Which is the best Nancy Doll?

Nancy dolls are one of the toys that do not go out of style and that have remained current over time; being the favorite doll of many girls. Today Nancy offers a large number of different versions with accessories according to its design and function. Therefore, below are some of the best Nancy dolls that you can choose for your daughter.

1. Nancy day doing highlights Famous

Precautions: It is a toy that contains small parts and that is why it is recommended for girls from 4 years of age.

Main features: If you are looking for a gift to give your daughter for Christmas, this is one of the most interesting versions of Nancy in 2022. It is a doll that your little girl could make cute colorful highlights with a rainbow effect. Thanks to its long hair and its dimensions, it is a suitable doll for girls to play with comfortably. Its size of 43 cm in height is convenient and favors easy handling when playing. In addition, the set includes the attractive doll, colored chalk, hair ties and a small comb.

Functionality: With Nancy’s long hair and the included accessories, your daughter can paint each strand and bring out her artistic side, while having fun. In addition, she will be able to wash her hair as many times as she wants to change the previously applied tones and then continue with the game.

Educational value: With this Nancy, your daughter could unleash her creativity, making colorful highlights to her long hair, practice cute hairstyles and have fun while developing her imagination and fine motor skills.

Maintenance: Since it is made of plastic, it is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, her long hair is designed to be washed as many times as necessary and to play again.

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2. Nancy A day with a mask doll for girls Famosa

Precautions: It is a doll recommended for girls over 3 years of age, so the manufacturer advises adult supervision at the time of play.

Main features: This Nancy doll has a special appeal and is one of the cheapest of the brand. For this reason, it could be the right one to give away. In addition, it promotes care and prevention. You will receive her in a casual dress designed with a full-color print that alludes to iconic and tourist monuments in the world. Likewise, on her face she wears an attractive mask that covers her mouth and nose, in order to take care of her health and that of her friends. On the other hand, like all Famosa products, it is made of high-quality plastic.

Functionality: The girls will be able to take Nancy anywhere as their adventure and fun companion, while the use of the mask is encouraged and they learn to be protected against any virus. On the other hand, her long hair provides the possibility to change her hairstyle and appearance.

Educational value: The inclusion of Nancy’s mask favors raising awareness in a positive and fun way to the smallest of the house, in order to remain protected from diseases at all times and normalize its use.

Maintenance: In order to keep it in good condition, you can comb its hair to keep it untangled and wash its clothes or mask when necessary.

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3. Nancy A Rainy Day Doll with Umbrella Raincoat

Precautions: The presence of an adult during the game is essential, especially if it is about little girls.

Main characteristics: It is a toy that has a great wealth of details and colors that harmonize; so it could be an original gift to give your little girl on her birthday or any other holiday. On this occasion, the Nancy doll is prepared for the winter days with an outfit specially designed to face the rain. Includes a red umbrella and matching wellies. It also contains accessories for hair care, such as a brush, comb and a mirror. In addition, you can choose the Nancy of your choice from 4 available versions: spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Functionality: The accessories and clothing of this model are designed to play in the rain, without damaging her hairstyle or her clothes; since the umbrella protects her from bad weather; while long boots, in addition to providing a plus of elegance, are suitable for preventing feet from getting wet.

Educational value: It is a toy that contributes to the development of creativity and imagination in girls; while entertaining them and giving them moments of fun.

Maintenance: If the girl is going to bathe the doll or immerse it in water, you must be careful to drain all the moisture from inside. Likewise, it is advisable to store each accessory after use.

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4. Nancy Famous Blonde Communion Doll

Precautions: In order to avoid any type of accident, it is advisable to remove wires, fasteners or labels present in the packaging at the time of receipt.

