you to enter the menu, choose the options you want, zoom, activate the microphone, adjust the brightness and also the volume. On the screen you will notice a series of lights of different colors that will also indicate the battery level and the operation of your new baby monitor.

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