Main characteristics: The first communion is the most appropriate day to give your little girl a gift that will last in her memory and that allows her to celebrate that moment. To do this, you might be interested in this Nancy who wears her first communion. She is a beautiful doll dressed in a great white dress, designed with very careful details. To complement, her hair has a delicate headband. In addition, she carries a small bag in her hand and a golden pendant on her neck, which emphasizes religious beliefs. You can choose between two options, the blonde or brunette Nancy; which you will receive accompanied by her certificate of authenticity, which endorses her as a collector’s doll.

Functionality: It could be a piece that complements the collection of a fan of these dolls, given the laboriousness of making their outfit. For this reason, it comes in a perfectly packaged box. Likewise, it could also be a girl’s toy; since she will be able to change her clothes with ease. He also closes her eyes when he lays her down and opens them when he stands her up.

Educational value: It is a beautiful doll that promotes religious values, as it highlights the importance of such a special and unforgettable moment, such as the first communion.

Maintenance: Thanks to the fabric with which the dress and other accessories are made, you can easily wash your clothes so that they are always in the best conditions.

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5. Nancy A Mermaid Day Water Submersible Doll

Precautions: Because it contains small parts, which could increase the risk of drowning, adult supervision is advised.

Main characteristics: Nancy is presented in this opportunity as a beautiful mermaid. She is a blonde doll with long hair that has a marine crown, with a starfish on her forehead, with which your daughter can play the princesses of the kingdom of Atlantis. In addition, she has an attractive look that adapts to two different facets: a mermaid tail and a swimsuit. She is made of silicone, plastic and vinyl, so girls can dip her in the pool or bathtub.

Functionality: This is a doll that your daughter can play with on a sunny day, either in the pool or on the beach. She can dress her in her striking blue swimsuit or with the mermaid cover; a piece designed with a fish tail that she can easily take off or put on. These outfits are made with high-quality, reversible sequins that change color as you run your hand over them.

Educational value: This game allows the girl to foster her imagination and develop her creativity. Therefore, she can enter the magical world of mermaids, to create the funniest underwater adventures.

Maintenance: It is a waterproof doll, which you can clean without inconvenience. However, it is advised to take special care with the headband, as it is not elastic and could fall off during use.

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6. Nancy A Day with My Hoverboard Mechanical Doll

Precautions: Although it is an easy toy to use, it is advisable to put the doll with its Hoverboard on smooth and flat surfaces in order to avoid tipping over.

Main features: This time Nancy is presented as a red-haired doll with two pigtails and dressed in a skater’s outfit; specially designed to practice on her Hoverboard. To do this, she has long socks, sports shoes, shorts and a safety helmet; everything to match and taking care of every detail. On the other hand, you can choose between three available models: Nancy Skater, Nancy Skate and Nancy Hoverboard.

Functionality: It is a fun doll to play with in different scenarios; since it includes a mechanical Hoverboard that requires 4 AAA batteries to move. It is an accessory that can also perform 360° acrobatic turns and has an anti-obstacle system that prevents it from colliding with any object; thanks to which it can change direction automatically before the collision. Likewise, the girl will be able to play with her doll the way she wants, regardless of the Hoverboard, since they are two separate pieces.

Educational value: It is a game that encourages girls to play a sporting role in a cheerful and fun way. In addition, it favors socialization with other children, while developing language and imagination.

Maintenance: Both Nancy and her accessories can be cleaned with a damp cloth. After use, make sure to store the hoverboard in its respective box.

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7. Nancy Chic Travels To Paris Doll with Suitcase

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends this doll for girls over 3 years of age, since it contains small accessories that could cause choking if accidentally put into the mouth.

Key Features: If you have a little explorer who loves to travel, gifting this version of Nancy might be a good idea. In addition to the attractiveness of the doll, you will also receive a beautiful suitcase with wheels and fun stickers that includes everything you need for her trip and stay. Therefore, your luggage includes a plane ticket, toothbrush and toothpaste, a city map, passport, hair dryer, lipstick, among other accessories. Additionally, the doll is dressed in a pink skirt and a Parisian top, with a gold bow at the waist and attractive sunglasses. You can also choose the version Nancy travels to New York.

Functionality: The doll and her trendy suitcase are packed with a wealth of high-quality accessories, so kids can play tourist in one of the world’s biggest cities. She will also be able to move Nancy around the airport easily with her rolling suitcase, visit emblematic places and recreate her funniest adventures.

Educational value: It is a doll that encourages symbolic play, role playing and stimulates the imagination.

Maintenance: It is advisable to encourage the girl to keep all the accessories in their box after the game.

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8. Nancy A Day as a Famous Youtuber

Precautions: Since it is a game that requires some basic knowledge of the YouTube platform and the creation of videos, its use is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Main features: Designed for girls who dream of being youtubers in real life, this Nancy doll has different accessories that make it easier to play this role; an activity that is a trend among the little ones. As always, Nancy stands out for her long blonde hair and highly realistic eyes with long lashes. She is dressed in a t-shirt bearing the YouTube logo and a delicate pink tulle skirt that matches her shoes. Likewise, it includes all the necessary accessories to make the best videos, among which a Smartphone stands out, a very useful tripod when recording, a fictitious App and more.

Functionality: The girl will be able to have everything that a youtuber needs to start creating her own tutorials, be it about beauty, fashion, music or on the topic that is fun for her. She will be able to edit and promote her videos on her own YouTube channel and without the need for an internet connection; all within the magical world of it.

Educational value: It favors the development of language, organization, cognitive capacity and socialization to function naturally in front of the camera.

Maintenance: In order to keep all the pieces in perfect condition, it is advisable to organize and store them in their respective cases.

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9. Nancy A Day with Arantxa Official Doll

Precautions: It is a recommended doll for girls over 3 years of age, provided they have the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

Main characteristics: If you are looking for an online offer to give to your little one and that your purchase is successful, you could consider this Nancy doll.

In this version, the doll has been transformed into Arantxa, the famous influencer who is in fashion among the smallest of the house. To do this, Nancy has a look just like the youtuber, with long brown hair, honey eyes and an attractive pink dress, with a tulle skirt happily printed with ladybugs and matching shoes that complement the outfit. In addition to this, Nancy uses the pink ear headband similar to Arantxa’s in her entertaining videos and publications; she also wears a T-shirt designed with the letter “A” and a large ladybug in full color.

Functionality: With this Nancy model, your daughter will feel closer to Arantxa, since it is specially designed for girls who are passionate about new trends. For this, you can play to be like her and recreate endless stories.

Educational value: It is a toy for girls that helps develop emotional bonds and personal development; It also encourages imagination and imitation play.

Maintenance: The doll’s clothes can be easily removed for washing and to clean Nancy’s body, you can use a damp cloth.

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10. Famous Nancy Motorcycle Day in London

Precautions: Since it has very small stickers for the Scooter and other small accessories, it should not be used by children under 3 years of age.

Main features: This model of Nancy, unlike the other dolls of the brand, has articulated legs that allow you to sit her down easily. Her dress is appropriate to travel to London, since she has a British-style outfit; with the colors allusive to the flag of the United Kingdom. She also has sunglasses and a crash helmet. In addition, the doll is accompanied by a modern and attractive scooter in red, with a seat that works as a hidden compartment to store objects. Likewise, you can customize it using the various included stickers.

Functionality: In this set, Nancy is ready for a new adventure through the streets of London on her flashy scooter. The red sunglasses, along with her casual clothes and safety helmet, give her a tourist and adventurous look. The girl will be able to easily manipulate both the doll and the Scooter and slide it without the use of batteries.

Educational value: It is a toy for little ones that encourages the desire to travel, get to know cities and places of great tourist beauty. It also promotes fine motor skills, symbolic play, language development and imagination.

Maintenance: After the game is over, it is advisable to store Nancy and her Scooter in their storage box.

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